Avid Marketplace Just Got Bigger, Better, and Easier

When you’re in the middle of a session and you suddenly become aware that a particular plug-in would be perfect for your mix, there’s no longer a need to stop the flow of creativity. With the latest features of Avid Marketplace, it’s easier than ever before to find and access the perfect tools to do your best work.

The latest upgrade to Avid Marketplace makes it fully integrated with your Avid Master Account, so with a single login, you’re already able to search for and purchase new Avid products. But the really cool part is that we’ve also made in-app purchasing available directly within Pro Tools. You could literally be in the midst of a mix and add a new reverb, compressor, instrument, or any of the dozens and dozens of AAX plug-ins offered on the Avid Marketplace.

This upgrade to the Avid Marketplace is for more than just Pro Tools users in the studio. Live sound mixers using VENUE software can just as easily take advantage of the quick and easy accessibility of Avid Marketplace products.

More and more developers are offering their AAX plug-ins to Pro Tools customers on the Avid Marketplace. It presents the most convenient and reliable way for you to get the best tools, solutions, and services possible, when and where you need them.

Avid at the 2016 NAMM Show

Join us in Anaheim, CA, for the 2016 NAMM Show from January 21 to 24.

Discover how ‘Music in Motion’ makes the world move with Avid Everywhere at Booth 6400, Hall A.


Sibelius 8.1 Now Available—What’s New


Sibelius 8.1 upgrade is now available for the world’s best-selling music notation software. Let’s take a look at this release to see what’s new.

When Sibelius 8 shipped in June 2015 we added new features, including Annotation and Surface Pro pen support, as well as new purchase and subscribe options that included All Access plans and enhanced support.

In the past, we released major upgrades for a fee, 12 to 24 months apart. With this new model, we provide new features on a more frequent basis. Sibelius can now be purchased as monthly and annual subscription options, or as a perpetual license, offering customers more choice in how they acquire the latest version of the software. Sibelius 8 perpetual license includes an All Access plan with a year of free upgrades. Subscription also includes an All Access plan so customers always have access to the latest version of the software while their subscription is active.

This means anyone currently on Sibelius 8, including Sibelius for Education 8, will be able to download the software update from their Avid Master Account or from the Avid App Manager. Customers on Sibelius version 1 through 7.5 can upgrade for only $89.

Sibelius 8.1 – What’s New

Sibelius 8.1 introduces several of the customer community’s top requests from IdeaScale, demonstrating Avid’s commitment to listening to the needs of customers. The release aims to enable musicians, composers, arrangers and engravers to create beautiful, accurate, easy-to-read scores more effortlessly than ever. Sibelius 8.1 also includes stability improvements.

Intelligent Rests – enhanced Magnetic Layout

Inserting rests into your music just got a whole lot easier. Now any time a rest is created, the newly enhanced Magnetic Layout tool automatically re-positions the rest to align optimally with the phrasing of your surrounding notes. Rests in multi-voice staves also automatically re-position to avoid collisions. Not only does this eliminate having to manually fix note and rest bump-ups, it makes your score much easier to read. Check out the before and after examples below. This is the first time any application has built-in algorithms to avoid rest collisions and support for intelligent positioning of rests.

Examples of how the new Intelligent Rests feature avoids rest collisions in Sibelius 8.1.

Get perfect repeated endings

If you’ve ever written music with first, second, and third time bars, you may have spent some time fixing lines that Sibelius created a bit too long. That’s not the case anymore. With the layout improvements, you can now create multiple time ending bars that appear and play back just the way you expect them to.

Examples of improvements in Sibelius 8.1 Nth time endings before and after

Share your music more easily—MP3 export

Want to let your client, colleague, or friends hear your latest composition? You now have the option of exporting your score as an MP3 audio file, making it faster and easier to send your music through email or over Skype, or even posting it across all of your social network channels. Not only do you have control over the bit rate and sample rate, Sibelius will automatically generate ID3 tags from your Score Info dialog.

Additional Improvements

Check out this post about Sibelius 8.1 in the Sibelius Forum by product manager Sam Butler listing other improvements including El Capitan support.


