Arturia’s New Effects and Instrument Bundles — Avid Marketplace Delivers the Legends

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Arturia, one of Avid’s most prized and renowned audio developers, keeps on bringing the very best of plugins to AAX. And now, they have multiplied their offering, introducing the powerhouse FX Collection alongside version 7 of V-Collection to deliver their new, essential bundles of vintage effects and virtual keyboards. Best yet, Avid is partnering with Arturia to offer both bundles at incredible prices for a limited time, exclusively on Avid Marketplace.


The FX Collection and V-Collection 7 are backed by 20 years of Arturia expertise in modeling and creative feature development. Their “secret sauce” lies in their unrivaled ability to faithfully revive studio classics while injecting game-changing new features, like look-ahead tracking, sidechaining, envelope followers, and advanced tone-shaping  effects that take the plugins to towering new levels. Some of the plugins represent entirely original designs that combine what we all love most about the vintage effects, and from there, they roll out never before seen creative possibilities. This approach is letting countless musicians and producers ignore the limits of analog hardware gear so they can bring us sounds and expressions that have never been created before. Let’s take a look at these two powerhouse bundles.

Greg Chin, Avid Audio Evangelist and Arturia Power User, shows us Arturia’s Power-packed FX Collection and V-Collection 7

Arturia FX Collection

Billed by Arturia as the “Audio Effects You’ll Actually Use,” the new FX Collection is a carefully chosen package of compressors, delays, reverbs, preamps, and filters that combine legendary outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and capabilities, making it an essential tool for the modern producer.  Its 15 new plugins include:


  • Compressors:  Control your dynamics with iconic FET, VCA, and vacuum tube outboard. Comp VCA-65, Comp FET-76, and Comp TUBE-STA.
  • Delays: Get creative with saturated tape, lo-fi BBD, and futuristic digital echo. Delay TAPE-201, Delay MEMORY BRIGADE, and Delay ETERNITY.
  • Reverbs: Create and experiment with smooth plate, vibrant spring, and digital reverbs. Rev PLATE-140, Rev SPRING-636, and Rev INTENSITY.
  • Preamps: The “secret weapon” sound of countless pro studios, now in Pro Tools. 1973-PRE, TridA-Pre, and V76-Pre.
  • Filters: Use the defining tone-shaping control of the greatest synths on any sound source. Mini-Filter, M12-Filter, and SEM-Filter.

The new Arturia FX Collection delivers 15 uncompromised effects you’ll actually use

When our team at Avid had the chance to try out the Arturia FX Collection, it didn’t take long for these plugins to become automatic additions to the music we were making.  In a plugin market full of vintage-style effects, the Arturia FX Collection is proving to be a groundbreaking tool across the Pro Tools population, from creative enthusiasts on Pro Tools|First to professionals working on Pro Tools|HDX.  In a word, this collection is a winner, and you can buy it on Avid Marketplace for an unprecedented low price for a limited time.




Arturia V-Collection 7

 Arturia V Collection 7 has arrived, and it eclipses its worthy predecessors with 24 sonically and visually uncompromised emulations of world-renowned keyboards and tons of innovative new features. Each instrument is upgraded with extensive add-ons like polyphony, arpeggiation, more filters and oscillators, integrated amp and effect models, and the full range of automation and MIDI enhancements included with Avid Pro Tools. Use the included Analog Lab for instant access to more than 8,000 presets created by Arturia and their constellation of sound design experts, or dig into each instrument as deeply as you like.

New instruments in V-Collection 7 include Mellotron V, Synthi V, CZ V, Analog Lab 4, and an updated B-3 V2 organ.  The new Mellotron V features all original tapes, and the ability to play your own samples with authentic tape emulation. The Synthi V is a patch pin modular synth now with added modulations, effects, and an updated sequencer. The CZ V adds a fresh flavor of digital synthesis with its razor-sharp sound and sonic flexibility.  Combining 8000+ of the ‘best of’ sounds from V Collection, Analog Lab 4 now features an even easier to use browsing section and a ‘Stage’ view for live performances. The “Multi” mode allows for two instruments to be layered, and all instruments and presets can be mapped.


  • Analog Synths:  Unrivaled analog keyboard sound:  Synthi V, Buchla Easel V, Mini V, Matrix-12 V, Prophet V, CS-80 V, SEM V, Jup-8 V, ARP 2600 V, Modular V
  • Digital Instruments:  Innovation from the pioneering days of digital music creation:  CZ V, DX7 V, Synclavier V, CMI V
  • Celebrated Pianos and Keyboards:  History-making hardware  recreated from the ground up: Piano V, Mellotron V, B-3 V, Stage-73 V, Wurli V, Clavinet V,  Farfisa V, Solina V, Vox Continental V




Arturia is constantly meeting with current and prospective users to ask what vintage instruments they want to see reproduced in V-Collection.  The result, once again, is that Arturia has given the music community the keys to the instruments and effects museum and has challenged us to find the limits of what we can create using a set of tools created with love and passion.   Between these instruments and the effects in FX collection,  Arturia is not only breathing new life and potential into this hardware; they are taking it to new levels beyond what their original creators could have ever imagined.

Want to get your hands on these tools?  Avid and Arturia have collaborated to make the price a non-issue. From now until October 6th, you can get them for 50% off on Avid Marketplace.  Just click on one or both of the buttons below and start getting creative!

As Director, Partnering Programs at Avid, Ed Gray and his team deliver technical and marketing programs that connect Avid Customers with the best partner products for media creation in the world.