Avid Introduces Industry’s First End-To-End Production Workflow for Panasonic AVC Ultra-LongG

More and more news organizations and broadcasters worldwide are now shooting in the Panasonic AVC Ultra-LongG video format, since it provides high quality media at smaller bandwidth rates. Some of the world’s largest broadcasters are already using this AVC Ultra-LongG format, including NBC and Cox Media, and many more organizations will be adopting the format soon.

By offering end-to-end AVC Ultra-LongG workflows and support across the MediaCentral Platform, we are extending Avid Resolution Independence and providing our customers and partners with unprecedented performance and efficiency.

Avid’s end-to-end workflow for AVC Ultra-LongG spans the Avid Artist, Media, and Storage Suites, and includes baseband and file-based ingest, editorial and logging, send-to-playback, and archive. Through seamless integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform, you can now safely replace old camera inventory and invest in this new camera platform without risking interruption of well-established operational practices.

“We are excited to announce the AVC Ultra-LongG workflow integration with Avid systems. Many of our customers are seeking a total workflow that spans the production continuum from acquisition to archive, and that is exactly what this solution offers.”


—Kunihiko Miyagi, executive vice president of Cinema and Broadcasting, Imaging Network Business Division, Panasonic Corporation.

The following Avid solutions will offer Panasonic AVC Ultra-LongG support during the second quarter of 2016:


  • Media Composer®—Edit SD, HD, and high-res media with the film, TV, and broadcast industry standard
  • Avid NEXIS—Accelerate production with the world’s first software-defined storage platform
  • Interplay® | Production—Manage assets, collaborate, and automate workflows for high-volume media delivery
  • Interplay | MAM—Unify and coordinate every aspect of media production with a comprehensive system
  • AirSpeed® | 5500—Speed up SD, HD, and high-res workflows with a multichannel ingest/playout server
  • Media | Director—Automate file-based media ingest, parking, and transcoding
  • MediaCentral | UX—Access media and work on projects anywhere using a cloud-based interface

Avid at NAB 2016

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What is a Production Workflow?

We’ve all seen the old movies about the broadcast news business. It starts with a plucky news reporter given an assignment or following a hunch for a story and then heading into the field with a camera crew to capture a news event or interview a subject. From there, the footage is returned to the station, edited and makes it on-air with seconds to spare! And there you have your typical production workflow.

Joan Cusack in Broadcast News (1987)

When we refer to a ‘production’ workflow, what it means is starting with the visualization of an idea for a show, film or song and going through the production process until there is a final product that is ready to share.

Our goal in QA at Avid is to try and emulate, as close as possible, our customers’ real world end-to-end production workflows in our test labs to identify and fix bugs before the software is released. With a customer base that spans the globe and covers many kinds of project types, unfortunately, we cannot test all of the specific workflows that exist and are in use day in and day out. However, if you want to share what your workflow looks like with us, we should be able to incorporate aspects of it into our production workflow tests! See how to reach us at the end of this article.

In general, a production workflow can be categorized into 5 stages. While they can often overlap throughout the course of a project, we can categorize these general stages as: Ingest or Media Acquisition; Media Staging, Search and Logging; Editing and Collaboration; Asset Management; Delivery, Broadcast and Distribution.


Ingest or Media Acquisition

This is where it all begins with the creation of the raw media. The media can come from professional grade video or film cameras, a graphics system, cell phone, a musician recording a song in their home studio or a production crew recording a live sporting event.


Media Staging, Search and Logging

In this stage, the acquired media is prepared for the editing process. Assistant editor’s, producers, loggers, interns or other staff begin to review and log the raw media for the editing process. This could include searching for a particular quote from a speech, sound bit from an interview, the best take from an actor’s performance, a guitar riff in a song or spectacular play on the playing field. Notes of the wanted sections are logged and given to the editor.