File > Export > Audio - MP3 export option in Sibelius 8.1

Get Your Free 30-Day Sibelius Trial

Get Your Free 30-Day Sibelius Trial

Experience the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music with Sibelius—the world’s best-selling music notation software.


Get Started Fast with Sibelius and Surface Pro

Get Started Fast with Sibelius and Surface Pro

Get Started Fast with Sibelius and Surface Pro

Sibelius 8 introduced optimization for pen input with Microsoft’s Surface Pro together with the Annotate feature that allows comments to be handwritten directly on the score. Get started fast with the Surface Pro pen to compose and mark up scores in Sibelius. In this video you will learn pen setup and calibration, inputting and erasing notes, navigating the score, making selections, and entering annotations.

Check out the Get Started Fast with Sibelius series of videos to learn the basics of creating with Sibelius.


Get Your Free 30-Day Sibelius Trial

Get Your Free 30-Day Trial

Experience the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music with Sibelius—the world’s best-selling music notation software.


Get Special Pro Tools Upgrade Pricing From $99—Ends December 31, 2015

Stay on Top of the Latest Updates with Avid All Access

With Avid All Access plans, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to upgrade your Pro Tools system to the most current powerful version yet. But don’t wait, because after December 31st, the price of upgrading an earlier version of Pro Tools will increase to $299. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the option that best fits you.

Starting with Pro Tools 12, upgrades will only be available through All Access upgrade plans. These renewable upgrade plans start at $99/yr. But after December 31, 2015, the price of reinstating a plan from an old version will go up.

Upgrade to Pro Tools 12 for only $99 with an Annual Upgrade Plan. Or get the most value with an Annual Upgrade and Support plan, and take advantage of an amazing plug-in bundle and professional customer support for 12-months.

And next year you can take advantage of the same offer and renew your upgrade plan for only $99 and, if you want, renew your plug-in and support plan separately for $99. It’s your choice.

If you miss this opportunity to get an All Access plan by Dec. 31, or in the future, if you let your All Access plan expire, the cost to reinstate a plan will be $299.


Through the end of the year, Pro Tools | HD owners can upgrade to the latest version, get 12-months of updates, access to a premium bundle of 25 plug-ins and customer support with an Annual Upgrade & Support Plan for $599. And each year thereafter, the annual renewal costs only $399.

If you miss this opportunity to get this All Access plan by Dec. 31, or in the future, if you let your All Access plan expire, the cost to reinstate a plan will be $999.


Pro Tools Purchase and Upgrade Options – PDF

* Annual Plug-in and Support Plan available to Pro Tools 11 and 12 perpetual license owners only; not available for Pro Tools | HD.

** Legacy Pro Tools licenses eligible for upgrade in 2016:
Pro Tools 9-11
Note: Pro Tools Express (bundled with Pro Tools | Mbox, Fast Track Solo, or Fast Track Duo interfaces only) and Pro Tools M-Powered/MP 6–9 licensing will no longer be eligible for upgrades starting in 2016, except for upgrades to Pro Tools for Education.

*** Legacy Pro Tools | HD licenses eligible for upgrade: Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD 9, 10, or 11

Upgrade to Pro Tools for Education 12 from Pro Tools Academic 9, 10, or 11, Pro Tools Express bundled with Pro Tools | Mbox, Fast Track Solo, or Fast Track Duo interfaces (InMusic versions of Pro Tools Express are not eligible), Pro Tools M-Powered 6–8, Pro Tools MP 9. To activate this upgrade, you must be a current student or teacher and will be asked to verify your eligibility after purchasing.


Upgrade to Pro Tools 12

Upgrade to Pro Tools 12 from $99 or upgrade your Pro Tools | HD for $599. All upgrades are available from Avid Resellers and from the Avid Store.


