Using SCRATCH for the Most Efficient and Seamless Offline Workflow with Avid Media Composer

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Offline-Online workflows are still very common and provide many advantages to the editor. Crucial to this workflow is that the media is rendered efficiently and all clip and audio metadata is preserved to ensure a seamless round trip. In this video tutorial Mazze Aderhold from Assimilate shows you how to export Avid compatible DNx MXF from Assimilate SCRATCH and import those into Avid Media Composer in a few easy steps.

This particular project includes one reel of Sony F65 raw material with external audio, that has been synced in SCRATCH and provided scene and take information to all clips. Working in a 4K ACES timeline, SCRATCH’s intelligent color management and output node structure provide a quick and easy to use way of creating HD-sized offline media in Rec709 color space. Once the DNxHD clips are rendered, Mazze shows a way of fast and efficiently importing those into Avid,
whilst keeping everything tidy even on a file browser level.

Assimilate SCRATCH covers a series of on-set and dailies tools as well as finishing tools for high end color grading, compositing, conforming, online review  and many more tasks in HD, 4K, 8K, stereoscopic 3D and VR.

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I'm coming from a post production background, involving creating dailies, editing and also onlining, vfx and color grading primarily for high end commercials. In 2014 I engaged with Assimilate and am now working as an application engineer and product designer, but still doing on-set work from time to time.