What’s New for Pro Tools | First and Pro Tools 12.8

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Two years ago, a world of opportunity was opened to aspiring artists, writers and producers with Pro Tools | First. And whether you had been looking to break into a career in music production or audio post by learning the industry standard, or wanted a powerful solution for producing a song, or maybe recording a podcast, Avid put the most powerful software in the audio industry in your hands. Our goal was to make the industry-leading tools available to everyone, and with Pro Tools | First, it all became a reality—for free. And with this, you joined the community that drives professional sound around the world.

Now, we’re going to empower you to push your creativity to the next level and make it even easier to connect with others with the next big update to the Pro Tools family—Pro Tools 12.8.

What’s new in Pro Tools | First

With Pro Tools | First 12.8, you will be empowered to join in on the collaboration happening on the full versions of Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD—for free.

Not only that, but this new version is going to give you the option to start collaborations of your own with new, easily affordable, Avid Cloud Collaboration Premium Plans. With plans starting as low as $4.99/month, you can start working on projects with up to 10 other people from all around the world. But the benefits don’t stop there. These affordable Premium Cloud Plans give you online storage and local save so you can create as many Projects as you like and easily access the ones you want, from wherever there’s an internet connection.

To get even more out of the Pro Tools | First experience, you can pick up professional stomp box effect plug-ins like the C1 Chorus and Flanger, as well as producer essentials such as Tape Echo delay and Black Spring reverb—all for the unbeatable price of $4.99 each.

Worried about whether or not your collaborators have the same plug-ins as you? Have no fear now that Track Freeze is included in 12.8 for Pro Tools | First. This feature lets you quickly share tracks with all effects already processed, so collaborators hear exactly what you want them to hear, without them needing the same plug-ins. Track Freeze can also be used to free your computer’s processing power from hungry plug-ins. Just freeze the track and allow your computer to breathe a little easier.

And we didn’t stop there. To help you get the creative juices flowing, Pro Tools | First now also includes the SoundBase intelligent loop browser and a fresh 500 MB sample library. If you’re looking for that perfect beat, groove, style, or sound for your project, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your needs.

Hundreds of thousands of you began your audio journey on Pro Tools | First. And now with 12.8, you can take advantage of even more powerful tools to take your creativity further and improve your production skills so you can sound your best.

For those of you with the full version of Pro Tools, the 12.8 update will increase your efficiency in a number of ways. Looking to enhance your creativity with other artists who don’t have Pro Tools? Now you can simply ask anyone around the world to download Pro Tools | First for free and join in on your Projects through Cloud Collaboration. This latest version of Pro Tools will also give you total control over the cloud. With more affordable options for Avid Cloud Collaboration Premium plans, as well as the ability to easily choose which projects are saved to the cloud with Selective Sync. Start working wherever you want by moving projects into the cloud and logging into Pro Tools no matter where you are.

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