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Avid will once again be hosting a Partner Pavilion at this year’s AES show in Los Angeles from September 29 – October 1. Located in booth #203 – opposite the Avid Booth #303 – the Avid Partner Pavilion will feature top Avid partners showcasing products that integrate with Pro Tools in Music and Audio Post workflows. Come see the latest developments from some of the biggest audio designers in the industry:


Audionamix is a global leader in audio source separation that provides innovative audio solutions that solve a variety of complex audio challenges for content owners, creatives, producers and sound engineers. Audionamix offers an exciting line of products and unsurpassed professional services for the music, television and motion picture industries.

Audionamix will be showcasing their revolutionary source separation technology and their highly anticipated ADX Speech Volume Control plug-in (SVC), inside the Avid Partner Pavilion at the 141st AES Convention in LA.  ADX SVC separates dialogue from background content and allows independent volume level control over both speech and background elements within a mono or stereo mix, without requiring access to stems or the full multitrack session.

Like their innovative ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) plug-in, the new SVC plug-in is not a traditional dynamics processor or phase-based, center channel manipulator; it is true audio source separation at its finest.

SVC is easy to use and boasts a new set of algorithms specifically designed to detect speech and separate it from surrounding background elements.  SVC also includes focused ‘Speech Settings’ to easily target typical male, female and child speech frequency ranges.

With SVC in their arsenal, audio professionals can quickly lower the level of background noise within troublesome production audio, or easily boost dialogue levels without requiring access to stems or the full multitrack session. SVC is slated to release this fall so stop by Pod 3  & 5 for an exclusive sneak peek and to learn how Pro Tools users can utilize SVC in ways never before imagined!

For additional information about Audionamix and their innovative

product line and professional services featuring ADX Technology, visit and find out how you can Separate 2 Create!


September 29th will be the worldwide launch of DSpatial Reality, the world ́s first physical modeling mixer.

DSpatialTM converts Pro Tools into a complete native 3D immersive workstation, redefining the classical concepts of reverberation, panning and mixing, and unifying them into a unique space.

DSpatial offers an integrated and seamless solution for immersive audio mixing and provides a new paradigm for the sound production and mixing for film and virtual reality. This simple but powerful paradigm lets the engineers concentrate on the creative process and provides a tool to create and manipulate sound in a completely new way.

DSpatial ́s key feature is a proprietary Physical Modelling Engine, which allows the user to realistically recreate real spaces and locate, move and rotate sound sources in real time, transporting the listener to a new, virtual yet realistic dimension, therefore magnifying the aural experience and recreating natural soundscapes that rival reality. Physical properties like the inertia and Doppler effects are created automatically by simply moving the sound sources.

A mix made with DSpatial can be played back in any immersive or non-immersive format without the need to downmix, including a highly realistic binaural mode.

DSpatial provides up to 96 real time convolution reverberations with IR modeler, proximity and distance effects, Doppler, walls, doors, immersive tools, a monitoring section and 10 points multi-touch.

DSpatial product line is composed of three different versions: Reality VR, Reality Studio and Reality Builder.

With its multi-touch screen DSpatial opens up a whole new field of creative possibilities for the film mixer and sound designer by empowering them whilst simplifying processes.

DSpatial is fully integrated with Pro Tools.


Dolby Laboratories creates audio, video, and voice technologies that transform entertainment and communications in mobile devices, at the cinema, at home, and at work. For more than 50 years, sight and sound experiences have become more vibrant, clear, and powerful in Dolby.

Dolby will be showcasing the Dolby Atmos VR Production Suite at the Avid Partner Pavilion, as well as Dolby Atmos VR experiences in the Dolby booth located in the AVAR Conference Showcase.


IHSE USA provides KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) products for long distance signal extension and switching of signal formats used in post-production, broadcast, mobile production, and studio editing suites. Along with traditional computer formats like HDMI, DisplayPort and SDI, the IHSE family of extenders support a wide range of audio formats for AES Audio, Analog Audio and MADI and RS-232 / RS-422 for serial data control.

IHSE products will be presented with AVID’s Pro Tools | S6 console demonstrating the latest option for integrated KVM configurations through the S6 Master Module. Featured KVM products on display will be the latest Draco Compact UNI Switch for multi-format applications, HDMI Extenders with Balanced Audio options, and DisplayPort with digital audio breakout ports.

Nugen Audio

NUGEN Audio’s award-winning tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering, and tracking are used by the world’s top names in music production, broadcast, and post-production. At AES Los Angeles NUGEN Audio will present its latest innovations, including new products and significant feature updates.

Mastering for Music Streaming Services: MasterCheck and ISL 2 True Peak Limiter
NUGEN Audio will highlight several new updates to  MasterCheck, launched last year to considerable acclaim and recognized as the first product of its kind to empower producers to create music in the new audio paradigm of loudness normalization for music streaming. 

Loudness normalization and true-peak limiting techniques are now the norm for streaming services such as YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and DAB radio. With MasterCheck, producers are able to mix audio to these new criteria and understand not only how algorithms from the major streaming platforms will affect the mix, but also how the music will sound when delivered to consumer.

In addition, the NUGEN Audio development team will be available to discuss the development of MasterCheck Pro, an upcoming new product that will radically expand the capabilities of MasterCheck to include codec conversion and auditioning – giving producers even greater control over the listener experience for online music.

NUGEN Audio will also showcase its ISL 2 true-peak limiter, offering the essential true-peak compliance producers need to prepare audio for streaming services. ISL 2 is now available in a stereo version, in addition to surround and as a newly optimized Avid HDX version (ISL DSP).

