Virtual Guitarist Does It Again – Get SILK or Grab the Whole Collection and Save Big

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With its true-to-life collection of guitar models and ingenious features, Virtual Guitarist SILK is the latest and most inspiring addition to a jaw-dropping line of virtual instruments.  Avid is thrilled to team up with our friends at UJAM for a limited time to bring you Virtual Guitarist SILK and the whole VG collection at prices you won’t find anywhere else!

If you are a Pro Tools owner, from Pro Tools | First to Pro Tools | HD, your special price is waiting for you in your Avid Account right now.  Just go to your account, select “My Products and Downloads, then select the tab that says “My Special Offers,” and “add to cart” the SILK product, or grab the entire collection!

Virtual Guitarist – already an automatic purchase for countless aspiring and professional music creators – is a breakaway product.  Like many of us who have checked out the demos and trailers, I find myself asking how an AAX plug-in like Virtual Guitarist is even possible.  Let’s focus on the newest Plug-In, VG SILK, available exclusively through this promotion for only $99 vs. the retail price of $129.  There’s lots that sets VG SILK apart.

The AAX instrument plays virtuoso accompaniments and comes with 670 hand-crafted phrases, grouped in 60 Styles.  Users can experiment with sophisticated microphone setups and distinguished channel strip combinations with the Character control.  Taking the music further, you can enhance your mix with SILK’s Doubling function and custom effects like doubling and Reverb.  The aptly named “Animate” algorithm, custom-built for nylon guitar sounds, adds subtle depth and movement.  From natural and loose to obsessively exact: you can adjust the level of precision in timing and playing dynamics to create a unique style and set your song apart.

Russ Hughes of Pro Tools Expert tells us, “SILK adds to the already impressive Virtual Guitarist collection with an instrument for those who need fantastic sounding nylon stringed guitar parts coupled with lots of very nice arrangements to drop into your songs. Pain free perfection.”

Get a taste of VG SILK and you will more than likely want to listen to its sister guitars that make up the entire Virtual Guitarist Bundle.  Go for it during this window and pay only $299 vs. the $516 that you would pay for the products separately, and it’s actually $36 less than the usual promotional price for the bundle.  In addition to VG SILK, you get three outstanding guitar models:

  • IRON—hard-roaring riffs and power chords in overdrive
  • AMBER—warm and bright acoustic steel-string strumming
  • SPARKLE—clean to crunchy, pop to indie. Licks, chords and riffs

Whether you buy one Virtual Guitarist instrument or all four, you’ll be invited to the Virtual Guitarist Lounge, packed with tutorial, user stories and demo videos.  It’s a large and fast-growing community of creative users who are just visiting for some inspiration or are determined to get the most out of their valuable new purchase.

Avid hugely appreciates the creativity and fun that Virtual Guitarist brings to AAX  and their collaboration on this time-limited promotion. Ready to get it?  Just visit your Avid Account.  Not a Pro Tools owner yet?  Download any version of  Pro Tools (including Pro Tools | First or a subscription) and you’re eligible immediately.  Now, join me in thanking the geniuses at UJAM and have a blast with Virtual Guitarist.  As they say, “Not playing the guitar has never been so much fun!”

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