Claremont High School Wins Five Film Awards using Avid Media Composer

We’re proud to announce that the Claremont High School Cinematic Program—an Avid Learning Partner—won first place, among four other awards, in this year’s Directing Change Film Contest. Students throughout the State of California were challenged with producing category-driven, 30 to 60 second public service announcements to encourage discussion around suicide prevention and mental health. The contest is held every year in connection with the State’s “Each Mind Matters” Mental Health Movement.

Out of over 1,000 submissions, Claremont High School won five awards in multiple categories. Avid Media Composer played a large role in the editing and production process for each film, including the first-place statewide win for the animated feature “Petals”.

“Media Composer was our headquarters,” shared the Petals production team. “Animation gives a sort of creative freedom that regular film does not allow. We assembled, cut, and mixed all in Avid. [They] clearly laid out an organized process for completing our PSA.”

The students, ranging from 15-18 years of age, raved about Media Composer’s array of tools, which allowed them to “express creativity and deliver an impactful message to the audience as aspiring filmmakers.”

We asked the team behind the film “Speak Up” (awarded second place for the Mental Health Matters category) why they chose to learn how to edit and produce films. “After we took thevideo production course at Claremont High School, we immediately fell in love with the filmmaking process,” they explained. “Being able to watch our hard work…and to help others, is a feeling we can’t explain.”

This is music to our ears. “It’s this next generation of filmmakers that encouraged us to create more affordable, and free, platforms—like Media Composer First—to inspire teens to pursue a career in filmmaking,” shared Kate Ketcham, Avid’s Director of Product Management. “Taking a video editing course during these formative years help carve a clear path to becoming a cinematic storyteller.”

Sara Hills, an instructor at the Claremont High School Cinematic Program, agrees. “Avid, as a company, has been very supportive of our filmmaking efforts at the high school level. It is wonderful to be part of a community that is investing in the next generation of video storytellers and the tools that they use to tell their stories.”

Avid Media Composer

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What’s New: Media Composer 2019

Media Composer 2019 blog header

The Avid Customer Association’s annual Connect gathering kicked off with an exciting reveal of Media Composer 2019More than just an upgrade, this is Media Composer reimagined to inspire creative storytellers at every levelfrom beginning students to top-echelon experienced editors.   

For both new and current users, there is a lot to discover. This new version of Media Composer has a redesigned modern look and feel to enhance the user experienceas well as more power under the hood to handle the demands of modern media formats. Whether you’re an independent editor or part of a large-scale production team, these new features and tools will help you work faster and more efficiently, so you can readily meet deadlines without sacrificing artistry.   

Below are major areas of what’s new that users can look forward to in Media Composer 2019: 

Media Composer 2019 edit suite

Redesigned UI and a new user experience 

The Media Composer team thought long and hard about how create a better user experience.  Their goal was to create something that would be intuitive, easy to use and easier to learn,  look clean and modern, and let editors focus on their creative task without needless clutter or distractionThe software also had to be flexible enough to adapt different needs for different users. All this while maintaining what our customers know and love best about the software – no small feat!  We believe they succeeded: 

These are just a few highlights of the new Media Composer 2019 interface and design:

Clean, modern design with a new look 

This is Media Composer like you’ve never seen it before. Every window, menu and panel has been carefully rethought and reimagined to be more beautiful, more intuitive and more inspirational for your creativity. We’ve added new light and dark skinfor any operating system, support for high DPI monitors, and added an expanded 32-color palette for labeling and organizing clips in your timeline.  The new Media Composer 2019 will look amazing on any screen. 

Taskoriented workspaces 

One click opens a workspace with the right tools for the task at hand, whether that’s editing, color, audio, or effects. See what you need, hide what you don’t, to streamline your workflow. Or, if you prefer, customize the workspace with exactly the tools you want. 

