Avid NEXIS Shared Storage provides more efficiency and tightly integrated solutions at CINE PLUS

Integrating into existing Avid infrastructure, production house CINE PLUS now relies on NEXIS | E4 and NEXIS | PRO Storage for its digital post-production, allowing faster media access and reduced operating costs.

CINE PLUS is one of Germany’s leading media service providers. At 11 locations throughout Germany, CINEPLUS produces shows such as “Geschickt eingefädelt – Wer näht am besten?”, episodes of the popular German crime series “Tatort”, in addition to multiple advertising, broadcast and movie productions including “Die dunkle Seite des Mondes”.

“Avid has always been a reliable partner”

—Torsten Seemann

Before the recent upgrade, CINE PLUS was running four Avid ISIS 5500 storage engines at its Berlin headquarters and has been a loyal Avid customer throughout, instilling trust in the quality and efficiency of Avid’s products and services to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content. “For us, Avid has always been a reliable partner, and their extensive support network sets Avid apart from other providers” says Torsten Seemann, Head of Technology, Media IT, at CINE PLUS.

Due to increasing demand from their customers of higher resolutions and bigger data volumes, it was time for CINE PLUS to invest in new storage to support their professional productions. In terms of performance, energy efficiency and stability, CINE PLUS wanted to stick to the proven and trusted quality as had been previously delivered by Avid.

Trusting in Avid shared storage solutions

Avid NEXIS interoperability with third-party providers was also a big positive when considering the deployment of a NEXIS | E4 120TB engine. Integrating seamlessly into the existing Avid infrastructure, running on the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media – the MediaCentral Platform, the maximum availability and security are guaranteed through the Avid System Director application.

Allowing CINE PLUS to maximize and protect the value of existing media assets, the new NEXIS | E4 is now the central hub for all digital post production processes at CINE PLUS’ Berlin headquarters. Their setup includes a huge 40 editing suites using Media Composer, 20 computers used for logging and 10 Blackmagic Resolve units for Firstlight color grading. If needed, Adobe After Effects for titles or effects now ties in with the Avid storage system. CINE PLUS facilities based in other locations across Germany also operate with Avid NEXIS | PRO and their existing Avid storage infrastructure.

“Thanks to Avid NEXIS, our daily processes have become significantly easier”

—Torsten Seemann

Smooth installation and less need for training

The installation of the system and the interoperability with other systems such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux was completely smooth, and for Torsten Seemann, the positive effects of the new system are already making a noticeable difference. “Thanks to the NEXIS system, our daily processes have become significantly easier. Thanks to the connected shared storage system, the multiple copying processes between the various elements of our post production workflow have been eliminated, and the integration of third-party solutions is running smoothly.”

Thanks to its easy to use and familiar interface and integration to the existing Avid infrastructure, there was also minimal training of staff needed, providing CINE PLUS with a full catalogue of the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media.

Seemann said, “Overall, everyone working with the new Avid NEXIS system at CINE PLUS is very pleased with the optimized efficiency, and further investment in Avid’s products is already on the cards. We’re planning to upgrade storage across our other facilities with five additional NEXIS | PRO systems to enhance our entire post-production ecosystem.”


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Avid Presenting Sports Broadcast Workflow Solutions at International Sports Convention (ISC) in Geneva

Avid is participating for the first time in the International Sports Convention (ISC), December 7 and 8, 2016 in Geneva. ISC is the world’s largest sports conference with 18 different conventions covering sports business under one roof. Taking place every two years, the conference features more than 200 speakers, companies and associations from 67 countries and over 50 sports federations from all around the world.

At the conference, Avid is highlighting its integrated solutions for efficient sports workflows in a presentation entitled, “Manage and Maximize Your Content in the Connected Stadium Environment”, led by Amir Hochfeld, Senior Manager Sports Solutions at Avid, at the Stadium Connected conference on December 7.

The presentation showcases the industry’s most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media. Hochfeld demonstrates how to manage and maximize content in the connected stadium environment with the help of an integrated end-to-end workflow for sports venues. From broadcast centers to multiple screens and platforms or stadium screens to VR, Avid sports solutions enable the most efficient processes to monetize content. Avid solutions cover every step of the workflow from ingest to replay, editing in real time, and data-driven graphics, with management and distribution of content is made easy thanks to the Avid MediaCentral® Platform – the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media.


