Timeline Tuesday

  • The Super Bowl Halftime Show—Guy Harding Cuts Multicamera Monster Projects (Part 2)

    In his second Timeline Tuesday article, Guy Harding takes it up a notch. For the multicamera pre-edit of the Super Bowl Halftime Show he worked with 176 different cameras angles. Here’s how he did it.

  • From U2 to Victoria’s Secret—Guy Harding Cuts Multicamera Monster Projects (Part 1)

    LA-based editor Guy Harding has cut some of the largest multicamera live shows on the planet. In the first episode of this two-part blog series, Harding shares how he organizes a 66 multicamera project for a U2 show.

  • Soundscaping the Trailer for Kickstarter Project ‘Magpie, the Untold Stories of World War II’

    Thanks to the trailer video on their Kickstarter page, the team behind the movie ‘Magpie’ raised enough money to start filming. Here’s how sound designer Andrew McAlinden soundscaped the teaser film in Pro Tools.

  • Coming Back to Media Composer to Edit Colombian/French Feature Film ‘Anna’

    To cut feature film ‘Anna’, editor Mauricio Lleras decided to return to Media Composer and immediately loved how the software kept evolving and makes life for editors just that little bit easier.

  • From Compostelle to Kuujjuaq—Editing the Path to a Thousand Dreams

    With 30 hours of HD archival footage and no help from an assistant editor, documentary series ‘From Compostelle to Kuujjuaq’ was the biggest project Pierre Breton had to manage and edit in 20 years.

  • Cutting an Escape, a Heist, and a Two-Act Action Sequence for the Season Finale of Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’

    By cutting drama, action, suspense, and comedy for the second season of Marvel’s TV show ‘Agent Carter’, editor Mark Hartzell gets a chance to flex all his different editorial storytelling muscles.

  • Red Arrow Industries Utilizes Avid Shared Storage for Animal Planet Special

    Red Arrow Industries recently installed its very first Avid shared storage system to edit a reality show that would benefit from editors having access to all footage at all times.

  • De-Squeezing a Bare Bone Budget into a Well Crafted Anamorphic Web Series ‘The Ferryman’

    Go inside the edit bay of AFI Conservatory Alum Cyndi Trissel as she gives life to the after-life in the high production value, low budget supernatural drama web series ‘The Ferryman’.

  • Editor Judith Allen Illustrates the Difference Between Cutting Animation and Live Action Films

    Editor Judith Allen has a keen interest in animation, VFX, and drama editing—but above all, storytelling. In between projects, we asked her about the differences between cutting animation and live action films.

  • Tina Richardson Smith Reveals Tricks of the Trade of a VFX Editor

    The job of a VFX editor involves precise preparation, planning and refining the visual effects shots before they get ready to shoot. Avid Blogs had the opportunity to chat with ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ VFX editor Tina Richardson Smith.

  • Sitcom and Feature Film Editor Paul Machliss, ACE, Gets Tension and Timing Right in the Cutting Room

    Originally from Melbourne in Australia, UK-based editor Paul Machliss is a huge fan of British comedy, having edited some of the most popular sitcoms such as ‘Black Books’, ‘Peep Show’, and ‘The IT Crowd’.

  • Cutting Feature Film ‘Feriado’ Simultaneously Between Ecuador and Argentina with Media Composer

    Since feature film ‘Feriado’ had to be cut between Ecuador and Argentina, Avid Media Composer was the editorial team’s first choice in terms of media management and sharing capabilities.

    by Diego Araujo
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