Upgrade to Pro Tools for Education 12


Get Started Fast with Sibelius and NotateMe

Get Started Fast with Sibelius and Surface Pro

Get Started Fast with Sibelius and NotateMe

Get started fast handwriting notation with a pen and tablet in NotateMe and exporting the composition into Sibelius. Sibelius comes bundled with Neuratron’s PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite which includes the notation handwriting application NotateMe Lite. PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate version, with extended handwriting features, is also available, either as a standalone app or bundled with Sibelius in the Sibelius + Ultimate Bundle. This workflow is illustrated with Surface Pro but can be used with any Windows or Mac OSX pen and tablet.

Check out the Get Started Fast with Sibelius series of videos to learn the basics of creating with Sibelius.


Get Your Free 30-Day Sibelius Trial

Get Your Free 30-Day Trial

Experience the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music with Sibelius—the world’s best-selling music notation software.


How to Get More Than Eleven? Eleven MK II AAX Guitar and Bass Emulation Plug-in

Eleven MK II – More than Eleven

The popular Eleven guitar amp and cabinet emulation AAX plug-in from Avid has just been upgraded with more amps, cabinets and features. It is available now from the Avid Store and Avid Resellers to purchase, or from the Avid Store to upgrade from the original Eleven, Eleven LE or the Eleven/Eleven LE Bundle. Let’s take a look at what’s new and different about Eleven MK II.

More Amps and Cabinets

Eleven MK II has all the same 16 amps and 7 cabinets as the Eleven plug-in but with an additional 17 amps and 8 cabinets. The amps and cabinet emulations have been ported over from the Pro Tools | Eleven Rack hardware interface. Pro Tools | Eleven Rack originally had the same 16 amp and 7 cabinet models as Eleven. The Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, which is now included with Pro Tools | Eleven Rack,  added the same extra 17 amps and 8 cabinets to the Eleven Rack that are now available in Eleven MK II. So Eleven MK II and Pro Tools | Eleven Rack now have exactly the same set of amps and cabinets.

Check out this PDF ‘Eleven MK II Quick Reference Guide to Amps Cabs and Mics‘ which shows what amp, cabinet and mic hardware the Eleven MK II emulations are based on.

Bass Amps and Cabs

Eleven MK II now includes 2 bass amps; the ‘1969 Blue Line Bass’ based on the great 1969 Ampeg SVT head, and DC Bass also based on a 1969 Ampeg SVT head but with a scooped lower-midrange response, enabling you to achieve more thundering lows with a tighter response than the original amp. And—unconventionally for a bass amp—DC Bass offers a tremolo circuit. Both these amps are well matched to the the ‘8×10 Blue Line’ bass cabinet based on an Ampeg SVT 8×10 with “towel bar”.

The DC amps are all custom Avid designs based on various different amp combinations to achieve new and unique sounds.

Link mode: the '1967 Black Panel Duo' amp is matched to the '2x12 Black Panel Duo' cabinet for an emulation based on a 1967 Fender® Twin Reverb®

New Link Mode

Eleven MK II now includes a link feature; click on the link button to link the amp to its intended cabinet. When first turned on the cabinet will change to match the selected amp and the LED will turn orange showing that cabinets are linked to the amps. Select a different amp and its associated cabinet will be automatically selected. When linked, if you change cabinet, the amp stays the same but the LED goes blue to show this is not the associated cabinet, changing an amp will again select its intended cabinet and the LED will go back to orange. Switch off the link so the LED is off and amp and cabinets can be independently selected.

This is a great feature since it allows you to try different amps without having to worry about matching the amp to the cab. For example, the ‘1967 Black Panel Duo’ amp is based on a 1967 Fender® Twin Reverb®, which is a combo amp with the 2×12″ Jensen C12Ns speakers built in. Link automatically selects the ‘2×12 Black Panel Duo’ speakers for the correct match of amp to speakers – see the screen above.

Eleven MK II Cabinet plug-in - instantiated on an Aux Track and being fed from the pre-speaker output of the Eleven MK II in the previous guitar track

New Eleven MK II Cabinet Plug-in and Multi-cab Workflow

Eleven MK II comes with a new standalone Eleven MK II Cabinet plug-in that includes just the cabinets from Eleven MK II for sound design and multi-cab rigs, insert it onto any track to get the sound of a mic in front of a cabinet.

