Building a Global News Network – Inside look at the Al Jazeera Newsroom Transformation

Al Jazeera is among the largest news organizations with over 70 bureaus around the world and around 4000 employees. Aside from gathering news in an ever-changing and often volatile world, its biggest challenge over the past few years has been to connect all those bureaus and be the first to break stories for its multi-lingual audiences.

Three years ago, Al Jazeera embarked on an ambitious transformation project to unify all their newsrooms, in partnership with Avid.


Watch the video to see:

• How they were able to implement a new, unique and efficient approach to broadcasting news, leveraging the power of the Avid MediaCentral platform

• The next stage of their journey, working with Avid and Microsoft to develop and test pioneering cloud-based newsroom workflows that will help lead the wider industry forward

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