Header photo courtesy of International Sports Convention

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



With Avid NEXIS | PRO, Swiss Tvision Always Has an Ace up Its Sleeve

Tvision AG from Basel, a production studio with seven full-time employees and additional freelancers, realizes about 500 projects each year, ranging from short news clips up to complete documentaries. The industry demands in terms of efficiency and production time are high and continuously rising. This not only affects competition in the market, but also customers’ expectations. In order to be able to create content even faster, more productive and in a safer way, Tvision has implemented the intelligent storage solution Avid NEXIS | PRO– and is very happy about it.


Productive working in a quadrilingual region

Previously, Tvision worked with several stand-alone editing suites without a central storage system. “Switzerland is a country with four languages, so we frequently have to produce content in different languages. With our old set-up, that was often a complicated and time-consuming process as we had to copy the content back and forth from discs in order to use it in different editing suites,” explains Andy Christen, video editor at Tvision.

“I’ve been editing with Avid for the past twenty years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time.”

—Andy Christen

So it was time for a new storage solution, especially since fast and reliable delivery is essential in the creation of news clips. After some research it was clear that NEXIS | PRO was the ideal solution: “Actually, there were also some other providers who understood our requirements, but only with Avid, we had the feeling that all services could be offered and delivered in the exact same way we needed them, making sure we wouldn’t have to fear any downtimes. I’ve been editing with Avid for the past 20 years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time. This reliability is very reassuring and one of the reasons why we decided to go for Avid NEXIS | PRO,” says Christen.

Easy installation, more flexibility

Christen and his team made a conscious decision to buy the smallest version with a storage capacity of 20 TB, keeping in mind that it can be upgraded without problems and with no additional costs for network technology. The system was then provided by dve cross media, based in Munich/Germany. “It was a very smooth cooperation. I always felt that they catered to my needs and didn’t sell the most expensive, but the most fitting product,” Christen emphasizes.

The implementation, too, was quick and easy. Thanks to the pre-configured system, only two cables had to be plugged in on location – and just like that, NEXIS I PRO was productive, says Christen: “I plugged it in, and ever since then it’s running and purring. No need for me to look after it. It runs, it never crashes, it just works. I’m really super happy about it. Plus it’s fast!”

“This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed.”

—Andy Christen

The benefits are noticeable not only in daily work, but also when handling bigger projects. Now, news pieces can be edited in several languages at the same time and sent to the broadcaster directly. It’s also possible to embed shots from Italian or French colleagues, thus boosting the content’s quality. When it comes to documentaries or time-sensitive projects such as the films for IBA Basel 2020, Tvision has the possibility to book additional editors who can work on the project at the same time. Or they can use one computer for playout of the data while still working on it. “This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed,” says a very content Christen. “The greater flexibility and the system stability we have gained through NEXIS | PRO are very reassuring and a massive benefit of the system.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Julie Hoerr Discusses the Installation of Avid NEXIS | PRO and What It Means for Macondo’s Way of Working

Long-time Avid user Macondo installed an Avid NEXIS | PRO media server for its in-house post production facility in the central Germany city of Mainz. The media group works in a number of different communications sectors, including events, corporate communications and public relations, while its television production arm produces documentaries and consumer affairs programmes for several German broadcasters, notably the country’s second TV channel, ZDF, and southwest regional service, SWR. Macondo’s Julie Hoerr discusses the installation of the Avid NEXIS | PRO and what it means for the company’s way of working.

“Macondo is named after the fictional town that features in many of the stories and novels of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez,” she explains. “It was chosen because our programs tell a story. Macondo’s program-making covers a big area, with work for ZDF, as well as other TV stations, including SWR. We also produce corporate videos for a number of high-profile companies.”

“To support this operation, Macondo has its own post production facility at our headquarters in Mainz, which is also home to ZDF. We work on documentaries, investigative reports and consumer programs that test and discuss new products. These have included the environmental series Planet E and Zoom+ investigation shows for ZDF, as well as reports on a variety of subjects for SWR.

“Producing programs of this kind involves handling a lot of material, so storage is important, as is workflow efficiency. In the past we have used Avid’s Unity MediaNetwork system, but last year we reached a point where we needed more storage and decided that we would upgrade to a newer system. We briefly considered looking at competitive solutions, but we have always used Avid in our post production work, and we were happy to stick with Avid because we trust the company and the quality of its products. We chose to install the Avid NEXIS | PRO.

“The installation went very well and was really easy. You don’t need any fiber-channel connections; it is all done with cards, connecting to the new model Apple Mac Pro. The administration was really easy as well.

