Analyze the Full Media Composer Timeline of ‘Baby Driver’

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Wondering what the timeline of 2017 smash Baby Driver looks like? BAFTA award-winning editors Paul Machliss, ACE and Jonathan Amos, ACE  sent us a screen grab of the full Media Composer timeline of director Edgar Wright’s quasi-musical on wheels.

Dive into the action, click the timeline, zoom in, and analyze Machliss’ timeline set-up, tracks, clips, color coding, and structure he used to cut Baby Driver. Enjoy!

“Avid Media Composer can handle a very large complex timeline—you can have all 120 minutes of a film up and running in a single sequence.”

—Paul Machliss, ACE

Learn more about the editorial process of Baby Driver. Watch this video interview with Paul Machliss in which he shares his experiences working with director Edgar Wright, and talks about how he edited a lot of the movie on the set of this summer blockbuster.



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