Simplify the complexity with a new panel interface 

Too many floating windows can cover up tools, content, and key information. Media Composer 2019 solves that with a paneled UI with panes that change size automatically when you resize other panelsUse the default layout for a particular task, drag and drop to rearrange panes to your preferenceand add or remove panels as needed. For more flexibility, one or all of the panes can pop out to float over the paneled UI. For current users who have their floating windows just the way they want them, Media Composer will remember their size and position upon relaunch.

Find media faster with new bin mapping and navigation  

When a bin fills up with clips, it’s too easy to waste time finding what you need. A bin map shows users which section of the bin they’re viewing, not unlike a world map in a video game. Specific clips are easier to locate, and users retain the value of their bin organization. Adaptive bin frames adjust automatically to prevent clip names from overlapping. 

Along with much, much more…


Finish & Deliver 

We’ve talked to many customers and understand some very important current and future challenges for production companies. The growth of the everchanging formats, bit depth and resolutions as well as the different industry standards around delivery requirements causes extra costs in the tools along with deficiencies in operational efficiencies. In the Media Composer 2019 there are number of new capabilities that will give production companies as well as individual freelancers the tools they need to finish and deliver complex projects on time without sacrificing quality. 

The new 32-bit full float color pipeline allows you to work in high-res HDR formats from start to finish. We know that exporting to external color grading and finishing applications is time-consuming and expensive, and isn’t needed on every project. Now you can edit, finish, and package productions entirely within Media Composer when appropriate.   

For projects and workflows that need to make the roundtrip to other applications for grading, effects and finishing the new color pipeline and standards support for ensures pristine quality, accuracy and precision, so you can be confident you won’t lose any color data coming or going. We’ve also added support for finishing formats like OpenEXR to continue to improve interoperability and speed up roundtrip workflows.  

This new release is also the industry’s first video editor to join the ACES Logo Program under the new Editorial Finishing category. Adopting an ACES-compatible color workflow, allows you to work more efficiently, maintain consistent color-accuracy throughout your project, and finish faster. We’ve also expanded Media Composer’s capability to ingest, edit, grade, and render DNxUncompressed codec with more bitrates.  

Finally, we’ve aligned with the latest industry standards for delivery and packaging.  With the Symphony option (included in most licensing options) you can now create SMPTE Standard 2067-21 IMF packages and deliver them directly out of Media Composer to the OTT provider of your choice. 

Media Composer 2019 blog header

Next-gen Avid Media Engine 

We’ve been doing a lot of work under the hood of Media Composer as well. If editing software isn’t powerful and efficient, it will slow down production with non-creative tasks and tie up your computer’s resources when they should be helping the editor stay focused on telling the story. That’s why over the last year we’ve implemented next-generation features like background rendering and transcoding and live timelines with edit-during-playback. These were major improvements to how Media Composer handles media and they succeeded in removing processing inefficiencies and waste to allow editors to stay in their creative flow.  

Now, with this release we are upping the ante again with a few more major improvements to the next-gen Avid Media Engine. First, we’ve added native support for OP1wrapped media, common industry media file format. Now Media Composer editors can not only ingest OP1a footage directly into their bins and timelines without needing waiting or re-wrapping files, they can create new OP-1a media inside their projects and consolidate, transcode, mixdown and distribute it for better performance, faster interoperability and turnaround.  

We are also introducing Media Composer | Distributed Processing, a new add-on option for both Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise. Distributed Processing goes beyond background rendering and transcoding and allows users to completely offload these processor-intensive tasks to other machines, either idle or dedicated, that are on their network. This saves Creatives even more time and compute resources, and it’s scalable.   

By moving GPU- or CPU-intensive jobs like rendering off the computer you’re working on, you and your team can stay focused on the project at hand (or just surf the web) without any slowdowns. When the job is done users receive a notification that files are ready, and they can link to their new material immediately. Additionally, a render or transcoding process can be split among multiple clients or servers and scaled for even greater efficiency. In practical terms, that means a 30-minute job could be split among three machines to become a 10-minute job. Older or out-of-use computers and servers retain value when put to work as a rendering and transcoding farm. 