“We have a lot of Avid equipment in the facility, with four Media Composer video editing suites and a Pro Tools audio room. We also have an Adobe production suite with After Effects and media encoding and transcoding systems. The material we get in is usually on either P2 or HDCAM disks. The footage is transcoded into the server, where everyone has access to it. When editing in Media Composer is completed, the clips and programs can be converted into a convenient file size for uploading to the server so clients can preview them.”

“What we have now is a really nice workflow because everybody is on one server. It has greatly improved collaboration across the team, and the system is a lot faster now.  Another of the big advantages of the Avid NEXIS | PRO is the security and stability it gives us. The system uses RAID 5 storage, which means we don’t lose half the space for backup.”

“All the facilities are on the same floor, with the Avid NEXIS | PRO in an apparatus room that contains our other hardware, including computers and servers. We’ve kept the same workflow as before, so there have been no real changes there, except that it is now a lot more efficient. There wasn’t any disruption to our schedules because of the installation — we were able to continue working on the day that the server went in. The switch-over was made centrally, and it was just plug-and-play, which we liked very much.

“We now have a core system that gives us and our clients something that both protects the data and material we are working on and enables our editors to work efficiently and creatively. Media Online, the Avid partner that installed the Avid NEXIS | PRO, told us that that we were the first facility in the Rhineland-Palatinate region to have bought and installed this system. That gives us a very strong commercial advantage over our competition.

“It also gives us a great foundation for future expansion. We have an idea that if at some point one of the other production companies in our building installs an Avid NEXIS | PRO, we could connect the two over a CAT5 cable network and share capacity over two servers. That would give each of us the possibility of a lot of space when we are working on large projects. It is the kind of flexibility that attracted us to the Avid NEXIS | PRO in the first place.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Dutch Production Company The Media Brothers Chooses Avid NEXIS I PRO

Dutch production company The Media Brothers is a creative hub for a collection of producers, directors, journalists and composers that produces a wide variety of television programs, from dramas and documentaries to children’s series and sports shows. Founded by managing director/producer/composer Luc Schinkel, who works alongside his brother, director/producer Robert Schinkel, the firm has premises in Amsterdam that incorporate an in-house facility that was recently upgraded through the installation of an Avid NEXIS | PRO server. Media manager Klaas-Thijs Postma oversees the post-production operation, and here he outlines the role that the new storage system plays in The Media Brothers’ program-making activities.

“I have been working for The Media Brothers since it started six years ago. I was the first employee and so have witnessed its growth over the years, with more colleagues — including filmmakers and researchers — joining us to produce more and more programs. Really, it’s a band of friends from all kinds of businesses coming together. We knew each other from other projects and have similar attitudes to what we do.”

“My responsibility as media manager is for the in-house technology. We work only on Avid, which we use mainly for editing, using Apple computers and Windows-based operating systems. Last year the business grew rapidly, going from a staff of 10 up to 20 or 30 employees. Because of that, it was necessary to upgrade our facilities, including the Media Composer edit suites. We had three editing rooms before, and we added a fourth.

As part of the upgrade, we decided that it was the right time to look for a central storage system that would allow everyone to work together or alongside each other. Sometimes programs can be lost because of hardware failures, so we looked into many options for reliable shared storage.

The systems we saw were very expensive and beyond our budget, but when the Avid NEXIS | PRO came out, we saw it was not only the right time for us to buy a system, but also the perfect solution at an affordable price. Our Avid NEXIS | PRO was installed in October of last year, and thanks to its compact size, we were able to house it in a small machine room. It is connected to the Media Composer suites over 250m of CAT6 cabling with a Dell switcher.”

“The installation was easy, despite some difficulties, due to a glitch on the firmware, which was quickly fixed by Avid. We started using it for new projects from November 2015 — these included documentaries and a weekly sport-entertainment show called Bureau Sports. This is a satirical magazine-style program with a tremendously fast turnaround that fuses ENG-style techniques to film and shoot. There were three editors working on it, with a media manager supporting them. We would not have been able to make Bureau Sports with our previous workflow — it was only possible because the Avid NEXIS | PRO helped us get all the material together in one place and allowed all the editors to share the files and work together.

We chose the smallest capacity Avid NEXIS | PRO unit, with 20TB of storage, but we have options to upgrade in the future. We’re calculating what we might need in the short-term, with the potential to run six medium to large projects alongside each other. Right now we’re thinking in terms of four to five projects at the same time, each less than 500GB each.”

“The Media Brothers is based across four offices in Amsterdam, but in June we’ll be moving to a single, larger office that will accommodate the whole company. During the move, we’re planning that the facilities will be down for less than a day. We hope to have all the furniture installed beforehand so we can just move everything over, probably in a day or over a weekend.

