AAX AudioSuite Saves Time with Loudness Delivery at FOX

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Integrating loudness measurement and correction into an existing workflow can present something of a challenge. Measurement of the entire audio program is required, and if this is conducted in real-time, workflows can become impractical or even impossible if a rapid turn-around is required – thankfully Avid has the answer in the AudioSuite plug-in format.

AudioSuite allows for faster-than-real-time operation of an AAX plug-in, which opens the possibility of streamlining your loudness workflow in ways that are simply not possible with other NLE and DAW solutions. With build-in handling of both Analysis and Render runs, measurement and or correction is handled natively within the standard AudioSuite container—perfect for handling program loudness!

Director of Operations for Fox International Channels UK Simon Brett relies on our LM-Correct Loudness Correction plug-in extensively, both as a standalone application and within Media Composer and Pro Tools environments. He explains:

“We initially used LM-Correct to ensure compliance with EBU R128 for our short form ad and promo delivery… Having the ability to export WAVs from Avid to correct via the standalone app or the RTAS [audiosuite] plug-in has allowed us to ensure that we meet the DPP’s requirements. I have found the software to be reliable, accurate and a faster-than-real-time solution that has not added a significant increase in job duration.”

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Jon Schorah is a founder and Director of NUGEN Audio, developer of pro-audio plug-ins for Post Production and high end audio applications.