Timeline Tuesday

  • Six Days of Intensive Editing for Every Episode of Reality TV Show ‘A-Team B-Team’

    Editor Malinda Hiddellaarachchi took on the job of editing ‘A-Team B-Team’ without knowing it would be a massive hit among Sri Lankan TV fans.

  • Twin Brothers Luke and Lewis Williams Write, Produce and Direct Indie Film ‘Plentyn Clown’

    This project is a great challenge to edit because of there is very little dialog between the main characters. It’s important to show the growing bond between the Mike and Joe. As an editor it’s amazing to shape a story just with footage and not relying on the dialog to tell…

  • The Challenge of Keeping Down the Duration of Compact Fiction Film ‘Bang du er Død’

    ‘Bang du er død’ (Bang you’re dead), is a compact fiction film that tells the story of a young boy whose violent imagination helps him to bond with a criminal.

  • Recounting the Amazing True Story of ‘The Cokeville Miracle’

    The Cokeville Miracle, an independent film recently released in theaters, recounts the amazing true story of faith and prayer during a hostage situation in an elementary school in the small town of Cokeville, Wyoming.

  • Editing a Film with Little Dialog Shows How Much Can Be Said Without Saying a Single Word

    L’Armoire (“The Dresser”) is a half English, half French spoken film about two unlikely students who, despite not speaking each other’s language, form a bond over building a dresser together together. Get to know the story behind Editor Daniel Frome’s timeline.

  • Inspiring Stories from Mission of Hope Haiti

    Read how filmmaker Jonathan Cordell followed several key staff members and lay leaders of First Baptist Church Jacksonville as they traveled to Cabaret, Haiti to see firsthand the life-changing work Mission of Hope is involved in.

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