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Avid is again hosting a Connectivity Partner Pavilion booth # 719 opposite the Avid booth #718 at this year’s AES show in New York from Oct 30th to Nov 1st featuring 13 top Avid partners showcasing products that integrate with Pro Tools in Music and Audio Post workflows. Be sure to check out what’s new and get to connect with our partners first hand to find out how their products can take your creativity to the next level.


Audionamix will be presenting its revolutionary ADX Vocal Volume Control plug-in inside of the Avid Partner Pavilion at the 139th AES Convention in NY. Stop by to see how Avid users can separate a lead vocal or solo instrument from any mixed stem and then take control of its volume level and pan position like never before.

The Vocal Volume Control plug-in is not a traditional dynamics processor or phase-based, center channel manipulator; it is true audio source separation at its finest, all inside a simple-to-use AAX plug-in.

Mastering engineers can now make subtle volume adjustments to any lead vocal or solo instrument to highlight these elements or tuck them back into the mix as desired.

With VVC in their arsenal, re-recording mixers have unprecedented and independent control over clashing vocal elements within cues, without any external dependencies.

With +/- 9dB of gain adjustment and plenty of control over the pan position of the separated elements within your mix, you’ll find the Vocal Volume Control plug-in to be an amazing tool that is on the cutting edge of audio technology. Learn how this first-of-its-kind AAX Plug-in can do things never before possible for your music and post-production workflow.

Improvements in VVC version 2.0 debuting at AES include long-awaited Windows compatibility, a significant increase in separation speed, and an additional separation algorithm that expands the available processing combinations to provide the maximum control over your separated content.

The Cargo Cult

The Cargo Cult creates elegant solutions to the most important problems in Post Production, Sound Design and Music.

At AES 2015, The Cargo Cult will be demonstrating our existing tools Spanner and Conformalizer, while revealing an exciting new product which is due for release later in the year.


MOTU’s award-winning hardware and software are used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films. Come see the exciting new AVB audio networking technology in action between Avid systems and MOTU AVB audio interfaces.


Neyrinck will be demonstrating SoundCode LtRt Tools and SoundCode For Dolby Digital; letting users deliver perfect surround mixes ready for television broadcast worldwide. V-Control Pro lets users remotely control Pro Tools with phones, tablets, browsers, and the Apple Watch.

NTP Technology

NTP Technology  will be demonstrating the powerful Pro | Mon monitor control system, which can be easily operated by Avid EUCON Enabled control surfaces.

NTP Technology is as a EUCON Connectivity Partner an implementer of audio interfaces and audio processor units with a focus on providing Monitor Control and audio I/O solutions that integrates tightly to the Avid audio environment of Pro Tools, Pro Tools | S6, as well as Pro Tools | S3 and Artist series products. Avid users will get at great deal of benefit of the DAD and Penta products by NTP Technology, when working in more demanding studio environments with regards to audio infrastructure, audio monitoring and signal flow, as well a great flexibility with regards to various formats of Audio I/O.

Please note that our company entity is NTP Technology A/S, and DAD is a brand under NTP, that carries its own web site.


NUGEN Audio will present its latest innovations in audio and loudness management for the music and audio post-production communities. Highlights include a new filter morphing feature for the company’s SEQ-S equalizer plug-in, plus SEQ-ST — a stereo version designed for music production; a significant update of the industry-leading Visualizer audio analysis tool; and the first U.S. showing of the company’s new Halo Upmix stereo-to-5.1/7.1 upmixing solution. NUGEN Audio will also feature its full line of tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, and mixing/mastering, including DSP versions of limiting, and loudness metering.

Plug-in Alliance

Plug-in Alliance will be showing Pro Tools sessions focusing on seven of their newest plugins, as well as other long-established plugins that run in AAX DSP (the list includes over 40). There will be high emphasis on new channel strip emulation plugin that runs on AAX DSP and is intelligently mapped to Avid surfaces, including the S6. Plug-in Alliance will also be announcing their bundle installer for the Venue AAX platform.


The next generation audio processing for TV and Radio, in Live- and Postproduction.

