2017 Avid Sports Showcase Kickoff

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January 2017 was not the end of the 2016 college football season, but the start of planning for the 2017-18 season and what do teams need to be successful while better engaging their fans.  Avid kicked off their Sports Showcase tour in Dallas the second week of January with stops scheduled for Burbank, Vancouver, Charlotte, Miami, Baltimore and many more before the end of March.

Avid and live sports may not seem obvious to many, however with the acquisition of Orad in 2015 Avid has been able to create a single source workflow from ingest through slow –motion to production to archive, utilizing the best solutions Avid has to offer.  The PlayMaker replay server allows customers to capture and instantly playout in their 8 channel all-inclusive box.  Whether you are looking to highlight the live action at various speeds or even capture super slow-motion, Avid PlayMaker is more than capable.

“PlayMaker is a simple and easy transition for operators coming from other systems,” says Mike Shore, Avid Sports Specialist and operator. ”Not only does PlayMaker do a good job of managing the live replay operation, but it is quite adept at attaching metadata to assets. The PlayMaker control panel includes a touchscreen, which allows operators to quickly and easily tag assets with well thought out, easy to understand metadata. This creates a better workflow in that now production teams are working from a common dictionary, and are describing (and searching) for things in a common way. The live show benefits, as the replay operator can use these tags to quickly filter the clip list and “see” the story of the game. It is a simple matter to then create playlists that are relevant to the evolving action. The post operation benefits from the tagging operation as well, making their job of sifting through the large number of (often poorly labeled) clips generated in a typical game much simpler and leading to much better results.”

Avid is also showing their newest solution – released in 2016 – Avid Spark for live telestration.  Spark allows for broadcast talent to quickly highlight action either as it is taking place or review the previous play(s) using on screen telestration tools.  This allows the broadcast talent to quickly provide viewers with an understanding of who, how and what just happened.   MVP is also shown in some context, as many of the features of Spark can also be found in the bigger system used daily on the largest sports highlight show in America.  MVP is used on Monday Night NFL games to give a better visual representations of some of the big events that happen during the game.

Some of the other sports solutions Avid has, but is not showing on the road, include (FDL) First Down and 10 Lines used in many of the biggest football games as well as a product named Invictus which was widely used during the Olympics to visualize world records in swimming and track directly on the field of play.

Avid has developed a full cadre of sports enhancement tools used every day around the world.  To see the full list of products that meet your requirements check out our products page: www.avid.com/products

These solutions are all part of the Avid Media Platform solutions allowing for sports teams and franchises to provide a better fan experience both in the stadium and on screen.

Avid PlayMaker

Avid Spark

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Doug Price is an award-winning editor and sales professional with 19 years of sales experience in the video market. He joined Avid in 2005 and has spent over six years focusing on the sports market.