Media Composer | Enterprise

Customizable Toolset for Any Role in Your Organization 

Meet the newest member of the Media Composer family: Media Composer | Enterprise. For the first time ever, you can adapt all of Media Composer’s capabilities for differet roles in your organization. Enterprise will give facilities that have multiple users performing multiple roles the ability to customize the tools and the user interface for each different type of user – whether they are an assistant, or logger, craft editor, sound editor, director, producer, or any other role.  Each user gets the tools they need, and only what they need.  

Media Composer | Enterprise will help facilities and organizations reduce overhead and minimize costly mistakes. For new and inexperienced users, it’s easy to limit access to tools, functions, and media making Media Composer easier use and faster to learn — reducing training time and costs. Education facilities can change the available tool set by course level or scope, from editing and effects design, to color correction and audio production. For pros in news, sports and post-production facilities, Media Composer | Enterprise makes it easier to collaborate and bridge workflows among editors, journalists, and other contributors. Media, projects, and bins can be shared with collaborators on- or offsite.  

Lastly, Enterprise also gives sensitive productions and premium content another level of protection and security. Whether by accident or malicious intent, valuable content can be lost, leaked or erased.  By preventing newer users from accessing certain functions, unauthorized projects, media bins, or preventing operations like exporting or changing ingestion and encoding settings, Media Composer | Enterprise can greatly reduces the risks of media theft, loss or destruction in your organization or facility.  

With its incredible new features, innovative design, and deep, powerful improvements Media Composer 2019 has been reimagined to make editing, finishing and delivering more intuitive, more interactive and more efficient. For Makers.    

Learn more about the new Media Composer 2019 and get notified the minute it’s available! 

The New Media Composer

Experience all the new capabilities the minute they’re ready.
We listened to you, what you liked, what you didn’t and what was missing.

Seven Year Old Auteur Shows Ed Asner What’s Up!

My name is Bailey. I am seven years old and I am in second grade. I am also in Girl Scouts. In my opinion, I think I’m pretty darn good at directing and editing things.

I’ve always liked a lot of different movies. Some of my favorite movies are Amelie, The Quiet Man, Sing Street, School of Rock, Mary Poppins, A Hard Day’s Night, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, The Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello, Popeye cartoons and much more. My favorite kinds of movies are comedies. My name is Bailey because I am named after George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life.

My dad is a producer and editor so most of the time I am in edit bays when I visit his office. My dad is very good at editing and he has shown me how to make movies. We have made short documentaries about movie locations.

I’ve met some movie stars at celebrity conventions. One of my favorite memories was meeting Dick Van Dyke. Sometimes we dress up for pictures with the movie stars to make it look like we were in those movies. I’ve met actors from Alien, Jaws and Tim Curry from Annie.

The Alien cast: Yaphet Kotto, my dad, me, Veronica Cartwright, and Tom Skerritt

The Jaws cast: Richard Dreyfuss, me, and dad

The Annie cast: my dad, me, Tim Curry and Aileen Quinn

Now I want to talk about the movie I made recently.

At my school there is something called PTA Reflections. PTA Reflections celebrates the arts. For PTA Reflections, the school asks you to do a dance, draw a picture, make movies and stuff like that. Last year I won first place for making a movie. This year’s theme is “Within Reach” so that’s what I called my new movie.

The movie is about a girl who tries to get a Teddy bear off of a roof. She tries different ways to get it off the roof then she comes up with using balloons to fly herself, just like in UP and in The Red Balloon. Then she goes too high. While she is in the sky, she sees Girl Scouts and then she sees the actor Ed Asner from the movie UP.

I wrote the script myself. My dad showed me a script format but I came up with the ideas and dialogue myself. From watching people like Charlie Chaplin and Jerry Lewis I learned how to make it a comedy but still have it be logical because that makes it funnier. I know about something in comedy called the Theory of Threes, when you build a joke in three steps.

Bailey directs the Girl Scouts of Los Angeles Troop 4491.