This will include the Avid NEXIS | PRO of course. We couldn’t possibly leave it behind because it gives us the simultaneous working and sharing that we wanted and needed. The other major benefit it has brought is that the workflow is now so much more efficient. Plus there is the added bonus that, because of the efficiency, media managers like me do not have to work as many night shifts syncing up projects as we used to.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Avid Announces Winner of ‘Be Inspired’ Student Short Film Competition

Avid is pleased to announce the winner of its student short film competition, ‘Be Inspired’. Nicola Matiwone from Bournemouth University in UK won with her film Rita: My Inspiration.

In line with its on-going commitment to media education for young filmmakers, Avid launched the student competition earlier this year, encouraging young people throughout EMEA to produce a two minute short film using Avid Media Composer. The theme encouraged the entrants to tell the story of what truly inspires them.

1. Rita: My Inspiration, Nicola Matiwone (UK)

Nicola’s winning film follows an elderly lady named Rita, who is the film-maker’s friend and a lover of Mozart. Despite Rita’s poor short-term memory and chronic pain, Nicola notes how Rita is always smiling, upbeat and positive and thus acts creatively as Nicola’s motivation through her own search for inspiration. The judges remarked that Rita had a good documentary style with an interesting topic, and the result was a very moving story.

2. A Burning Passion, Kathrin Unger (Germany)

In second place with A Burning Passion, Kathrin Unger from Germany, studying at the European Film College in Denmark, based her film inspiration on the physical heat of passion by reconstructing and recounting events of a pyromaniac. The judges noted that the film had a good concept and an interesting style.

3. Be Inspired, Ruben Fernandez Martinez (Spain)

In third place, Ruben Fernandez Martinez from Spain, enrolled at the CICE School in Madrid, produced a short film, highlighting the realms of inspiration following the perspective of a young boy’s imagination as he travels across the world in a cardboard spaceship. The judges said that the film had a good flow, and was a nice interpretation of the theme.

The entries were judged by some of Europe’s leading professional editors including Anne-Sophie Bion (The Artist and Micmacs), BAFTA-winning Mick Audsley (Everest, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin), Toni Froschhammer (Pina) and Paddy Bird (Home for the Holidays, The Secret Millionaire).

“It was a very hard job to judge these films, but we were pleased to see the imagination and technical abilities of the students shining through their work.”

—Anne-Sophie Bion

All three winning students will enjoy a range of prizes including a mentoring day with a well-known editor in London, a year-long subscription to Inside the Edit courses, and Media Composer and Pro Tools software.

“It was fascinating to see how all the students approached the topic in such different ways, and very encouraging to see the level of professionalism in many of the entries,” said Tom Cordiner, VP International Business at Avid. “We congratulate the three winners and look forward to following their careers as they further hone their skills in the post-production sector.”

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Tell Us the Story of What Truly Inspires You and Win Fantastic Prizes With the Avid Student Contest

Our Avid “Be.Inspired” Student Contest is offering media students a chance to show off their editorial excellence, creativity and storytelling skills. Import, edit, render and export your project in Media Composer and tell us the story of what truly inspires you.

Use Avid Media Composer to edit your film (download your 30-day free trial), incorporate “what inspires you” in your film to make your entry valid, and upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

As of today, you can enter your submission for a chance to win top prizes, including a trip to London to spend the day with a well-known editor and a tour of the famous Pinewood Studios.

To enter this contest, provide us with a valid Student ID and your contact information.  Don’t forget to include a link to your film so it can be viewed by our judges. All entries must be submitted before the closing date, 15th November 2015, and the winners will be announced on 1st December 2015.

Currently, the Avid Student Contest is only open to students in the EMEA Region and India, which includes countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as India. Make sure to read our Terms and Conditions before participating.

Win These Fantastic Prizes

A trip to London to meet a well-known editor and a tour of Pinewood Studios

Spend the day in London, learning hints, tips and tricks with a top editor, to really hone your skills. After, take a tour around Pinewood Studios, home to some of the biggest film productions.

A year-long subscription of “Inside the Edit” and a copy of Avid Media Composer

We’re giving away a year’s online subscription to Inside the Edit to keep your skill set growing. You’ll hone your new editing skills with a complimentary copy of Avid Media Composer.

A copy of Avid Media Composer or Pro Tools Software

Choose between Avid Media Composer or Pro Tools to help boost your creativity. Get hands on with industry standard software that’s used to make everything from blockbusters, to TV adverts.

