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  • Avid at GRAMMY Camp 2016

    What exactly goes into teaching young producers at GRAMMY Camp how to use Pro Tools for their music creation? Avid’s…

  • Master the Art of Music Creation

    EDM: Powerful Editing and Arranging with Pro Tools

    In this third episode I demonstrate simple, yet powerful, music editing and arranging functions. I consider editing and looping to…

  • Master the Art of Music Creation: Basslines, Synth Parts and Pro Tools Virtual Instruments

    EDM: Basslines, Synth Parts, and Virtual Instruments

    In this second episode I show you how to add and manipulate bassline and synth parts to the track using…

  • Master the Art of Music Creation: Electronic Dance Music (Part 1)

    EDM: Beats, Percussion, and Rhythms with Maschine

    I hope you’ll enjoy the first episode of our new tutorial series that dives into one of my favorite parts…