What’s Stopping You From Finishing Tracks?

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If we understand what stops productivity in the studio, we’re better equipped to take action against it.



When you’ve heard your work in progress hundreds of times, you might lose your enthusiasm towards the track. That’s perfectly natural, but keep in mind that what sounds stale to you is novel to someone else. Research has shown that creativity is a state of mind that is often born out of boredom. Moments of inspiration and brilliance can strike at any time in the studio. Perseverance can lead to a breakthrough.


Overworking A Simple Musical Idea Into An Inflated Mess

When something isn’t quite working in your track, you might be tempted to add another element or layer to enhance the sound. Sometimes this can work, but it’s often the case that excessive layers will lead to your production sounding bloated. This will detract from your musical idea and be detrimental to the production quality. Trim the fat from your productions. Use a smaller number of better sounding elements for a focused and high-quality production.


You probably have hundreds of things competing for your time and attention. It’s up to you to make the time to create and finish your music. Try to switch off from any distractions and get into the zone. The University of California found that it takes an average of 25 minutes to fully return your attention to your original task after an interruption. Plan your session, and shut out all distractions to become a more efficient music producer.



You want your track to sound as good as it possibly can, that’s understandable. But endlessly tweaking the minor details will most likely not make a significant difference to your track. Theres a checklist at the end of the book that will help you determine when your track is ready to release.



Don’t postpone finishing your music until you have better gear. By spending time learning new techniques you’ll make the best use of what you have today.


Wherever you make music, make it inviting. Keep it clean and organized for when you do find the time to make music. Remove any barriers that stop you from being creative in your studio space.


Not Knowing the Next Step To Take

When you create a groove, melody or chord progression that you love, you might find yourself just listening to the phrase on loop without progressing the track. This is unproductive and can also lead to boredom towards the track. Working fast and efficiently is a very effective way to stay motivated. To work fast you have to know what the next step is in the music making process. The information in this book will help you push on to the next phase in production when you hit this wall.

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