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Sibelius is the world’s best-selling, most trusted music notation software. And now you can access the software and express your creativity in more ways than ever. In this video I explain some of the changes and new features that are now available in the new Sibelius.

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As senior product manager at Avid, I work with all the departments in Avid from Design, Development, Sales, Marketing, Legal and Global Services to produce the future of the Sibelius family of products and solutions.


  1. Alvin A. Burrell 3 years ago

    So what is new for the 99% of users who don’t have a Microsoft Surface? Do you expect us to replace our systems just so that we can use these improvements?

    • Author
      Sam Butler 3 years ago

      Of course not as there are improvements for both Windows and Mac with more in the pipeline planned throughout the year – so watch this space! You don’t have to upgrade now, of course, so you have a long time to decide.


      • Alvin A. Burrell 3 years ago

        That’s good to know. I will upgrade of course..

      • GTBannah 3 years ago

        …. but, there was no mention of the iPad. Are there no plans for iOS?

  2. edouard wery 3 years ago

    ..more explanations please , …. what is news in Sibélius ?

  3. Andrew Houston 3 years ago

    will it take care of the dpi scaling issue in Windows 8? I can’t use Sibelius 7 on my laptop due to it being way too small and hard to read.

    • Andrew Houston 3 years ago

      I guess, after 4 months, a yes or no was just too difficult an answer to give. So you have taken my annual subscription – when do I see an upgrade to Sib 7.5? I suspect this may be the last I spend with AVID. Pay more and then wait and see just seems like a dud way to look after customers that have been loyal and longstanding.

  4. konstantine mendrinos 3 years ago

    Advice Please! I love my Sibelius. I am presently creating a hymnal with music, text, and prayers. Will I be able to create the hymnal within Sibelius? If not, will I be able to transfer “simple” files from Sibelius to a publishing program; and, what publishing program would you recommend that would work seamlessly with Sibelius.
    Please respond….thanks

  5. Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas 3 years ago

    Is it possible to use sibelius 7 in surface pro 3 pad, with the pencil, to draw the notation(like handwritting), exactly like the publishing shows with that other notation app?
    this is my question..I will appreciate a reply!!

  6. 福原聡太郎 3 years ago

    Staffpad can draw expression.
    http://staffpad.net/#features -> Express Yourself

    I hope new sibelius can do this.

  7. Mark Beesley 3 years ago

    These ‘improvements’ are of absolutely NO interest to me. I want you to fix the long standing issues with this software (e.g the way it handles triplets when cutting and pasting) and improve it’s engraving capabilities- ah wait, of course you can’t do this BECAUSE YOU SACKED YOUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

    • Adam Kranitz 3 years ago

      Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your thoughts here and on Facebook. It’s been well known for quite some time now that the Sibelius Team have been cranking away on new developments, new features, and new releases non-stop. If you have specific feedback for the Product Managers, I’d invite you to participate on the Sibelius Help Center where the team tracks and responds to customer requests: http://www.sibelius.com/cgi-bin/helpcenter/chat/chat.pl?groupid=3&guest=1.

  8. jean louis Chastaing 3 years ago

    I use to work whith Sibelius since Sibelius 1, Sib 7 was the most horrific to work with, Sib 8 seems to be the same. What’s new?????

  9. Paul Davies 3 years ago

    I don’t think I am prepared to pay in advance for improvements that may, or may not, happen. You are asking us to trust that you will deliver continued and regular updates. I only pay for improvements that I can see and need. I am sure many existing customers feel as I do. If necessary, I shall use a competing product until you realise what a poor deal you are offering to us. Sibelius may be the best but it is not the only product available. Please reconsider and come to your senses or you will lose a great many of your present users.

    • Adam Kranitz 3 years ago

      Hi Paul, that’s the wonderful thing about the new Sibelius. You get to choose when to upgrade based on how we’ve improved or added to the feature set progressively throughout the year. No more waiting around for .5 upgrades that may or may not have what you need. Hope you’ll reconsider and keep an eye on Sibelius. Either way, many thanks for visiting Avid Blogs and contributing here.

  10. Murilo Ospm 3 years ago

    How the case I need to change computer? How do I transfer the license to another machine?

  11. Alvin A. Burrell 3 years ago

    Hi. I am running Sibelius 7.5 on OS X and am trying to understand what benefit I will get from upgrading – currently everything is aimed at Surface Pro. Can you explain what I would see as an improvement – I don’t want to subscribe only to find that Im just giving Avid money for nothing…Thanks

    • caign 3 years ago


  12. caign 3 years ago

    What’s “and also multi-task support” as stated in the video?

  13. Al Johnston 2 years ago

    I’m here to tell you that Sibelius is much more than merely a desktop publisher for music. I’ve made Sibelius 7.5.1 (64 bit) into a notation editor for each sequencer on my three DAW PCs. The MIDI output of each Sibelius staff becomes the MIDI input for each instrument track of my sequencer.

    People are quite interested in my setup; it makes mincemeat out of ReWire. (There are complete tutorials by searching Youtube for Al Johnston’s Novaclassica channel. Check out the video playlists, “32 MIDI Controllers vs 1
    Sequencer,” parts 1 and 2.) Now for the kicker.

    Although I have a 64-bit quad AMD processor in my laptop, I choose to use Sibelius 7.5.1 (32-bit) to accommodate a DAW networking product called Audioport by AudioImpressions (which is 32 bit only). Sounds counter-intuitive, right?, but by running my DAWs in a network like this I can pool 130 GB for sample libraries that then becomes available to me for Sibelius score playback!*

    All this is remotely controlled by my laptop. The results are impressive and promise to change the way people think and use DAWs. I wouldn’t like to lose this setup. Unfortunately, Avid has no plans to issue a 32-bit version of Sibelius 8. The only other comparable DAW networking solution is Mir from Vienna Symphonic and costs more than 10 times as much.

    Of course, I will limp along with Sibelius 7.5.1. Yet I wanted Avid to know that Sibelius has potential for a greater market than what they may have thought, and that they should be more thorough in their marketing research. Although it may seem like they are keeping up with the times by going fully 64 bit with Sibelius 8, by doing so they fail to take advantage of a wonderful new way to use Sibelius.

    * [The trick is I use an internal MIDI cable (LoopBe30) which dumps
    Sibelius playback out onto a CopperLan virtual MIDI network. My
    sequencer picks up on the MIDI being issued from Sibelius and pumps it
    to remote Audioport hosts that have Kontakt player running with the
    samples. Audioport then routes the audio back to my laptop’s external
    sound card (with full stereo separation for each individual instrument
    of an entire symphony orchestra , I might add, so that VST processing in
    my sequencer can do all sorts of tricks like stereo spatialization and
    instrument-by-instrument reverb sculpting).]

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