In the movie I was flying too high. In the script I had to come up with a way to get down. I came up with using a flying crow’s beak to pop the balloons. In real life when I tried to use the beak, it wasn’t sharp enough so I taped a toothpick to it!

To make the movie I had to buy and make props. I bought lots of bananas and I made a doll into my stunt double. The doll had to be floating with balloons but it was too heavy so we cut her legs off!!!

When I was writing the script, I thought it would be cool to have Ed Asner from UP in my movie. The only problem was I didn’t know Ed Asner personally. The theme was “Within Reach” so I knew I had to try. My dad found somebody from his family on Facebook and we sent him my idea and told him I was seven. I felt happy when Ed Asner said that he could be in my movie. He’s very famous and I’m only seven.

I had him say a line about my character having spunk because that was a famous line from The Mary Moore Show. I saw that on YouTube.

When I was done filming the movie, I recorded sound effects. I used a slide whistle which is a good comedy sound. For the sound of pee I filled a popcorn box with water and poured it into the toilet.

I edited it on Media Composer | First. It was very professional like my dad’s. I learned different things in editing like in point, out point and overwrite. It was hard to learn editing but I figured it out. It took a while to edit because it’s a pretty long movie. I usually decide to end the shot when people are done talking.

I liked putting in sound effects to make the comedy funnier. I made the titles on the Avid and put a shadow under the letters to make it look like you are looking up. There is a part where I go in my room and look at different posters of people flying. But most of those posters are not actually in my room. But with editing it makes it look like I’m looking at those posters. The magic of editing!!!

The Media Composer | First timeline of 'Within Reach'

Editing is like a puzzle but I make up the pieces. The pieces are the shots and editing them together makes the puzzle solved.

When I grow up I want to be a producer, editor and comedian actress. There aren’t enough girl directors! Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you like my movie. Have a great day.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

Boost Your Career with Media Composer

Since the 1990s, Avid has been the leader in film and television editing and post-production, due to its rock-solid stability, enormous range of format compatibility and familiar workflow. It’s used by award-winning editors in Hollywood and everywhere else filmmakers tell their stories.

People who use Media Composer gain an advantage over editors working solely with other platforms. New editors discover the complexities of every editing tool they encounter, and choose one over another for various reasons. Media Composer already includes a lot of technical advantages whether your project is for entertainment or any other purpose, such as business or education.

If you’re proficient in another application for your editing workflow, or you’re completely new to video editing, great! Media Composer has advantages that go beyond software.

On Oscar weekend, Igor Torgeson at the New York Film Academy discussed three primary reasons that Avid Media Composer is the required software for their students in film editing:


1. It’s the Industry Standard

Media Composer is a must for an editor with an interest in working in entertainment. Wherever you find people working in film or television post-production, you’ll find Media Composer. In fact, all six of the editors nominated for an Oscar* for Best Picture and Best Editing in 2018 used Media Composer for their films. Many top editors know the software so well they also teach it in schools and online courses. If that’s your goal, you should make Media Composer your primary tool.

2. The Skills are Easily Transferable

Media Composer offers the most powerful, advanced editing tools in the business. Once you get how the timeline, storage and workflow operate, and realize it has to do with how strips of film were once stored in bins and edited with a blade, the light comes on. Then you’ll find that its major competitive tools are a variation on this theme. Master Media Composer, and you’ll be able to transfer your skills easily to everything else you run into.


3. A Career Using Avid is More Lucrative

This makes sense given the first two points, editors whose skill set includes Media Composer can earn more. Torgeson reveals studies of salaries listed on Payscale.com and Glassdoor showing that editors with Media Composer skills can command higher average annual salaries and hourly rates than those with expertise in Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

4. More affordable than ever – only $19.99 / month (USD)

The fourth point is the price. New in 2018, a one-year subscription to Media Composer is only $19.99 per month (USD), including software upgrades and standard support. Yes, for the top software in the video editing business.