You can now send Eleven MK II to multiple cabinets to simulate larger guitar rigs.  Eleven MK II supports the Aux Output Stems feature in Pro Tools. You can select the pre-cabinet output from any instance of Eleven MK II as an input to a track – see the screen above. By adding multiple Aux tracks and instantiating the Eleven MK II cabinet plug-in on each track, you can send an amp to multiple cabinets with complete control of how the cabinets blend into the mix, the end result is a workflow that feels more like tracking and mixing a mega live guitar rig.

Two new mics, Dynamic 12 and Dynamic 20, available for the 8x10 Blue Line bass cabinet

New Mic and Cabinet Combinations

Eleven MK II includes two new mics, the ‘Dynamic 20’, based on the Electro-Voice RE20 Cardiod Microphone, and ‘Dynamic 12’ based on the AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone. These are both great mics for bass so they become available when the ‘8×10 Blue Line’ cabinet is selected – see screenshot above. Check out this PDF ‘Eleven MK II Quick Reference Guide to Amps Cabs and Mics‘ for more details on the mics and the combinations of mics and cabinets.

Eleven MK II and Pro Tools | HD

Eleven MK II will automatically be deposited into Pro Tools | HD 12 customer accounts as part of the All Access plug-in bundle that comes with the Annual Upgrade and Support Plan. Eleven MK II is AAX DSP compatible with Pro Tools | HDX systems. Pro Tools | HD customers who own a perpetual license for Eleven can upgrade that license to Eleven MK II through the Avid store.

Eleven Legacy Issues

Eleven MK II includes licenses for Eleven MK II, Eleven and Eleven LE. Initially the install includes Eleven MK II but Eleven and Eleven LE installers will be added to your Avid Master Accounts in the near future. Eleven legacy installs can also be found on the Eleven MK II product page. Presets from Eleven will open in Eleven MK II but Eleven MK II presets will not be backwards compatible.

  • Session contains Eleven: System contains Eleven: Eleven opens
  • Session contains Eleven: System contains Eleven MK II: Eleven MK II opens up with proper settings
  • Session contains Eleven MK II: System contains Eleven: Plug-in is inactive
  • Session contains Eleven MK II: System contains Eleven MK II: Eleven MK II opens as expected

Pro Tools Eleven Plug-in Promotion

The Eleven plug-in promo with Pro Tools ran until Dec 31st 2015. Customers that purchased Pro Tools 12 Perpetual License, Annual Upgrade and Support Plan, and Annual Subscriptions, activated from Aug 21st 2015 to Dec 31st 2015 received the original Eleven plug-in for free, not Eleven MK II. All customers that received the Eleven plug-in as part of the promo can upgrade to Eleven MK II on the Avid Store.

Eleven MK II is not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the AKG, Ampeg, Bogner, Celestion, Fender®, Jensen, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure, Soldano, and VOX® names. These names are used solely to identify the guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, loudspeakers, and microphones emulated by the Eleven MK II plug-in.

Get Eleven MK II

Buy, or Upgrade to Eleven MK II from Eleven, Eleven LE or the Eleven/Eleven LE Bundle


Primetime Engineering Emmy® Awarded to Mark Franken of Sounds In Sync for EdiCue

Mark Franken, founder and lead developer at Sounds In Sync Pty Ltd, has been awarded an Emmy® for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for his software application EdiCue. The awards will be presented Wednesday evening, October 28, 2015. The Engineering Emmy is presented to an individual, company or organization for engineering developments so significant that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.

In the 67th Primetime Engineering Emmy Award announcement, on September 29, 2015, the Television Academy stated: “EdiCue is established software that incorporates a groundbreaking workflow, which sound supervisors use to reliably create and update ADR cues within Pro Tools. This workflow simplifies the process of re-syncing cues when last-minute picture changes occur, and it uniquely provides visual methods to confirm that the timing of cues is correct. These features, along with the flexibility of EdiCue in interfacing with other tools and cueing systems found on ADR stages around the world, have led to its almost universal adoption by both independent television sound supervisors and major post production studios.”


