5 Reasons to Get Pumped about Avid Connect Live at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville

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If music is in your blood, you’ll either be at the Summer NAMM 2019 conference, or super jealous you can’t be there. So check this out – we opted out of a trade show booth this year because we’ll be too busy soaking up the sun in Nashville, talking to some of our “kind of a big deal” audio friends, and hanging out with you! Although you shouldn’t need them, here are five reasons to get ready for Connect Live @ Summer NAMM 2019:


1. We’re announcing our new product releases

Why would you want to miss hearing about the latest innovations before everyone else? Exactly.

The festivities get underway at our Welcome Session & Panel on July 18 at 11 a.m. CDT at Belmont University’s Johnson Center. Be there when we reveal our latest audio products and innovations. Holed up in the studio? Heading out on the road? Getting creative in another country? No worries. You won’t miss a beat when you tune in to our LIVE STREAM, available on Avid.com, Avid social media, and our newest—and most importantly, free — app, Avid Link.


2. Panel and breakout sessions featuring top talent

Are you like us and want to know everything about everything? We’ve gathered the people you want to hear from: the industry’s leading musicians and music producers of course. They’re ready to get real with you and share their creative journeys and how they actually USE Avid tools. I mean, what’s more helpful than that?


3. Free, really cool on-site training sessions

We’re rolling up our sleeves to bring you two days of training covering the latest, most relevant techniques that you’ve been dying to learn:

From Sketch to Song

Get your musical ideas into Pro Tools to clean up noise, match song tempo and organize your session.

Record your Own Demo

Pick up basic vocal recording techniques, and use the virtual instruments bundled with Pro Tools to create great-sounding tracks and record your own distribution-worthy demo. #MakeYourOwnLuck

Live Recording Tips for Gigs

Configure Pro Tools for live recording and create a session template and click track for the drummer so you can easily capture those perfect moments during your live gigs.

Studio Session Recording Techniques

Make discrete headphone mixes for each band member, rapidly reset between takes and overdub parts, and get the best performance on each track using Pro Tools 2018 and 2019.

Also, make sure to REGISTER RIGHT AWAY for these first-come, first-serve sessions now.


4. Opportunity to claim your 15 minutes of fame and win a free Pro Tools subscription

When you see our roving Avid Street Team @ NAMM, grab your chance at a live interview and some sweet giveaways. Tell us what you’re up to in the studio, what you’re having for lunch, who’s on your Spotify list (the world is your stage) and we’ll give you an Avid-branded purple bandana just for finding us. Upload a selfie featuring that bandana and hashtag #AvidConnectLive and you’re automatically entered to win a Pro Tools subscription! Even if you’re not with us live, you can still walk away with a Pro Tools license through our social media giveaway; follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for your chance to win.

5. Live music from the next generation of killer talent

We’ve lined up the next generation of performers to take over the Avid Stage @ Summer NAMM. Join the celebration as up-and-coming student talent from the School of Rock deliver next-level performances on the big stage, located in Music City Center. We’re super pumped, and you should be too.

If these aren’t big enough reasons to join us at Connect Live Nashville—whether you are at Summer NAMM or joining us via live stream—we give up. Just kidding, we never give up.

Visit our Connect Live page to learn more, register for free on-site training, and get ready to live stream our 2019 Audio product reveal from ANYWHERE in the world.




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