Timeline Tuesday

  • The Story of Nicola Matiwone—From Student to Award-Winning Editor

    Follow Nicola Matiwone on her academic journey from student to editor, facing the many challenges during her post production course, and how she utilized every opportunity to further her learning.

  • Editor Jim Page Gave Low-Budget Fantasy Film ‘Arthur and Merlin’ the Epic Feel It Deserved

    After 11 years as an editor of documentaries for BBC and Discovery, fantasy action film ‘Arthur and Merlin’ was Jim Page’s first paid feature. Read about his experience in this article.

  • Turning Complexity into Simplicity—the Story Behind a Short Film’s Timeline in Media Composer

    Film editor Fernando Maganda explains how color coding clips and bins, different timeline views, and dedicated workspaces help turn timeline complexity into simplicity.

  • Editor Daniel Oberbillig Painted his Timeline to Shape the Future Vision of Connected Home Appliances

    As there was no time to write a script for his latest advertizing project, editor Daniel Oberbillig decided to treat his Media Composer timeline as a colorful animated mood board.

  • How Pictures Lead the Story of Earth’s 4.6 Billion Year History in Documentary Film ‘Life’s Rocky Start’

    Let’s follow editor Rob Tinworth as he cuts documentary ‘Life’s Rocky Start’ from first assemblies, over rough cuts, to the finished film, ready for broadcast on PBS’ NOVA.

  • Distilling the Life of the Man who Changed American Television into an Artful and Moving Portrait

    To tell the story of TV producer Norman Lear, editor JD Marlow relied on Media Composer, the NLE that provided a robust workflow for this massive project with over 3,000 unique archival assets.

  • Editing a 30-Second Commercial for St. Louis Zoo—the Perfect Job for Avid Media Composer

    With only a week to edit, tweak and color a spot for the St. Louis Zoo, editor Brit DeLillo decided this was the perfect job for Media Composer.

  • Following in the Footsteps of Legendary Editors—Joseph Krings Cuts Bart Freundlich’s ‘Wolves’

    ‘Wolves’ is editor Joseph Krings’ second film back in the Avid world after completing six features on other software. Luckily, it did not take long to find his sea legs.

  • Editor Catherine Haight, ACE, Cuts Amazon’s Comedy-Drama Hit Series ‘Transparent’

    The second season of comedy-drama show ‘Transparent’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Follow editor Catherine Haight, ACE, as she shows us around her edit suite.

  • The Key to Documentary Storytelling: Finding Remarkable Moments in Hours of Footage

    Go behind the scenes of Japanese TV series ‘Away-Game Baptism’ and learn how filmmaker Yoichi Osuga tells the story of professional anglers in their search for fish.

  • Mark Thornton Returns to the Edit Room for the Second Series of ITV and Masterpiece PBS TV Show ‘Home Fires’

    Editor Mark Thornton explains why he jumped at the chance to come back for the second series of hit show ‘Home Fires’ on ITV and Masterpiece PBS.

  • ‘Buying the View’ Turned Out to Be Much More than Your Average Property Show

    Property show ‘Buying the View’ premieres in January 2016 on W Network. Let’s go behind the scenes with editor Sal Fabbri and analyze the workflow and timeline of this brand new TV show.

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