Connecting Colors, Emotions and Sound to Score ‘The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons’

During my professional life as a sound engineer, musician and music producer, I have always lived immersed in auditory experiences. Until one day, when studying photography and video, I was surprised to find that both colors and emotions are spiritually and synergistically interconnected with music and sounds. So I started to develop a technique that combines my musical compositions with the endless range of colors.

For instance, the color red represents emotions like courage, survival, fear and strength. In the frequency spectrum the red color is located in the lower frequencies, and the crown chakra, at the core of our body sphincters, is also colored red. This connection between colors and emotions helps me to score movie scenes, unifying all film elements and enhancing the director’s narrative tools.

Danny Rubio scoring on Pro Tools

The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons, directed by Priscilla Padilla, tells the story of a girl named Pili, member of the Wayuu tribe that inhabits the arid Guajira Peninsula straddling the Venezuela-Colombia border. As part of her transformation from girl to woman, she’s being locked up by the rest of her family for nearly a year, learning the Wayuu traditions. Meanwhile, her grandmother is selling her to the highest bidder in exchange for precious stones, cows and goats.

The Wayuu girl Pili is being accompanied to her confinement

Pili learns to weave, one of the many Wayuu traditions

In the film, I participated as musical director and composer of original music using this technique. The entire recording was edited and mixed in Pro Tools. My team consisted of the artist Sol Okarina Colombo-Venezuelan, who sang the movie’s voices, and sound engineer Mario Lemmus. Once finished the music scoring process, I also joined the sound design department as co-designer and Pro Tools operator for Vladimir Diaz.

The film has been selected for numerous international film festivals and won over 12 awards in different categories; best documentary film, best cinematography and best sound design at the International Film Festival of Costa Rica 2013, best soundtrack at the film festival in Trieste Italy 2014, and was nominated for best film music at the Shock Music Awards in Colombia.

During the first month of confinement, Pili must remain in her hammock

Pili spending the nights awake, isolated from her tribe

My main tool as a film music composer and sound designer is Avid Pro Tools. In fact, during my career I have always relied on Pro Tools, as this software provides me a comfortable workflow in getting quick and professional results. The neutral colors of the user interface are easy on the eyes, and its intuitive design reduces valuable time in my production process workflows.

Here are some clips from the soundtrack I created for The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons. I hope you like it!

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