Audio Post Production

  • Remembering James Horner

    Remembering James Horner

    On June 22nd 2015, the world lost a brilliant artist with the untimely passing of film composer, James Horner. Among…

  • No Limits for Captain Video When Creating Documentaries, TV Advertising, and News Magazine Shows

    If you are watching TV in France on a Sunday night, it’s highly likely that you will be listening to…

  • Bringing Animation to Life through Sound Design with Jonas Andreas Jensen

    Sound designer Jonas Andreas Jensen started out in animation—an area that he continues to work in today—but while the images…

  • Berklee Online & Avid Present: Organizing and Mixing Your Sessions in Pro Tools (Tempo Track)

    Tempo Track

    Welcome to our brand new video tutorial series co-created by Berklee Online and Avid. To get started, in Episode 1,…

  • iZotope Mastering Guide Header

    Unlock Your Mastering Potential with this Free Mastering Guide from iZotope

    Advice on the art of mastering in Pro Tools is just a free download away. Get the ‘Mastering with Ozone’…

  • Separate Lead Vocals From Music Tracks with Ease Using ADX VVC Plug-In for Pro Tools

    Separate Lead Vocals From Music Tracks with Ease Using ADX VVC Plug-In for Pro Tools

    Using state of the art audio analysis and separation techniques, this revolutionary plug-in will automatically separate a master recording’s lead…

  • Plugin Alliance AAX DSP Plug-ins

    Plugin Alliance Releases 18 New AAX DSP Titles for Pro Tools | HDX

    Plugin Alliance unites some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof. See what’s new in their AAX…

  • Inside the Post Production and Film Score of German Hacker Thriller ‘Who Am I’

    Avid hosted a “Making of” event at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) on April 28 where the…

  • Master the Art of Post Mixing: Mixing Music for Post

    Mixing Music for Post

    In the final episode, we examine music mixing for film post production. Mixing both individual stems and then groups of…

  • Master the Art of Post Mixing

    Mixing Foley

    In Episode 5 of Master the Art of Post Mixing, we explore ways to blend and control foley on the…