Editing and Collaboration

As they say, this is where the magic happens! All of the logged and annotated raw media starts to come together in a final product. This is also an iterative process in which a rough cut is made then sent for review and approval. If changes are required, the changes are made then sent out again for approval. In the case of a live sporting event, highlight or ‘melt’ reels can be created while the game is in progress.


Asset Management

In this stage, the managing of assets is done. This can range from archiving media, placing watermarks on the media so that it is not stolen and assigning digital rights. It can also include sending media to affiliate station or production houses for their use.


Delivery, Broadcast and Distribute

When the project has been completed, the last step is to make this available for consumption by the end user. For a news broadcaster, it can be airing a segment during a newscast. For others, it could be posting to an “Online Video Platform” (OVP) such as YouTube or Vimeo. Another option is making the project available to other outlets like such as HBO, Hulu or Netflix.

While most production workflows can be categorized into these stages, there is no general way in which any stage is done or the sequence in which a production is completed. With the various programming formats such as broadcast news, live sports, and scripted and unscripted reality shows, each production workflow has its own unique quirks and style.


Avid’s Role in Your Production Workflow

With tight release schedules at Avid, what we have to do within our workflow QA organization is find the top 3-5 common denominator for each of the stages that can be used in our manual and automation testing. (Note: We’ll take a closer look at the automation testing we use at Avid in a future blog). For this information, we rely heavily on our product designers, program managers and sales teams for their input.

As a current or new customer, we welcome any and all information about some details of your production workflow. If you can provide sample media, screen shots of your timeline, or bin information that would be helpful. Please send your production workflow feedback and examples to social@avid.com. All of this information helps our QA organization get an even better understanding of how our customers use our software in their workflows. In the end, it helps us empower you to create more enriching content!

CTA Workflow Techtalk

Share Your Production Workflow

Send us your production workflow details and supporting examples. Your feedback will give us the ability to help you continue to create more enriching content!


Join the Webinar: Avid Everywhere for Broadcast Sports Production and Beyond

In the fast-paced world of live and studio sports production, you need to quickly turn around engaging sports programming, build stronger brands with powerful on-air graphics, and keep viewers engaged with compelling visuals.

In our exclusive webinar, Avid specialists will show you how the Avid MediaCentral Platform and solutions from the new Studio Suite can help you create playlists and highlight reels in seconds, control all your visual elements with a single system, give your productions a signature look with real-time filters and transitions, and more. A panel of Avid experts will be on-hand after the demo to answer your questions during a live Q&A session.

Join the Webinar: Broadcast Sports Production and Beyond

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Join our Webinar: Avid Everywhere for Regional Broadcasters

It’s no secret that the world’s biggest broadcasters and international media organizations rely on Avid Everywhere to create and distribute content. But what about local and regional stations?

In our upcoming webinar Avid Everywhere for Regional Broadcasters, you’ll hear how Avid Everywhere is helping Oklahoma, USA-based Griffin Communications to streamline production and produce higher-quality stories—in the facility and remotely.

“Previously, both of our stations would send a team to cover major stories and sporting events. We needed a workflow that would enable us to maximize our media resources and more efficiently share content between both markets.”

—Steve Schroeder, Statewide Director of Content Operations at Griffin

Join us on Thursday, December 3rd at 2pm EST to discover how you can leverage the same media production tools and workflows that world-class broadcasters use—scaled for your local or regional operation. Steve Schroder, director of content operations at Griffin, Dave Davis, KOTV journalist, and others will explain how their news organization uses Avid Everywhere to access, share, create, transfer, and distribute content from anywhere.

Avid Everywhere for Regional Broadcasters Webinar

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New Orad Broadcast Bundles—Save Time and Create the Highest Quality Content

Today’s television audiences are hungry for high-quality content. To capture the attention of viewers, broadcasters need to create stunning graphics, exciting visuals, and highly realistic effects. But at the same time, it’s critical to operate more efficiently and deliver content under tight timelines. What can broadcasters do?