Meet the Judges

Our judges are experts in their field, who have worked on some of the biggest films, TV programs, and adverts around the world:

Anne-Sophie Bion
ACE Eddie award-winning editor

Anne-Sophie Bion is a French film editor best known for her work in the 2011 silent film, The Artist, directed by Michel Hazanavicius receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Film Editing.

Paddy Bird
Founder, Inside The Edit

Paddy Bird has edited dozens of prime time documentary, entertainment shows for British and American television. He has worked on various seasons of format shows including X Factor, Big Brother and Secret Millionaire, while at the same time editing high-end political, historical and observational documentaries.

Toni Froschammer
Key Editor to Wim Wenders

Starting out as sound designer and working on music videos, Toni is now working on commercials for large brands as well as videos for well-known bands. He’s also key editor to Wim Wenders. Toni worked on Pina, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012.

Mick Audsley
BAFTA award-winning editor

Mick is a British film and television editor with more than 30 film credits including High Fidelity, Twelve Monkeys and soon to be released Everest. Mick was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Editing for Dangerous Liaisons and BAFTA TV Award winner for The Snapper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In what format should I submit my film?

Please submit your video via the upload function on the contest website. You can choose from the supported upload formats in YouTube or Vimeo. Feel free to upload your project in HD or even 4K so the jury can enjoy and watch your film in superior quality—after all Media Composer now supports full 4K workflows!

How long should my film be?

Your video submission should not exceed 2 minutes. One of the skills of a good editor is to tell a story within a certain time frame. Keep it short and interesting.

Can I work on the project with a team?

Yes, it’s ok to form a group of up to 2 people. Each of them will have to provide their student credentials. Only one email contact is accepted, but you may highlight in the ‘Tell us about your video’ box that you’ve been working as a team and list the other team members.

Do I need to incorporate the word/phrase 'inspiration' in my video?

Yes, this is the motto of the contest. Please express what inspiration means to you, what inspires you … It can be included outspoken, as a sign, as a subtitle, headline … you name it.

When will the winners be announced?

The final three winners will be announced on 1st December 2015 on the Avid Student Contest Website and through an Avid press release.

What are the prizes to win?

First prize: A trip to London to meet a well-known film editor as well as visit the famous Pinewood Studios (for further details, please refer to the contest terms & conditions

Second prize: A year-long subscription of “Inside the Edit” training courses as well as a copy of Media Composer software

Third prize: A copy of either Avid Media Composer (Perpetual License + 1 year Upgrade and Support Plan) or Avid Pro Tools software (Perpetual License + 1 year Upgrade and Support Plan).

Who selects the winners?

We work with a jury of 4 internationally renowned editors from UK, France and Germany. They have worked on high-level and partially Oscar-winning films and have a lot of experience to judge on the best three submissions.

Anne-Sophie Bion – ACE Eddie Award Winner, Academy Award Nominee, Cesar Award Nominee, BAFTA Award Nominee

Mick Audsley – BAFTA Award Winner, just finished the editing for Everest

Toni Froschhammer – Key editor to Wim Wenders; worked on Pina that was nominated for an Academy Award

Paddy Bird – Acclaimed TV Editor and Founder of Inside the Edit

What are the selection criteria to pick the best videos?

The selection criteria will be:

  • Originality + Creativity
  • Editorial Excellence
  • Great Story Telling

How many entries can I submit for the contest?

Each student can only submit one entry.

Which countries qualify for contest participation?

All countries in the EMEA region, which includes Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, except for countries that are under embargo. Submissions must be uploaded no later than midnight on 13th September 2015 GMT.

Can I enter the contest, if I'm under 18 years old?

Unfortunately – no. You have to be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the contest.

Can I use stock footage for my video?

Yes, you can use stock footage, but you will have to make sure that all rights are cleared. In general, all content in your video will have to have cleared rights before you submit it. Original music is preferred; all other music should have proper clearance and use of rights. Submissions will be rejected when violating these terms of intellectual property and rights. Avid is not responsible for any content.

Can only students participate in the contest?

Yes, only students with a valid student ID and a minimum age of 18 years are allowed to participate.

Can students from a evening school or adult education class participate?

Yes, as long as you can submit a valid student ID, you can participate in the contest.

Why is the contest regionally restricted?

Currently the contest is restricted to students residing in countries of the EMEA Region and India. The EMEA Regions includes Europe, Middle East and Africa. We might extend the contest beyond that region at a later stage.


Your imagination is set with no boundaries. Import, edit, render and export your project in Media Composer and show us what you can do with 2 minutes.