Halo Upmix: Now With MultiChannel-to-MultiChannel Upmix Capability
Available in Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats, Halo Upmix automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround, downmix-compatible upmix with unique center-channel management and spatial density controls. For the first time in the U.S., NUGEN Audio will demonstrate Halo Upmix’s new multichannel-to-multichannel upmixing feature.

“Audionamix is excited to return to the Avid Partner Pavilion at AES 2016. We enjoyed it so much last year, that we secured two spots this time around! The traffic is amazing, the convenience of the setup is perfect, and being associated with Avid brings endless opportunities for Audionamix and our product line. The wonderful team at Avid has always provided incredible development support for our unique plug-ins and with the Avid Marketplace, Connectivity Partner Program and ACA opportunities in place, the sky is the limit when partnering with our friends at Avid!”

—Rick Silva, COO and Product VP, Audionamix USA and France


RTW, based in Cologne (Germany), has more than 50 years of experience designing, producing and marketing advanced recording-studio equipment, leading and innovating the market for high quality audio metering and monitoring tools. RTW operates a worldwide distribution and service network.

RTW will debut its brand new MM3 MusicMeter to the U.S. market at AES 2016. The MM3 MusicMeter features the superior accuracy that RTW is known for and provides the user with vectorscope, PPM/TruePeak or VU, real-time analyzers, Loudness vs. Time charts, along with numerical and graphical loudness display and zoom modes, all with a simple swipe of the screen. With the ability to view the display in both vertical and horizontal modes, the MM3 MusicMeter can fit into any workflow. In addition to the available features, the MM3 supports audio inputs including analog, SPDIF and USB, while an SPDIF output delivers a buffered stereo signal or downmix from a 5.1 stream. This new addition will give users the ability to implement loudness metering into music-based applications with flexibility and ease.


Sonnox is a market-leading designer of innovative and award-winning plugins. They’re used in an extraordinary range of audio applications including recording and mixing for music production, live sound, broadcast, TV & Film.

Rather than build emulations of classic hardware with colored tones, we’ve always chosen to deliver sonic transparency and precision across the range. Our customers – from emerging songwriters to internationally acclaimed artists, engineers, mixers and producers – appreciate the need for both in their sonic palette.

In recognition of our world-wide dealers and distributors we’re offering 50% off all fixed bundles purchased through them until October 5th 2016.

TAC System

Tac System, Inc. show VMC-102 Studio Monitor Controller that fits Avid S-6 Console to expand comprehensive monitoring functions. Also VMC-102 is the complete standalone monitoring system supporting any kind of surround format up to 64 channels that has x2 MADI I/O ports, GPIO for studio communication, RS-422, USB and Ethernet for controlling external I/O and router units etc.


For AES 2016, we’re featuring the BioTek Organic Synthesizer virtual instrument. AAX, AU, VST and Linux VST compatible, BioTek has just been updated with the introduction of the ‘Sound Designer Edition.’ This allows users to deep dive beyond the instrument’s intuitive XY controller and patch-dependant macro controls to access every sound parameter, with extensive modulation and modifier capabilities for original sound creation. This is truly a digital modular synthesizer.

Released earlier this year, the original BioTek has become an indispensible tool for musicians in search of unique sound textures. As Albert Fox, a composer at Mark Mothersbaugh’s (Devo) Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles explained, “when you’re looking for something different, BioTek is the ‘go to’ synthesizer.” With the updated feature set, the instrument can be used in a very simple or highly detailed way to suit the needs of any project.


Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC will exhibit version 1.3.1 of the DynPEQ plugins ahead of their imminent release.  Bundled with the soundBlade mastering workstation since 2007, the plugin family is now available for Pro Tools AAX/HDX through the Avid Marketplace.

The DynPEQ plugins have two variants.  Trio DynPEQ is a three-band dynamic parametric equalizer configured as a single-channel insert for input processing.  Quartet DynPEQ is a four-band dynamic parametric equalizer with support for multi-channel stems and an analog-interpolating peak limiter for mastering applications.

The DynPEQ plugins can fall into the categories of multiband dynamics, multiband EQ, or spectral dynamics. While many products are in these categories, DynPEQ has distinct differences that set it apart.

At the heart of DynPEQ is a traditional parametric equalizer.  DynPEQ is not related to a graphic equalizer.  Center/cutoff frequency and Q define the band to apply dynamics.  There are no fixed bands or crossover frequencies.  The same principles used in finding parametric bands for EQ can be extended to apply a dynamics curve to that band.

Though many powerful multiband systems employ the short-term Fourier transform, STFT systems necessitate a temporal granularity to its processing.  DynPEQ employs traditional parametric EQ and dynamics in the time domain, so it can respond rapidly and robustly in comparison.  DynPEQ calculates the total RMS level of the sidechain, which yields a fast-reacting and smooth level for dynamics control, eliminating the need to extend release time.

Wholegrain pays close attention to digital audio processing artifacts and how to deal with them.  While no signal processing is completely transparent, one should listen closely to DynPEQ in comparison to other multiband dynamics processors doing the same tasks.

Avid at AES LA 2016

Join Avid at AES in Los Angeles from September 29–October 1 — or follow the action online — and be among the first to see some exciting new developments coming soon.

As Director, Partnering Programs at Avid, Ed Gray and his team deliver technical and marketing programs that connect Avid Customers with the best partner products for media creation in the world.