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The new version of Sibelius started shipping on June 18th 2015, and with it comes new ways for you to acquire and use the world’s best-selling music notation software. While we have a great summary of Sibelius licensing options, including comparisons between different purchase options, in this blog I will summarize the best value options and explain some of the philosophy behind the changes.

What’s new — The main change is the addition of both monthly and annual subscription options. We have retained the normal perpetual license that you buy and own forever, and the multiseat education licenses, although we have also made some changes to the perpetual license as we now include an annual Avid upgrade plan.

Annual Avid upgrade plan — New purchases and upgrades/crossgrades to the new Sibelius perpetual license include this plan that simply gives you access to all new feature upgrades as they become available for a one year period. At the end of the 12-months you get the option to renew the plan for another 12-months of feature upgrades. If you decide not to renew the plan you still get to use the most recent version of software you have but cannot receive any future features or upgrades. If you then want to get the latest version of Sibelius you will need to move to a low-cost subscription or purchase a new version of the software. Subscription customers automatically get access to the latest version of Sibelius throughout the duration of the active subscription.

Benefits and savings — For some customers subscription offers savings and benefits, see below for customers who benefit from subscription. We are also changing the way we distribute Sibelius software, moving to a model where all users have access to a steady stream of new features—much more frequently than before—as part of the Avid upgrade plan. This enables you to get your hands on the latest tools as soon as they’re available instead of having to wait for a major release, so we plan on providing multiple releases each year and we are taking away the emphasis on a version number. It enables us to react much faster to new feature requests, and to developments we are planning that integrate Sibelius with other Avid products such as Avid Scorch, Avid Connectivity Partners such as publishers, and the new Avid Marketplace — all part of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Reasons to upgrade — If you are on Sibelius 7 or earlier there are many features we have added, both in the 7.5 release and this new version, that can streamline your notation workflow, and the upgrade price from all versions of Sibelius from 1 to 7.5 is only $89 USD. If you are already on 7.5 check out the new Annotate feature, the Surface Pro 3 support, simplified activation through your Avid Master Account and other improvements, as well as the knowledge and the peace of mind that you’re covered by the Avid upgrade plan that will deliver upgrades and support for a whole year.

Best Value Choices For Purchase or Upgrade/Crossgrade to the new Sibelius

Check out the pricing comparisons in the License section of the Sibelius product pages for more details.

If you are new to Sibelius…

Best value: Annual subscription
Access the software at a lower monthly cost than a monthly subscription, and without the higher startup costs of a perpetual license. Annual subscription is $239, and for students and teachers* only $99.

If you own Sibelius and want the latest tools…

Best value: Annual upgrade plan for perpetual license
Since you own Sibelius, including Academic versions, the only cost is the annual Avid upgrade plan at $89.

If you want to crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic…

Best value: Perpetual license with annual upgrade plan
The crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic to a perpetual copy of Sibelius is only $199 and then $89 per year to renew your annual Avid upgrade plan.

If you are an Educational Institution…

Best value: Multi-seat Licenses*
Multiseat licenses for Sibelius are available at a discount from authorized Avid resellers for only $148 and $29 for an upgrade.

*Academic eligibility verification required – click here for more details.

If you purchase Sibelius 7.5 now and get the new Sibelius – If you register Sibelius 7.5, either from purchasing an upgrade, a crossgrade, a new version, or an academic version, on or after April 11th 2015, you will get the new Sibelius in your Avid Master Account so check your account and download the new Sibelius. We will also honor Sibelius Academic versions that included 4-years of free upgrades, and the new Sibelius availability falls within that 4-year time period, with an upgrade to the new Sibelius.


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Access Sibelius in more ways than ever: subscribe, perpetual, upgrade from Sibelius 1 to 7.5, or switch from Finale, Notion, Encore  and Mosaic with a crossgrade.

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