CLC – Continuous Loudness Control

First introduced in 2014, the Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) software is the latest product of the Masterclass PlugIns series featuring the loudness correction algorithm developed and patented by “Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT)”, Germany, as Pro Tools AAX plug-in as well as stand-alone application. The amazing look-ahead low latency algorithm used in the CLC allows loudness correction to a definable target with or without changing the original Loudness Range and protects to an adjustable True Peak value. The dynamic processing of the CLC is capable to handle the audio at your Pro Tools workstation, live audio, and audio files. CLC technology allows users to constantly adapt the level of audio they are working on, against a given program-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range in real-time with minimal obstacles.

CLC may be operated with the most common DAW software products with Mac and PC and now also as a standalone software tool. With CLC technology, users are able to maintain accordance with all global loudness standard specifications.


RTW USB Connect – Metering, Monitoring, Controlling

RTW USB Connect is a complimentary software expanding the field of applications for TM3-Primus with firmware version 1-02 or higher. It supports the USB hybrid function of TM3-Primus for direct access of audio signals from the Protools workstation. Additionally, USB Connect provides remote control of the Start/Stop/Reset functions. The software is available for as Pro Tools plug-in and for AAX as well as stand-alone application and for Mac® and Windows® systems.

RTW Mastering Tools and RTW Loudness Tools

With the upcoming update to version 3.0 these tools of the Masterclass PlugIns series can be operated as DAW plug-in and as stand-alone application. The software now adheres to SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards, contains the USB Connect functionality and its window frame is modified to be freely scalable. The RTA instrument included in the RTW Mastering Tools now supports a 12th octave mode with 125 bands.


Sonnox is a market-leading audio software company devoted to designing innovative, high quality audio processing plug-ins. The award-winning Oxford Plugins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing Music, Film, Television, Radio and Live Sound.

The Sonnox Oxford plug-in range includes invaluable tools such as EQ, reverb, dynamics processing, loudness maximization and de-essing. In addition to these mixing plug-ins, Sonnox offers award-winning restoration software – Sonnox Restore suite for the removal of noise, buzz, clicks and crackles; and a pair of plug-ins developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for the real-time auditioning and encoding of audio to multiple formats, such as mp3 and AAC.

Sonnox is excited to be joining Avid’s Connectivity Partner Pavilion for AES 2015 and will be showcasing the freshly re-launched suite of restoration plug-ins for AAX 64-bit (on special offer during AES Show!), PLUS a brand new Sonnox plug-in for creative mixing!

TAC System

Tac System, Inc. show VMC-102 Studio Monitor Controller that fits Avid S-6 Console to expand comprehensive monitoring functions. Also VMC-102 is the complete standalone monitoring system for any other Pro Tools environment.


UVI Sounds & Software will be proud to announce the release of their new flagship product which will shake up the music world!

The entire UVI product range will be also presenting as AAX-64 plug-ins from sound libraries to processing effects, delivering high-quality products to Avid users for an outstanding end.


KIWA Digital (VoiceQ), developer of VoiceQ initially launched back in 2003. Since then, it has received numerous awards and recognitions for its design and technical innovations. July 2015 marks the global launch of VoiceQ 2.0.  Its dubbing and ADR innovations are designed to reduce time dubbing preparation, retain the integrity of original scenes, improve voice talent capability and drive your ROI skyward.

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain will be demonstrating the operation and performance of the DynPEQ! Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC is proud to announce the release of version 1.3 of the DynPEQ plugins. With the release of 1.3, the plugins are now available in AAX DSP format for Pro Tools|HDX systems.  There are two plugins in the current DynPEQ family of dynamic parametric equalizers; Trio DynPEQ is designed to be a single-channel insert for input signal processing.  Quartet DynPEQ is designed for mastering applications with an interpolating peak limiter and support for multi-channel stems. The DynPEQ plugins allow for detailed and precise control of dynamics over the audio spectrum.

DynEQ Special Presentations at the AES show:
Fri 30 Oct: Nathaniel Kunkel – 11am, Tom Marks – 3:00pm
Sat 31 Oct: Nathaniel Kunkel – 10am
Sun 1 Nov: Nathaniel Kunkel – 1:30pm

Avid at AES 2015

Discover powerful new mixing tools that will expand your creative possibilities further. Visit Avid at AES New York from October 29 to November 1.

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