Avid Welcomes Antares Auto-Tune to Avid Marketplace for In-App Purchase

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Antares Auto-Tune is such a vital  tool for so many Pro Tools users that the name has recognition on the streets.  Auto-Tune and other ingenious tools for vocal and guitar processing have been automatic purchases for countless artists, engineers and producers, and Avid is thrilled to welcome Antares and Auto-Tune 8 to Avid Marketplace, ready for in-app- purchase.

For nearly 20 years, Auto-Tune has stood out  as a worldwide standard in professional pitch (and more recently, time) correction. Auto-Tune 8 introduces Flex-Tune, a new standard of natural real-time pitch correction. With Auto-Tune 8, it’s virtually impossible to know that Auto-Tune was used on a track.

Other real-time pitch correction methods, including previous versions of Auto-Tune, pull every note towards a scale note. In contrast, Flex-Tune only provides correction when the vocalist approaches a scale note.  At all other times, they are free to sing with whatever vocal gestures best express their emotional connection to their song, secure in the knowledge that Auto-Tune 8 will pass them through, exactly as they are sung.

Grammy® nominated mixing engineer Eric Racy (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Troye Sivan, Missy Elliott, Alessia Cara, Mario) reflects on how much he values this essential AAX Plug-In. “As a mixer, there are a few plugins that I need to have to make sure I’m compatible with any session that comes in and Auto Tune is at the top of that list.  Most people are familiar with the “Auto Tune” sound that comes from using the plugin in extreme settings but even when used subtly, Auto Tune is amazing at helping a vocal sit in a mix to achieve the modern “pop” sound. Especially in synthesizer heavy, modern production, even a small amount of auto tune allows the vocals to seamlessly blend with the instruments, creating a cohesive mix that sounds great on radio.”

Avid is thrilled to welcome Antares to Avid Marketplace where, just a few weeks after NAMM, you’ll be able to purchase Auto-Tune on Avid Marketplace, or take advantage of in-app purchase in Pro Tools to buy, download, authorize and install the Plug-In while you’re in an active project or collaborating with a partner using Avid Cloud Collaboration.  Antares offers a world of creative effects, and we can’t wait to grow the collection available for Avid Marketplace.  Huge thanks to one of our most long-standing and valuable AAX Alliance Partners, and if you’ve yet to experience the creative power of Auto-Tune, fire up a Pro Tools project and pick it up!

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