Our new Orad broadcast solution packages were created to help you. From virtual studios and on-air graphics solutions to complete “channel in a box” solutions, these bundles provide everything you need to cut through the static and captivate audiences.

New Orad broadcast packages include:

New Orad Broadcast Packages

Save time and create the highest quality content with our new Orad broadcast bundles. Contact Avid sales for more information.


Experience a Day in the Life of a News Team with Avid Everywhere at IBC 2015

When you work in a newsroom, you know getting breaking news to air and keeping your viewers informed is critical to your station’s success. Achieve that success day-in and day-out with Avid Everywhere. Find out how at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam — taking place right now — during one of many Broadcast demonstrations in which you experience a day in the life of a news team.

You’ll learn first-hand how Avid is transforming the news production process. We are providing the tools you need in this new era of journalism — creating a unified experience through the Avid MediaCentral Platform, building in remote collaboration, and multiplatform distribution.

Wih Orad now a part of Avid, we have extended the Avid MediaCentral Platform with the new Studio Suite, enabling collaboration between customers who use Orad solutions and other Avid and third-party products on the platform.

The Platform provides everything you need to manage your entire workflow from creation and delivery to distribution and consumption—globally. Plus, with Orad now a part of Avid, we have extended the platform with the new Studio Suite, enabling collaboration between customers who use Orad solutions and other Avid and third-party products on the platform.

Now that you have a little background on our powerful broadcast solutions, let me tell you more about these presentations, which are taking place now through Tuesday. Our presenters, Avid Solutions Specialists Craig Wilson and Michael Krulik, lead the Avid Everywhere Broadcast presentation. Together they demonstrate how to bring a breaking news story, like a plane crash, to air from start to finish using MediaCentral Platform, all the while keeping your newsroom completely connected with everyone in the field and back at base working with the same content.

Craig Wilson, Solutions Specialist

Michael Krulick, Solutions Specialist

Craig and Michael focus on how the Media Suite and the Studio Suite, part of the platform, empower broadcasters with modular applications for media creation, storage, and management, as well as graphics integration. And how MediaCentral | UX, the web-based unified experience of the platform, enables you to access media and work on projects however, wherever, and whenever you want – even on your mobile device.

Craig also gives you a sneak peek of how our Media | Distribute multiplatform distribution solution gives you the power to easily publish stories to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook – showing how you can schedule social messages linked to your iNEWS rundown.

MediaCentral | UX, the web-based unified experience of the platform, enables you to access media and work on projects however, wherever, and whenever you want – even on your mobile device.

They also show how you can use Media | Index to easily find any clips in the system (from the plane crash scene) to share in social or save for use in the on-air story.  In addition, Media Composer | Cloud makes an appearance during the presentation. Craig demonstrates how you can upload shots from the plane crash scene and mix them with shots back at base in the timeline. All your field reporter needs to do is open a Wi-Fi hot-spot to connect to the newsroom, and he’ll have access to everything on the system.

And let’s not forget that openness is one of Avid’s guiding principles. During the presentation, you’ll hear how you can connect with any third-party provider on the platform.

This is only a brief highlight of everything you’ll learn about our broadcast solutions on the MediaCentral Platform during the presentation. Visit the Avid booth — Hall 7, J20 — and take a seat on our cushy seats to get the full story from Craig and Michael. I promise you’ll discover how Avid Everywhere will help you perform in the newsroom and in the field.

Monday, September 14 at 9:45, 14:30, and 16:15

Tuesday, September 15 at 10:30, 12:45, 15:00


IBC 2015

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These Exciting Special Guests Take the Avid Stage at IBC 2015

IBC 2015

If you’re movie buffs like us, then you’ve been wowed by the vivid costumes and amusing performances in The Grand Budapest Hotel, and been in awe of the stunts pulled off in Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation. Am I right? Well it’s quite an experience to see these films in the theater, but what if I told you we’d give you the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the production of these films came together?

