Timeline Tuesday

  • Finding the Perfect Balance Between Style and Substance While Editing ‘Parnassus’

    The biggest challenge of editing the film ‘Parnassus’ was finding the perfect balance between style and substance. Here’s how editor Robin de Jong pulled it off.

  • Cutting ‘Pikadero’ Slowly Unveiled the Glimmers of Hope and Devastation Building Up in its Characters

    Karel Dolak looks back at the editing process of ‘Pikadero’, witnessing how the story unfolded and the characters emotions’ played out on screen when married with other scenes.

  • How the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Games Got Their Reorchestrated Soundtracks with Help From Sibelius

    Project Destati is a musical homage to the score of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ games. Here’s how Sebastian Wolff and his team reorchestrated Yoko Shimomura’s epic compositions with Sibelius.

  • Editing ‘South Beach’: Miami’s Newest Vice

    Though launched as a 6-episode digital series, ‘South Beach’ was originally written and produced like a two-hour movie. Here’s how Nick Link edited ‘Miami’s Newest Vice’.

  • Hip Hop Documentary ‘Knocturnal’ Gets a Soundtrack to Match the Action

    Composer Charles Gaddis scored the soundtrack for the short form documentary ‘Knocturnal’, a weekly hip-hop event featuring cyphers and break dancing from the local BBoys and BGirls.

  • The Art and the Craft of Cutting Docs Told Through Timeline Tuesday

    For FRONTLINE senior editor Steve Audette, the timeline is the most illustrious and informative description of a sequence. Find out how he can see the program in his mind just by watching the timeline.

  • Connecting Colors, Emotions and Sound to Score ‘The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons’

    Film music composer and sound designer Danny Rubio developed a particular technique that connects his music compositions with the color palette of scenes.

  • Editing a Peruvian Feature Film from a Tiny New York City Apartment

    Justin Beach edits Peruvian feature film El Soñador, following the story of Sebastian, a young man from Lima, Peru, who desperately seeks an escape from his life of crime.

  • Giving Wolves a Voice Through the Documentary ‘Freedom of the Pack’

    Through documentary ‘Freedom of the Pack’, filmmaker Thomas Durant aims to spread awareness of the political and social issues facing wolves, a keystone species pivotal to the success of our environment.

  • History of the Dominican Republic’s Visual Arts From the Perspective of its Color

    Editor Matias Canelson joined the team of ‘República del Color’, a documentary about the history of the Dominican Republic’s visual arts. Learn more about the post-production workflow he used.

  • How I Tell Some of the Most Gruesome True Crime Stories Imaginable

    For the last 14 years, Steve Pomerantz has made his living telling some of the most horrific stories imaginable, working in the genre of true crime documentaries or ‘police procedurals’.

  • Terry Benn Scores and Mixes Indie Horror Film ‘P.O.W.’ With Pro Tools

    Terry Benn’s work on horror movie ‘P.O.W’ started out as a musical score only, but has evolved into undertaking all different sound tasks of an independent film.

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