For the experienced, the full-featured Media Composer | Ultimate ($49.99/mo USD) offers the same powerful functionality, but with features for editors in a collaborative environment, for instance shared bins & integrated workflows. This top tier includes the options PhraseFind, ScriptSync, Symphony and NewsCutter, as well as upgrades and ExpertPlus support throughout your subscription.

At Avid, we’re doing everything we can to make it easier for editors to hone their craft and tell their stories more easily. Find out which Media Composer is right for you so you can cut above the rest.


*Academy Awards and Oscar are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Which Media Composer is right for you?

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Avid Wins 2018 Panorama Awards with Maestro | Designer and Media Composer | First

At this year’s BIT Audiovisual 2018, Avid was presented with two Panorama post production awards; best graphics creation award for Maestro | Designer and best editing award for Media Composer | First.

Maestro | Designer graphics authoring software is the foundation of all Avid real-time graphics systems. It provides graphic designers with the tools to easily and efficiently create eye-catching on-air graphics, animation, and virtual sets and is used by hundreds of broadcasters worldwide.

“Winning the graphic creation prize is a huge honor,” said Avid Senior Manager for Solution Marketing and Product Management, Daliah Naor. Though no stranger to winning awards, the Panorama Award helps affirm Maestro | Designer’s position as one of the top graphic authoring tools in the industry.

Maestro | Designer

Media Composer | First is streamlined, yet powerful video editing solution that provides many of the same tools top filmmakers, directors, and editors use—for free. With Media Composer | First you get everything you need to create and tell great stories, from first frame to final delivery. Whether you’re new to editing, or new to Avid, Media Composer | First accelerates the editing process, enabling you to create your best possible stories, with the easiest entry to the movie and television industry standard, Avid Media Composer.

Media Composer | First

The Panorama Awards recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of companies, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising. Readers of Audiovisual Panorama voted online for their top five nominees. A jury composed of eleven independent professionals selected the winners by secret ballot.


From left to right: Sergio Cardenas, David Martínez, Tomas Nielsen, Pep Agullo, Ana Escauriaza

Avid Maestro | Designer

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

Avid Creative Software — The Right Tools for You

At NAB 2018, we announced a comprehensive line-up of video, audio and notation software that empowers creative professionals and aspiring artists alike.  Whether you’re scoring, recording, mixing or editing, you can create at the speed of inspiration using the tools embraced by the industry. Now, there are products for everyone—and they’re more affordable than ever.

We’ve expanded and better aligned our creative software brands to make it easier to understand the product tiers and grow within the family as you develop your skills and career.


• The popular entry-level “First” products are all free and make it even easier to unleash your creativity.

• Need more power? Step up to the full versions. This tier offers more functionality to help you tackle increasingly complex projects and tighter deadlines.

• The “Ultimate” products are the most advanced and comprehensive. With unparalleled collaboration tools, connectivity and game-changing features, you and your team can increase productivity and accelerate your workflows.

Check out the comparison charts to learn more:   Pro Tools    |   Sibelius   |    Media Composer

So what’s the BIG news?!


• Sibelius welcomes a new FREE entry-level version—Sibelius | First
Sign up to be notified when it’s available.

• Media Composer is now available at a super affordable price point- starting at only $19.99 USD – get it now

• Media Composer | Ultimate offers advanced functionality and options that were only previously available as add-ons – get the details

• Pro Tools | HD is now called Pro Tools | Ultimate and includes additional options – get the details


Are you currently using one of these creative apps? Upon your next product update or renewal:


• Paid Sibelius | First customers will become Sibelius customers. You’ll get the same great product, simply with a new name.

• Sibelius customers (version 2018.3 and earlier) will become Sibelius | Ultimate customers. You’ll have the same best-selling product—with a new name.

• Pro Tools | HD customers will become Pro Tools | Ultimate Along with the new name, you’ll also benefit from some new options.

• Pro Tools and Pro Tools | First customers won’t see any changes. You’ll still be able to create, record, edit, and mix music and audio with the industry standard.