This is exactly what we’ll show you on the Avid stage at IBC 2015 with help from our special guests. Editor Barney Pilling of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer James Mather of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation will be taking over our stage this year to share their experience working on these films with Avid solutions.

But that’s not all. University of Salford’s Paul Welshman, Associate Director of Enterprise, Manchester, and Ameera Hill, Head of Technical Services, Manchester, will also take to the stage and share just why the University is among the best places to learn broadcast and multimedia production in Europe.

So if you’re touring the show, swing by the Avid stand to hear from Barney, James, Paul, and Ameera. They’re coming just for you! Get the facts on our guest speakers below, including what days and times they’ll be on the Avid stage in Hall 7 at stand J20.

James Mather

Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

In modern filmmaking, sound is just as crucial to transporting audiences to imaginary worlds as the images you see on the screen. Get insight into how James, an Emmy-winning sound editor whose credits include work on four films in the Harry Potter franchise, used Avid solutions to create the sounds that transport audiences into the thrilling world of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

And did you know that James began his career in animation, learning how to turn fantasy into reality? Yet another reason you don’t want to miss him on the Avid stage.

Saturday, September 12 at 12 PM CEST

Barney Pilling

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Join Barney, three-time BAFTA Award nominee and 2015 Academy Award nominee, as he shares his experience of working on Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Get an insider’s look behind-the-scenes as he demonstrates his techniques and workflows using footage from the movie, and see how he cut it all together in Avid Media Composer.

Saturday, September 12 at 2:30 PM CEST

Monday, September 14 at 12 PM CEST



Paul Welshman

Associate Director of Enterprise
University of Salford, Manchester

Ameera Hill

Head of Technical Services
University of Salford, Manchester

The University of Salford is on the cutting edge of educating the next generation of digital media creators. Learn how they develop their curriculum to keep students engaged from Paul and Ameera. As leaders of their divisions, they are working to make Salford a leader in media creation, proving that a University can innovate, as well as educate.

Plus, discover how their partnership with Avid has helped make their state-of-the-art facility at MediaCityUK among the best places to learn broadcast and multimedia production in Europe.

Sunday, September 13 at 12 PM CEST

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have your free Exhibits pass for IBC 2015 and mark these presentations on your show schedule. We’ll see you there!

IBC 2015

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Spanish Broadcasters Converge at the BIT Experience Conference in Madrid

During this year’s BIT Experience Conference in Madrid, Avid’s Product and Sales Managers presented the next phase of the Avid Everywhere vision and the latest product solutions, announced at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. Broadcast professionals from different parts of Spain gathered at the IFEMA Congress Centre for this exclusive presentation, followed by a case study from Spanish public broadcaster RTVE.

In his introduction, Gonzalo del Val, Iberia & Greece Sales Manager for Sales South Avid EMEA, explained how the Avid Everywhere vision guided the development of the most fluid end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry. “What began as a vision is now a reality: allowing freelancers, artists, and large media companies to collaborate efficiently within the Avid MediaCentral Platform.”

Tom Cordiner, Vice President International Sales Avid —photo by panoramaaudiovisual.com

Tom Cordiner, Vice President International Sales, emphasized that Avid Everywhere is a very open platform: “Every professional, as a registered user, can now access the platform with its shared services and enjoy creative freedom. We want everybody to be connected while contributing their talent and working on our integrated media ecosystem.”

New Products

While presenting Avid’s new products, Tom pointed out that the upcoming free editing software, Media Composer | First, responds perfectly to the need of aspiring storytellers, who can now use the same tools the pros rely on daily. Media Composer | First will be the easiest entry to the movie and television industry editing standard.

Another new product highlighted was the Avid Artist | DNxIO, a powerful I/O hardware device to simplify and speed up workflows in HD, high resolution and Ultra HD. It will be available as a standalone product or bundled with Media Composer.