EdiCue, EdiPrompt & EdiLoad – Behind the Scenes with Jonah Guelzo and Pro Tools | HD

This video goes behind the scenes with supervising sound mixer Jonah Guelzo as he takes us through the dubbing process for the indie feature film Norman. Jonah explains how he uses the Sounds In Sync range of editor tools to help artists maintain perfect sync and increase efficiency in the Pro Tools post-production workflow. From cueing and recording ADR, to automating tedious re-conforms, Jonah provides helpful insights in using each application with ease.


“EdiCue, EdiPrompt and EdiLoad are an ADR and Sound Supervisor’s best friends no matter the size of the production.”

—Jonah Guelzo

Behind the scenes footage and clips from the film courtesy of Norman, a Joel Guelzo Film. www.normanthefilm.com

Learn more about Sounds in Sync ADR products for Pro Tools:

Avid Pro Tools Software Download

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Meet the New Plug-in Bundles Now Available with Pro Tools 12.2 and Pro Tools | HD 12.2

With Pro Tools 12.2 there are big changes to the plug-ins that are included, both for standard Pro Tools, including Pro Tools for Education, and Pro Tools | HD. Let’s take a look at who can access these bundles, what’s new, and what’s in the bundles.

Which products include the new plug-in bundles?

The new bonus plug-in bundles are subscription bundles that are active during the duration of one of the following upgrade plans or subscriptions. These new bundles are in addition to the more than 60 perpetual license plug-ins and virtual instruments that are included with Pro Tools – this base set of plug-ins has not changed. The following Pro Tools products include the new plug-in bundles:

Pro Tools – 17 bonus plug-ins

  1. Pro Tools 12 with Annual Upgrade and Support Plan
  2. Pro Tools Annual and Monthly Subscriptions
  3. Pro Tools for Education 12 with Annual Upgrade and Support Plan
  4. Pro Tools for Education Annual and Monthly Subscriptions
  5. Pro Tools 11 with the new Annual Plug-in and Support Plan

Pro Tools | HD – 25 bonus plug-ins

  1. Pro Tools | HD with Annual Upgrade and Support Plan

The new bonus plug-in bundles will be automatically added to your Avid Master Account and Application Manager, if you qualify, where you will be able to download and install them from the date when 12.2 becomes available.

Pro Tools 12.2 new bonus plug-in bundle - Space plus 16 Stompbox Effects

New bonus plug-in bundles for Pro Tools software:
Space and Eleven Effects Stompboxes

The Pro Tools bonus plug-in bundle includes Space convolution reverb plug-in and the 16 Eleven Effects.


Space is the ultimate reverb plug-in for music and post-production applications. From the largest concert hall to the densest plate reverb, Space delivers the pristine sound of natural reverb spaces with the familiar controls used in high-end hardware reverb units. By combining the sampled acoustics of real reverb spaces with advanced DSP algorithms, Space offers stunning realism with full control of reverb parameters in mono, stereo, and surround formats. Learn more about Space.

Space Convolution Reverb

Eleven Rack

Eleven Effects – Stompbox Effects

Avid’s Eleven Rack is a hardware/software bundle that provides the ultimate recording and amplifier/cabinet/mic emulation solution for guitar players. It comes with the high-quality, DSP-accelerated Eleven Rack hardware interface, and Pro Tools. Eleven Rack includes hardware DSP emulations of classic amps and cabinets together with a set of stombox effects. These emulations are now available as plug-ins for Pro Tools users. The Eleven plug-in has been available as a paid Avid plug-in ($499) for some time, a lite version, Eleven Free, with limited amps and cabinets, is included with Pro Tools. Eleven plug-in emulates the speaker and amp combinations available in Eleven Rack.

Eleven is part of a promotion running until Sept 30th 2015 – purchase a Pro Tools 12 annual upgrade plan, annual subscription or a perpetual license and get Eleven free. Eleven is also part of the new Pro Tools | HD bonus plug-in package.

