Independent Films

  • Sound Designing and Mixing Immersive Audio for MEGAN

    See how using Avid Pro Tools’ native support for Dolby Atmos pushed the boundaries on a proof of concept.

  • Savannah Film Festival Celebrates Film and Benefits SCAD students

    At the Savannah Film Festival, Avid sponsored master classes with editor Colby Parker, Jr. and mixer Jonathan Wales for SCAD…

  • Avid Launches Young Storytellers Competition at Claremont High School

    Avid launches the first annual Young Storytellers competition in partnership with the Cinematic Arts Program at Claremont High School in…

  • Lauren Johnstone Wins the University of Salford Student BAFTAR Award for Best Editing

    Lauren Johnstone, student from the School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford, tells us how she used…

  • Ricardo Cutz Runs Estúdio 106db in Rio de Janeiro with Pro Tools | S6 and Pro Tools | HD for Cinema and TV Post Production

    We traveled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to visit Estúdio 106db, one of the most renowned audio post-production studios…

  • Getting the Perfect Look for Your Next Story with NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate

    For a limited time, the Media Composer team is excited to give you an awesome toolkit to experiment with. Buy…

  • Expand and Accelerate Your Workflow with Avid Post Production Bundles

    Whether you’re expanding your operation—or building an entirely new facility overnight—Avid Post Production Bundles provide a complete foundation for any…

  • From Compostelle to Kuujjuaq—Editing the Path to a Thousand Dreams

    With 30 hours of HD archival footage and no help from an assistant editor, documentary series ‘From Compostelle to Kuujjuaq’…

  • NAB 2016: Join the Second Annual ‘Avid Editors of Facebook’ Meet-Up in Las Vegas

    Attention all Avid Editors! If you’re heading to NAB 2016, then make it a point to go to the second…

    by Chris Bové
  • Get Started Fast with Media Composer for High-Res Workflows—Episode 5

    Our video tutorial series ‘Get Started Fast with Media Composer for High-Res Workflows’ comes to an end with this last…