The MediaCentral Solution: Creating Content through Connectivity

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‘Content is king.’

If you work in media, it’s likely you’ve heard this sentiment preached repeatedly over the past few years. Rapidly advancing technology has empowered creatives and increased audience demand. Content needs to be created faster, in larger volumes, and in higher quality to meet more sophisticated viewer expectations. Workflows designed for singular platform delivery are no longer viable. It’s not OK to just remain competitive. Viewer trends are pushing media operations large and small to develop and refine new workflows ahead of emerging technologies.

Answering those needs is Avid MediaCentral, the industry’s most comprehensive solution for media workflow. MediaCentral features a modular ecosystem design that can be customized to meet your specific media production workflow needs today, and in the future. Imagine the benefits of a unified workflow that integrates media ingest, logging, editing, graphics, playout, multiplatform distribution, asset management, storage, archive capabilities and more – all controlled by one user interface. No production silos, no work-arounds… just a streamlined, collaborative solution that accelerates and simplifies your media production workflow, whether for post, news, sports or any other media organization.

Flexibility and scalability enable MediaCentral to be configured specifically for your needs. Integrating both Avid and third-party solutions, the MediaCentral platform brings together disparate technologies into a seamless workflow, accessible through a single user interface, with multiple game-changers for your production process:

  • Deploy modules for Newsroom, Editorial, Production and Asset Management at the scale you need
  • Access media, ingest clips, edit video and publish content from anywhere, to multiple platforms, in real time
  • Navigate an easy-to-use, task-oriented user interface on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Future-proof media production with a platform ready for 4K/UHD resolutions and cloud-enabled workflows
  • Boost your efficiency with a new search engine and apps that speed up media browsing and searching

As the MediaCentral platform evolves, so do its capabilities and features. In our latest release MediaCentral 2018.6, Avid is delivering important new enhancements across the full array of workflow modules, apps, and services.  Check out a few of the highlights:


Gain better performance and productivity

MediaCentral offers many new enhancements and improvements across its workflow modules, apps, and services to help speed up and simplify your workflow. Edit content easily in a timeline across all apps in MediaCentral | Cloud UX, including MediaCentral | Search and Browse—not just Edit. Work more intuitively with improved views and interface interaction. Get support for Avid DNxHR SDR formats. Develop third-party connectors to the platform more efficiently. And much more.


Find what you need faster

With the powerful new MediaCentral | Search engine, MediaCentral enables editors, assistants, journalists, field producers, and other media coordinators to find the assets they need faster for easier, more fluid collaboration. Regardless of where the media—and all contributors—are located.

Stay current more easily

The MediaCentral backend now supports CentOS 7.4 across the entire platform. Not only does this make it easier to install, deploy, and update the software, you can have peace of mind knowing that security patches will be offered and available more frequently too.


Improved Licensing Administration

MediaCentral’s comprehensive workflow capabilities take you even farther by extending to user management across your platform. With every element of your workflow now unified, administrators have one central place they can switch modules on and off, manage licensing, and designate user roles and permissions.


The proliferation of new delivery platforms and real-time media consumption is shaking media infrastructure at its foundation. The unrelenting demand for content generation is creating an unrelenting need for content management tools that help you make the most of your media. Avid MediaCentral offers a solution that brings unprecedented speed, efficiency, connectivity and scalability to your media workflow.

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of hundreds, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

With over 20 years at Avid, I am amazed by our customers, their work, and their journeys, as they continually evolve to embrace significant industry and viewing audience transformation. As Senior Marketing Manager for Broadcast & Media, I’ll be sharing here just how we are focused on bringing solutions to market that address broadcasters’ needs.