What’s new is the set of 17 Eleven Effects stompbox plug-ins that have been taken from the Eleven Rack and made into 64-bit AAX Native, DSP and AudioSuite plug-ins that do not require an iLok. Graphic EQ is available free from the Avid store to all Pro Tools users including Pro Tools | First. The other 16 stompbox effects are now part of the new bonus plug-in bundle for Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD as part of the 12.2 release. Learn more about Eleven Effects.

17 Eleven Effects Stompboxes including the free Graphic EQ

New bonus plug-in bundles for Pro Tools | HD software:
Space, Eleven Effects Stompboxes, Pro Series, Eleven, ReVibe II and Reverb One

The bonus plug-in pack for Pro Tools | HD also includes Space and the 16 Eleven Effects plus another 8 premium plug-ins. All these plug-ins are available as AAX 64 Native, DSP and AudioSuite, perfect for use with HDX recording systems for low latency tracking.

Pro Series Plug-ins

Pro Series – Pro Compressor, Pro Limiter, Pro Expander, Pro Multiband Dynamics, Pro Subharmonic

The Pro Series plug-ins are a set of five plug-ins based on System 5 console dynamics section but taken to another level with deeper controls and comprehensive graphical interface. Academy Award-winning re-recording mixer and sound designer Myron Nettinga wrote a  series of articles on Avid Blogs about using these plug-ins for film mixing although they are equally suited to music production work with many top engineers such as Mick Guzauski using them as go-to plug-ins. Here are Myron’s articles:

Design goals for the Pro Series:

  • To go beyond the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, which is modeled on the System 5 channel processing, by adding extra control features and new algorithms to enhance the sound
  • Support up to 7.1 formats for serious film mixing applications
  • No-compromise, high-quality set of plug-ins designed for Pro Tools | HDX systems for ultra low latency and large track counts
  • Provide a common feel and user experience between all the plug-ins with simple to use interface and comprehensive visual feedback
  • Offer a wide selection of processors to handle the most common tasks found in music and audio post mixing
  • Refine the sound of the plug-ins to match the high expectations of our most demanding customers
  • Enable you to produce great sounding tracks quickly that help your mixes stand out from the crowd

Eleven - ReVibe II - Reverb One


As mentioned earlier Eleven emulates some of the world’s most sought-after vintage and modern amps and speaker cabs. Learn more about Eleven.

ReVibe II

ReVibe II is a powerful room-modeling plug-in and provides nine reverb algorithms combined with over 200 room reflection/coloration models to deliver pristine, high-quality sound. With its intuitive user interface and detailed controls, ReVibe II handles nearly any reverberation task with ease and includes 5.1 capability. Learn more about ReVibe II.

Reverb One

Reverb One is a reverb processor built from the ground up to satisfy demanding audio professionals. At every step in its development, Reverb One was subjected to critical listening tests, resulting in a plug-in that can compete with any software or hardware reverb processor on the market today. Reverb One gives you complete control of the reverberant characteristics of your mix, and is equally at home in music, post production, and sound design applications that require the utmost in clarity and precision. Learn more about Reverb One.

Pro Tools | First – ‘First’ Plug-in Bundles

For Pro Tools | First users the Eleven Effects stompboxes, a selection of AIR virtual instruments and some Avid and AIR effects plug-ins, included with standard Pro Tools, are available as affordable ‘First’ plug-in bundles that can be purchased from the Avid in-app store and do not require an iLok. Check out the ‘First’ plug-in bundles available now.

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Here’s Your First Look at Pro Tools | First in Action

Pro Tools | First is Free

In an exclusive video shot at NAMM 2015, recording artist, DJ, and Avid pro audio specialist Greg “Stryke” Chin offers an in-depth look at the powerful features in Pro Tools | First.

You’ll see how to play and record music instrument sounds with virtual instruments, fix mistakes, create perfect performances with the MIDI Editor, and polish your tracks using effects and sound-processing plug-ins. Let’s take a look.

