Video Editing

  • Planar Tracking and Advanced Effects: Mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid Media Composer

    In this video, we’ll show how the Mocha Pro 5 Avid plug-in can be used to planar track the camera…

  • Media Composer 8.9 is Now Available — Here’s What’s New

    Discover our brand new update to Media Composer that will accelerate storytelling with the tools embraced by top movie, television,…

  • Removing Unwanted Objects with Mocha Pro and Media Composer

    Master the art of object removal using the Mocha Pro plug-in within your Avid Media Composer timeline.

  • Unlocking the Power of Avid ScriptSync

    Speed up script-based editing with Avid ScriptSync! In this webinar, editor Chris Bové shows us how he eliminates time-consuming manual…

    by Chris Bové
  • Q&A with Editor Paul Machliss, ACE, on Baby Driver

    Editor Paul Machliss, ACE, gave us an in-depth look at his relationship with Media Composer, his editing setup for Baby…

  • Creating Custom Music Stings in Avid Media Composer

    Have you ever found that perfect song only to find the ending to be uninspiring? This Media Composer tutorial will…

  • Analyze the Full Media Composer Timeline of ‘Baby Driver’

    Paul Machliss, ACE, gave us his full, finished Media Composer timeline of “Baby Driver”. Dig in and analyze the timeline…

  • Your Free Ticket to the Movies—Media Composer | First

    Meet Media Composer | First. Professional-level video-editing software that gives you the tools to tell stories like the pros—for free.

  • Get Started Fast with Media Composer | First

    If you are an aspiring filmmaker or vlogger looking to get started fast in editing, then download Media Composer |…

  • World-Class Editors Inspire Future Talent at EditFest London 2017

    Avid is sponsoring EditFest London 2017, the annual one-day celebration of editing organized by American Cinema Editors.