Six Days of Intensive Editing for Every Episode of Reality TV Show ‘A-Team B-Team’

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One morning I was called by my post-production manager, Jeewantha Devapriya, who asked me if I was fit enough to edit a new and challenging TV show. I took on the job without knowing it would be a massive hit among Sri Lankan TV fans. The program, called ‘A-Team B-Team’, is being produced by the Asia Broadcasting Corporation and telecasted weekly on their TV channel, Hiru TV. So far we have completed 25 successful 40-minute episodes about two teams who compete in an adventurous environment involving jungle, water and air.

Shooting 'A-Team B-Team' in the Sri Lankan jungle

Meet the crew of Reality TV show 'A-Team B-Team'

A-Team B-Team’ is directed by two young directors, Suresh Alwis and Bihar Prashanth, and executive director Viraj Weliwatte. There are five cameras used during our production. It was a very challenging task for the camera crew to capture all the movements, not just of because of the dynamic nature of the show, but also because it’s being shot in various terrain conditions. A lot of careful planning was needed among the camera department, which made my job, as an editor, a little easier.

Final timeline of a 40-minute episode of ‘A-Team B-Team’

Editing this show was not an easy task for me, because the show was captured with 5 different types of cameras, and I was left with more than 5 hours of footage per 40-minute episode. The hardest part was to synchronize the footages from each camera; in some cases a very complicated job, as the cameras were not always focusing on the action. Avid Media Composer has been a great help in speeding up my workflow, because the software converts different kinds of formats into the generic MXF format, allowing me to edit smoothly on the timeline.

Malinda Hiddellaarachchi editing ‘A-Team B-Team’

Along with the edited footage of the cameras, tracks with graphics were added to the timeline to show the time and scores from the teams.  Through careful selection of the underlying music soundtrack, we were able to transmit to our viewers at home the energy, tension and the competitiveness of the program. Despite the complexity of the overall project, I really enjoyed to edit six days on every episode of ‘A-Team B-Team’. You can watch every episode online, on the website of Hiru TV.

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After completing my Higher National Diploma in film and television, I became an editor for three leading television stations in Sri Lanka. I have had the opportunity to be a part of an award winning TV series and an upcoming movie, shot in Sri Lanka.