Pro Tools | First

Get Your Free Copy of Pro Tools | First Now

Pro Tools | First is available now.


Access Sibelius In More Ways Than Ever

Access Sibelius in More Ways Than Ever

The new version of Sibelius started shipping on June 18th 2015, and with it comes new ways for you to acquire and use the world’s best-selling music notation software. While we have a great summary of Sibelius licensing options, including comparisons between different purchase options, in this blog I will summarize the best value options and explain some of the philosophy behind the changes.

What’s new — The main change is the addition of both monthly and annual subscription options. We have retained the normal perpetual license that you buy and own forever, and the multiseat education licenses, although we have also made some changes to the perpetual license as we now include an annual Avid upgrade plan.

Annual Avid upgrade plan — New purchases and upgrades/crossgrades to the new Sibelius perpetual license include this plan that simply gives you access to all new feature upgrades as they become available for a one year period. At the end of the 12-months you get the option to renew the plan for another 12-months of feature upgrades. If you decide not to renew the plan you still get to use the most recent version of software you have but cannot receive any future features or upgrades. If you then want to get the latest version of Sibelius you will need to move to a low-cost subscription or purchase a new version of the software. Subscription customers automatically get access to the latest version of Sibelius throughout the duration of the active subscription.

Benefits and savings — For some customers subscription offers savings and benefits, see below for customers who benefit from subscription. We are also changing the way we distribute Sibelius software, moving to a model where all users have access to a steady stream of new features—much more frequently than before—as part of the Avid upgrade plan. This enables you to get your hands on the latest tools as soon as they’re available instead of having to wait for a major release, so we plan on providing multiple releases each year and we are taking away the emphasis on a version number. It enables us to react much faster to new feature requests, and to developments we are planning that integrate Sibelius with other Avid products such as Avid Scorch, Avid Connectivity Partners such as publishers, and the new Avid Marketplace — all part of the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Reasons to upgrade — If you are on Sibelius 7 or earlier there are many features we have added, both in the 7.5 release and this new version, that can streamline your notation workflow, and the upgrade price from all versions of Sibelius from 1 to 7.5 is only $89 USD. If you are already on 7.5 check out the new Annotate feature, the Surface Pro 3 support, simplified activation through your Avid Master Account and other improvements, as well as the knowledge and the peace of mind that you’re covered by the Avid upgrade plan that will deliver upgrades and support for a whole year.

Best Value Choices For Purchase or Upgrade/Crossgrade to the new Sibelius

Check out the pricing comparisons in the License section of the Sibelius product pages for more details.

If you are new to Sibelius…

Best value: Annual subscription
Access the software at a lower monthly cost than a monthly subscription, and without the higher startup costs of a perpetual license. Annual subscription is $239, and for students and teachers* only $99.

If you own Sibelius and want the latest tools…

Best value: Annual upgrade plan for perpetual license
Since you own Sibelius, including Academic versions, the only cost is the annual Avid upgrade plan at $89.

If you want to crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic…

Best value: Perpetual license with annual upgrade plan
The crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic to a perpetual copy of Sibelius is only $199 and then $89 per year to renew your annual Avid upgrade plan.

If you are an Educational Institution…

Best value: Multi-seat Licenses*
Multiseat licenses for Sibelius are available at a discount from authorized Avid resellers for only $148 and $29 for an upgrade.

*Academic eligibility verification required – click here for more details.

If you purchase Sibelius 7.5 now and get the new Sibelius – If you register Sibelius 7.5, either from purchasing an upgrade, a crossgrade, a new version, or an academic version, on or after April 11th 2015, you will get the new Sibelius in your Avid Master Account so check your account and download the new Sibelius. We will also honor Sibelius Academic versions that included 4-years of free upgrades, and the new Sibelius availability falls within that 4-year time period, with an upgrade to the new Sibelius.


Sibelius Box

Get The New Sibelius Today

Access Sibelius in more ways than ever: subscribe, perpetual, upgrade from Sibelius 1 to 7.5, or switch from Finale, Notion, Encore  and Mosaic with a crossgrade.