Inspiring Stories from Mission of Hope Haiti

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About a year ago, I was assigned with the shooting and editing of inspiring stories involving the partnership between First Baptist Church Jacksonville and Mission of Hope Haiti, a large organization actively involved in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the Haitian population. These videos have served as a way to introduce the church and the community to Mission of Hope, as well as encourage others to take part. In the last year, I have traveled there twice. On June 12, I will be leaving for my third trip to the country.

For this project, we followed several key staff members and lay leaders from different vocational backgrounds as they traveled to Cabaret, Haiti to see firsthand the life-changing work Mission of Hope is involved in. Among other things, they currently have their own medical facility and make food packets to feed around 90,000 (!) children a day. On June 12, I will be traveling back with over 100 high school students from First Baptist Church as they serve in the area and share God’s love for a week.

My Timeline

In the edit, we decided to go with a more traditional, journalistic approach for the first videos, as opposed to a first person —‘in their own words’ style—which we often implement. These videos needed to be relatively short, to the point, but with a strong impact. After each trip to Haiti, our Assistant Editor offloaded each of the cards from the 3 cameras (Sony PMW‐EX3 for local stories, or 2 Sony HXR‐NX5U’s and a GoPro for international coverage) onto the server where we used AMA to link the material before transcoding.

Because Mission of Hope covers so much ground in what they do, we had to cover a lot in a short amount of time. At the end of every trip, we had hours of footage to sift through, so the use of metadata and keywords was important.

The writer, Katie Jeffries, a reporter from WTLV and a member of First Baptist, used Media Composer to log all the footage. Because she was never on‐site in Haiti, it was important for her to easily access and log the hours of interviews and b‐roll in an efficient way.

First Baptist Church Jacksonville has been broadcasting on the NBC affiliate since the 1970s and was one of the first churches to broadcast in HD. Currently they have 4 time slots on 3 stations for programming.

Haiti is full of interesting sounds and beautiful images which the audience needed to experience through our videos. I personally think the music and natural sound carried the first package, so I ended up doing all the audio mixing in Media Composer. As a musician, I have to admit that I enjoy the process of editing music, foley, etc. It’s sometimes hard to let go when the tools are in front of me. At the end of the day though, it goes beyond the tools.

After we finished the edits, we mastered to HDCAM tape through Digital Cut and exported master files to miscellaneous destinations, such as online video platforms and satellite campuses.

UPDATE: Crafting the Final Edit

The main event was finally here. The previous stories were now a prequel to this one. For this installment, we wanted the youth on the ground to tell the story by using a combination of actual debriefs and personal accounts of the travelers. Early in the week, I came across a girl singing on the doorsteps of her village hut. It was apparent that the foundation had been laid for the opening sequence. I envisioned that sound seamlessly blending into a pad of strings in the same musical key. This would lead into the second and primary opening music theme. By means of some Audio Suite plug-ins and wild sound, it all came together beautifully. So without further ado, here’s the latest episode in my Mission of Hope Haiti video series: ‘Hope for Cabaret’.

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