Improving Audio Waveforms

By in Video Editing

Back in late December we released an update to our current shipping version; Media Composer 6.5.2, Symphony 6.5.2 and NewsCutter 10.5.2. This release includes many bug fixes improving performance and stability in a lot of areas of the applications such as scrubbing, color correction, trimming, mouse wheel stepping, stabilize effects, marker comment entry and bin saving.

One area of performance we focused on resolving, and we’re excited to release in this version is audio waveforms.

Audio waveforms performance improvements have been done to allow the timeline to be more responsive when the waveforms are drawing. This is in regards to zooming in/out, canceling the draw (CMD/CTRL + . ), and clicking around timeline while the waveforms are drawing.

You can try out this change for yourself with the free 30-day Media Composer trial. If you have any questions, be sure to connect with the team in our Professional Video Editing Forums.

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