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Whether you’ve spent countless hours perfecting your craft or you’re just curious about writing a song. Whether you’re ready to take your first gig as a producer, or you want to try your hand at audio editing. Pro Tools | First makes it easy for anyone to create, record, and polish music using the same software that award-winning audio professionals use—for free.

With Pro Tools | First, we want everyone who’s excited about making music to be able to start with the industry standard. That means the same great-sounding audio engine as regular Pro Tools. And many of the same precision editing tools and audio production capabilities.

So, whether you’ve been in the music industry for over a decade, or you’ve never picked up an instrument, Pro Tools | First offers you the same quality tools that power over 70% of today’s commercial music.

And we’re giving it a major update.

Later this spring, we’re bringing exciting new features to Pro Tools | First to make it even more like the full version of Pro Tools. First up, Avid Cloud Collaboration is coming to Pro Tools | First. Cloud Collaboration helps you write and record with any musician who has Pro Tools anywhere in the world. Looking for a great lead guitar part for the chorus of your song? Have a collaborator lay down a part, and it automatically shows up in your session—whether they’re across the street, across the state, or in another country.

We’re also adding Track Freeze. If you’re working with a producer who has a plug-in or virtual instrument that you don’t have, you’ll still be able to play back their parts exactly as they hear it on their workstation. Or if you’re using a lot of plug-ins or virtual synths, but you don’t have a super computer to play recordings smoothly, Track Freeze renders your tracks to free up processing power on your machine.

We’re committed to bringing the best creative tools to aspiring professionals at no cost, and there’s much more coming to Pro Tools | First.


• Work with other musicians and producers like you’re in the same studio with Avid Cloud Collaboration

• Get inspired to create fresh new music with a 500 MB loop library from top sound designers

• Find the perfect sound for your track in an instant with SoundBase musical search

• Easily share and play back virtual-instrument and plug-in-heavy mixes with Track Freeze


Hundreds of thousands of musicians have used Pro Tools | First to make their first recordings. With new pro-level features coming soon, Pro Tools | First is the best way to start capturing your ideas and create your best-sounding music. Sign up to be notified when it’s available.

Photos and video featuring singer-songwriter and producer, Dan Mills (www.danmills.net)

Introducing the NEW Pro Tools | First

For the first time, Avid Cloud Collaboration, Track Freeze, and other powerful music creation tools are coming to Pro Tools | First. Get notified when the new Pro Tools | First is available.

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