With mid-size and small post-production houses and independent professionals in mind, Tom presented the new ISIS | 1000. “Providing Avid’s industry proven shared storage at a reduced price, ISIS | 1000 will offer real-time editorial collaboration solutions and the bandwidth professionals need to accelerate their media workflow.”

Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions Avid —photo by panoramaaudiovisual.com

“The world’s largest and most prestigious media enterprises rely on Avid asset management solutions”

—Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions

Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions, stated that these days, Avid Interplay is present in more than 2,000 facilities worldwide, providing asset management to users on the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Interplay | MAM makes it easy for them to search for the assets they need, fast. “Avid Interplay | MAM is now also fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, so you can use MediaCentral | UX in conjunction with Media | Index and make all production and archived assets accessible to every in-house and remote contributor through a single, common, web-based interface.”

“Avid’s MediaCentral | UX allows users to access the platform from their browser, with messaging services, player and editing functions and real-time access to production assets and all this, also available for Android and iOS.”

Richard Gratton, Director of Product Management Platform Avid —photo by panoramaaudiovisual.com

“At Avid, we see a platform approach as providing the means to break down the brick walls without necessarily compromising security.”

—Richard Gratton, Director of Product Management, Platform

“The ability to work in the cloud within the Avid MediaCentral Platform, has led Avid to take extra security measures to protect content and assets” said Richard Gratton the Director of Product Management, Platform. “The solution that Avid offers, allows professionals to work on the same projects, with the same media but in different locations. So there is definitely a need for uncompromised security. Therefore, we have re-evaluated all our security strategies.”

José Luis Romero, Project Director for RTVE Strategic Projects —photo by panoramaaudiovisual.com

At the end of the Avid Everywhere Live event, José Luis Romero, Project Director for RTVE Strategic Projects, gave a detailed inside look on how the Avid MediaCentral Platform is interconnecting all Spanish regional centers with the news headquarters in Torrespaña (Madrid).

RTVE has created a unique system of nationwide news production, based on centralized files in Torrespaña, Madrid, allowing journalists and editors to remotely edit from anywhere in Spain.

“Up until now, all our news production systems were managed locally. They were not connected, difficult to support and involved major costs. Minimizing the impact on support, reducing administration and management tasks, and controlling the impact on the infrastructure of our facilities, were decisive to choose the Avid MediaCentral Platform” said Romero.

“Once completed in 2016, all 14 regional RTVE centers will have their integrated newsrooms connected to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. They will all have simultaneous access to the centralized media at our headquarters in Madrid, with unified metadata and databases.”

Join the Avid Customer Association

Join the Avid Customer Association

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How Avid Everywhere in Education Prepared Me for a Future in Broadcasting

Fort Hays State University

Originally from North Carolina, I recently graduated from Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Kansas with a BS in Information Networking & Telecommunications concentrating in Media Studies. FHSU was an affordable option for me and seemed like a smart move – but little did I know how much the school and its technology would change my life.

When I first came to FHSU, coursework was focused on producing “backyard” content, such as YouTube videos that were fun to make, but didn’t hold much weight. FHSU has gone on to make immense progress in preparing its students for future careers. From our initial attempts at simple videos, I was recently part of a team that took home ten Kansas Association Broadcasting Awards this year.

I am very grateful for the changes at FHSU and the doors that it will open for me. During my senior year, FHSU went the direction of the professional media industry and made the decision to go all in for Avid Everywhere. I remember learning of this change and the excitement that came with it. As a Media Studies student, I had always been aware of Avid’s products: I knew they were used by the big 5 broadcasting networks, I knew they were the products of professionals, and I had often heard “you have to learn Media Composer if you want to go to Hollywood.” But I had never been afforded the chance to actually use these products and – I am not joking – our school is now outfitted in Avid EVERYTHING!

Ken Moreno

“As a student, I now have the opportunity to take hold of all of this professional technology and software, equipment I had always dreamed of getting my hands on.”

