4 Secret Weapons for Mixing Metal in Avid Pro Tools

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Do you identify with any of these statements?


You record/mix/produce heavy music including rock, metal and hardcore

You’re not getting the impact, clarity and punch from your productions that you want

Your mixes aren’t quite stacking up when you compare them to the pros

You’re spending hours and hours with online tutorials, but not seeming to make much progress


Actually, you don’t need a ton of expensive plug-ins to crank out big, heavy mixes. Check out these 4 stock plug-ins (Digirack Expander/Gate, Mod Delay III, D-Verb, and Sansamp PSA-1) included free with Pro Tools, that I use in almost every metal mix.

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Jordan Valeriote is a professional engineer/producer with credits including Silverstein, Neck Deep, Forevermore, Intervals and more.