•Media Composer customers (version 2018.3 and earlier) become Media Composer | Ultimate. Along with the new name, you’ll also see some new options.

•If you use Media Composer | First and would like to upgrade to Media Composer, you can do so at a new, lower price point.


Also, did you know that Avid updated its versioning terminology? Now, software updates align to the year and month of release. For example, Pro Tools 2018.4, is an April release.


Get the latest details about our exciting product announcements:

Pro Tools — Power your sound with the tools that power the industry

• Sibelius — The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write and share music

Media Composer — The professional’s choice for creative editorial

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Discover Media Composer

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Express yourself with Sibelius

Create beautiful, captivating scores more quickly than ever before with the world’s best selling notation software.

Meet the New Media Composer Family

For over 30 years, Avid Media Composer has helped professional editors create films and television shows that have captured the imagination of audiences around the world and now Avid is making the Media Composer experience more accessible for everyone with a story to tell.

At NAB 2018, we are announcing a new line up of Media Composer products that provide a range of functionality for the aspiring artist to the most experienced editor.

For artists just beginning their journey in editing, Media Composer | First delivers a complete, yet streamlined creative toolset built on Avid’s renowned editing model – for free – with all the features and functionality they need to tell great stories that can easily be published to popular social media channels.

With a more expansive and customizable solution for any kind of project, Media Composer provides independent editors with all the tools they require to maximize their creative talent and stay ahead of the competition.

This is all in addition to Media Composer’s reliable media management, deep editing tools, and the ability to master to any resolution. Editors who wish to move up from Media Composer | First to a complete version of Media Composer can do so for as little as $19.99 (USD) per month!

For the most complete offering in post-production, Media Composer | Ultimate not only empowers creative teams with access to Avid’s unparalleled collaborative capabilities, but also includes game-changing tools such as ScriptSync, PhraseFind and Symphony to accelerate the editing process and make the most of every spoken word in the project.

With Media Composer | First, Media Composer and Media Composer | Ultimate, every editor has access to the right solution for them, at a price they can afford.

Key Features

Media Composer | First

Media Composer

Media Composer | Ultimate

Media Composer Perpetual


Publish to Social

24 Tracks Video / 64 Tracks Audio

High-Res Mastering

Shared Projects / Bins

MediaCentral | Panel

Floating Licensing

NewsCutter NCRS Tool

Symphony Option

PhraseFind Option

ScriptSync Option

Media Composer | Cloud VM

Option/Feature Included
● Option/Feature Available but not Included

Check out all the great Media Composer features at www.avid.com/media-composer/features

Discover Media Composer

Accelerate storytelling with the tools embraced by top movie, television, and broadcast editors. And power through HD and high-res editing faster and easier than ever.

The A-List — Rachel Schreibman, Assistant Editor on “The Jungle Book”

Rachel Schreibman is known for her work as an assistant editor on Once Upon a Time (2014), Almost Human (2013), and Psych (2013). Most recently she was an assistant editor on the live action remake of The Jungle Book.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

The A-List — Nancy Forner, ACE, Associate Professor of Cinema Practice at USC

Nancy Forner is an Associate Professor of Cinema Practice at USC. During her career she has worked on many notable and diverse projects in genres and styles that range from comedy, horror, action/adventure, to fantasy and medical/legal procedurals.  The award-winning Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law & Order: SVU, The Vampire Diaries,  Witches of East End and the cult classic Return to Horror High are a few, but not all, of her many and varied credits.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

The A-List — Kevin Tent, ACE, Editor of “Sideways”, “The Descendants”

Kevin Tent is a film editor and director. Tent serves as a member of the board for the  American Cinema Editors (ACE). Kevin Tent is best known for being Alexander Payne’s go-to film editor on films such as Nebraska, The Descendants, Sideways, and Election. Tent has been nominated for an Academy Award for best editing for The Descendants and won an ACE Eddie award for the same film and received three other ACE Eddie Award nominations for Election, Sideways and About Schmidt.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.