Anne-Kathrin Dern’s Essential Sibelius Plugins

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Plugins are a powerful way to extend the functionality of Sibelius. They help you perform tasks more efficiently. For example, you can reduce mundane tasks with batch operations or add very specific notation and expression text to a score. Sibelius 2019.4 makes it easier than ever to find new plugins to install, so you can add them to your quiver of go-to operations that speed up your workflow.   

We caught up with composer Anne-Kathrin Dern—a Sibelius plugins power user—who shared with us three of her favorites and how to use them. 


Add Harp Pedaling

This is one of my favorite plugins. Harp pedaling is a very unique and instrument specific thing that can get complicated very quickly if one doesn’t play the harp. This feature is a great way for composers and orchestrators alike to bypass a lot of difficulty and possible mistakes. Its batch function also saves a ton of time because all one has to do is proofread the automatically added pedals and maybe shift them around a little. 



This plugin is probably the most useful among orchestrators. It allows you to sketch out ideas regarding chord voicings on one line (for example a piano staff or one horn staff) and to then “explode” it to multiple lines, either existing instruments or new instruments of your choice. This is helpful anytime a composer wants to quickly arrange their piano sketch into orchestra parts but also when you have an instrument group that plays chords together but need separate parts for each instrument. 


Proofreading – Parallel 5th / 8th

As a student, I loved the proofreading plugins. The “Find parallel 5th / 8th” has saved me quite a few times while doing my counterpoint homework at conservatory.  

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A composer for film, television, and video games, Anne is known for her work on Warner Bros./Skydance’s Geostorm, ABC's Galavant, Microsoft's HALO V: Guardians, and more. She is also a Sibelius and Pro Tools power user.