Media Composer

  • Media Composer 2020.4 — Bringing More Speed and Ease to Your Workflow

    Media Composer 2020 offers many new timesaving features to simplify, automate, speed and extend your workflow

  • Our Commitment to Students—No Matter Where They’re Learning

    How students can access Media Composer, Pro Tools, and Sibelius for free while campuses are closed

  • Step Inside the Cutting Room with Eddie Hamilton, ACE and Analyze the Timeline of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

    Editor Eddie Hamilton, ACE, shares his finished Avid Media Composer timelines of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Dig in and analyze…

  • Avid Heads to Sundance 2020

    Avid and Microsoft support indie filmmakers at Sundance 2020. Collect your beanie and win Media Composer, Pro Tools, XBOX Game…

  • Avid Media Composer 2019.12 — Ending the Year on a High (Resolution) Note!

    Check out the latest features in Media Composer 2019.12 with ACES capable workflows, OpenEXR encoding, HDR metadata triggering through IO…

  • There’s So Much More to the Job Than Editing: What Hootenanny’s Liz Tate Wants Aspiring Editors to Know

    Thinking about a career in post production? Liz Tate, founder of Hootenanny, busts myths about the business and shares her…

  • The Rough Cut: Jeff Groth, Editor of Joker

    Jeff Groth, editor of Joker, talks about working with director Todd Phillips, editing a character study and what he looks…

  • Avid’s End-to-End Audio and Video Solution Joins the Netflix Post Technology Alliance

    Avid Pro Tools joins Media Composer as a participant in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, so our customers are able…

  • Media Composer 2019’s Latest Update is Here, and it Brought the Goods

    Media Composer 2019.9 is here! Check out what’s new in this update

  • Avid Media Composer’s UI Wars

    Media Composer’s 2019 redesign relied on dozens of top editors and post pros, who shared their long lists of video…

    by Chris Bové