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  • Let Your Voice Be Heard before the ACA Community Poll Closes on October 31, 2015

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  • Let Your Voice Be Heard—Participate in the ACA Community Poll to Share What’s Important to You

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  • WEBINAR: Your Involvement in the Avid Customer Association Shapes the Future of Our Industry

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  • Why I Joined the Movement: Staying Involved in Our Industry is Key To Remaining Ahead of the Game

    Why I Joined the Movement: Staying Involved in Our Industry is Key To Remaining Ahead of the Game

    Sandy Nasseri, ACA leader and Chair of the Partner Advisory Council explains why she joined the movement. She believes that…

  • Spanish Broadcasters Converge at the BIT Experience Conference in Madrid

    During this year´s BIT Experience Conference in Madrid, Avid’s Product and Sales Managers presented the Avid Everywhere vision and the…

  • Fort Hays State University

    How Avid Everywhere in Education Prepared Me for a Future in Broadcasting

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    Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock On How Big Risks Can Lead to Big Rewards

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  • Every Company is a Media Company—The T2 Computing Perspective

    This year’s Avid Connect 2015 gathering marks a special one for us—the official launch of our company, T2 Computing, Inc.…