– Ken Moreno, FHSU

FHSU becoming one of the first universities to implement Avid Everywhere in education was, and still is, an amazing occurrence for me. As a student, I now have the opportunity to take hold of all of this professional technology and software, equipment I had always dreamed of getting my hands on. Avid has flooded our media studies department with educational riches.

With Avid now in full force at FHSU, the learning environment is far from what it used to be: We practice live broadcasts in class, we are project editors, and we use the Media Central platform both in class and at home. Operations are smooth: From sending out field producers to shoot rundowns to having the edit team in the edit bays to being able to make changes visible to  everyone. Further, FHSU now offers Avid certifications and I was able to become Media Composer Certified with 21 of my classmates.

“I know Avid is going to be there for me as far as customer service relationships go and I see the company and the community of Avid users as a critical part of my professional life.”

It was inspiring and impressive to see Avid experts come all the way out to Kansas to train students and professors alike. They truly embraced everyone involved at FHSU and I can’t imagine seeing that from any other media company. It was during these training sessions that I felt Avid really accepted FHSU as a part of their community and was truly vested in the next generation. I know Avid is going to be there for me as far as customer service relationships go and I see the company and the community of Avid users as a critical part of my professional life.

The opportunity for this real life curriculum would not have been possible without dedicated professors like Toby Yoshimura. Toby recognizes industry standards, the importance for students to learn Avid, to become more involved with companies who are industry leaders and to integrate certifications. He represented students in the fight for this transition that drastically changed our university and the quality of our education. I feel so lucky to have professors that would go above and beyond to provide me with the tools I need to compete in this industry.

What I have also learned from seeing this transition is the importance of being involved in the professional community. Toby is a member of the Avid Customer Association (ACA) and is involved in some of the deeper conversations with Avid – topics such as what companies are looking for when they hire students, how efficiencies in the industry can be realized, the impact on business models when students are not prepared for the professional environment and more. Innovative and active groups like the ACA are inspiring and I look forward to diving into the online culture of Avid, joining in the momentum, and continuing to learn.

“I have confidence in my future career path and in going into the real world, having received my degree and certifications on Avid products.”

I recently decided to attend grad school at FHSU, based on what they are doing to truly prepare us.  I have confidence in my future career path and in going into the real world, having received my degree and certifications on Avid products. Due to the collaboration of FHSU and Avid, I know that my education will help me to be one step ahead of everyone else coming out college and I will be ready to launch my career in the media industry.

Join the Avid Customer Association

Join the Avid Customer Association

Help shape the future of the industry—join the movement. Become an ACA member today.


Transforming the News Production Process with Mobile and Cloud Solutions

Transforming the News Production Process with Mobile and Cloud Solutions

On Avid’s Main Stage Theatre at NAB 2015, we are featuring solutions for broadcast news content creation and distribution—tools for the new era of journalism that make it easy for you to deliver information more quickly across a variety of platforms with Avid Everywhere.

Many of us keep our mobile phones and tablets within arms’ reach at all times. During the Avid Everywhere > Broadcast: A Day in the Life of a News Team presentation, I’ll show you how reporters in the field can use the Avid MediaCentral | UX app for iOS and Android devices to break news stories directly from where the action is happening. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be and how it extends your ability to collaborate with news teams in new ways.

You’ll see how MediaCentral | UX makes it easy for editorial teams to work together regardless of location, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. Also, posting to multiple social sites simultaneously doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ll show you how Media | Distribute simplifies this task, taking the complexity out of the workflow.

In addition, we will be featuring Media Composer | Cloud—a perfect solution if you’re in the field and need to access material that is back at the station, or send footage you’ve just captured back to the station for others to begin working with. With Media Composer | Cloud, you can edit local and remote media together into a complete package which can then be sent directly to a playout server at the station.


I invite you to stop by our booth in the upper level of the South Hall (Booth SU902) to see our latest solutions for remote collaboration and multiplatform distribution. The Avid Everywhere > Broadcast presentation will run several times each day throughout the show.

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