Helping You Stay Productive and Safe, Wherever You’re Working

The global response to the coronavirus outbreak is pushing the media and entertainment industry—from individual creators to the largest studios and broadcasters—to reevaluate our ways of working in order to stay safe.

In these difficult times, we need to come together as a community to find creative solutions to the challenges of working remotely. I’d like to share how Team Avid is quickly mobilizing to help you stay productive, no matter where you’re working.


Take Advantage of Free Licenses for Remote Users of Avid Creative Tools

For our commercial customers, we’re offering free creative tools licenses so team members can keep working remotely.

  • Free 90-day licenses for each of its registered users of Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate, and Sibelius | Ultimate. This offer is open through Friday, April 17.
  • Click here for details

For students whose school campuses are closed, we’ll keep creative tools in their hands so they can finish the school year on track.

  • Any student of an Avid-based learning institution that uses Media Composer, Pro Tools, or Sibelius can receive a free 90-day license for the same products. This offer is also open through Friday, April 17.
  • Click here for details


Leverage Remote Workflows in Your Current Applications

Commercial customers using Avid platforms to manage, store, or distribute content can easily tap into capabilities to extend news, sports, and post workflows with remote collaboration at scale. In the short term, you can do this within your current infrastructure.

For remote editing, customers can:

  • Share projects and media and stay in sync
  • Log media, prep content, group multicamera footage, and collaborate with others
  • Browse, search, organize, storyboard, and edit media just using a web browser
  • Extend production beyond the walls of your facility

For remote access to media workflows, broadcasters can: 

  • Leverage web-based access to the MediaCentral platform for a proven workflow with editorial teams
  • Access iNEWS from any location
  • Use VPN to keep information secure
  • Create, edit, and write stories and edit video and graphics remotely
  • Enable remote access for editors to work from home

To help teams transition to remote workflows, we’ve compiled technical documents outlining solutions options:

Consider a Cloud Strategy to Protect and Expand Your Workflows

For a more comprehensive solution, migrating to the cloud will achieve even greater economies of scale and performance. Several media companies are moving their workflows into the cloud with Avid platforms to find new ways to create, produce, and distribute content on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

      • Enable production teams to deploy workflows in the cloud
      • Rethink the way they get their work done, especially in anticipation of difficult times when teams need to collaborate from many locations
      • Deploy and operate securely in the cloud
      • Improve film and television production pipeline
      • Core solutions and technologies include the Avid MediaCentral™ | Cloud UX platform, Avid NEXIS | Cloud storage, and Avid Media Composer® all running natively in the Microsoft Azure cloud


Every situation is unique. Avid’s solutions experts and our cloud team are on standby to help you move to the cloud quickly.

Click here to request a consultation.


These are extraordinary times. The safety of each and every member of our community, including our employees, is job number one. We will do whatever we can to make your difficult decisions, like temporarily closing a facility, a whole lot easier.

Keep your input coming and we’ll keep working at the solutions.

Don’t Miss Avid Connect 2017 – Let’s Shape Our Future Together!

Soon we will be hosting our 4th Annual Avid Connect event at the Wynn Las Vegas, on the weekend prior to the opening of the 2017 NAB Show. We have put together what we believe is our strongest Avid Connect yet, thanks to valuable input from the Avid Customer Association (ACA), and feedback from previous Connect events.

From learning about the latest in cloud technologies to seeing the newest workflow innovations, and from hearing about ground-breaking immersive viewing experiences to better understanding 4K/HDR content production, this year’s keynote speeches and breakout sessions promise to be jam-packed with valuable knowledge, helpful insights and useful information.

Avid Connect 2017 will be a “don’t miss” event!

No matter what your role is, you will find a track that is tailored to your areas of interest, whether you are an executive from a large media enterprise, work as part of a creative team, or are an independent professional or creative artist.

The breakout sessions at this year’s Avid Connect will be designed around three major tracks:


  • Transforming the Media Enterprise – Innovation in Business & Technology
  • Empowering Collaboration – Talent, Tools & Technology
  • Mastering Your Craft – The Art of Cutting Edge Storytelling


Each track will have multiple sessions, led by some of our community’s foremost thought leaders, business innovators and creative luminaries. Senior members of Avid’s own R&D and product management teams, as well as many key industry partners, will also be sharing their insights and ideas for helping our industry solve its most pressing challenges and address its most important opportunities.

Check out the overview of the Avid Connect agenda here: www.avidconnect2017.com/agenda

This year’s Avid Connect will be our best yet, and I am confident that it will prove to be a very valuable investment for everyone that attends. I do hope that you will be able to join us, and that we will have the chance to meet in person.

Avid Connect 2017: Expanding the Possibilities 

Join industry leaders as they come together to experience the cutting-edge and prepare for the year ahead. Be there to strengthen your skills, network with collaborators and to try new tools and technologies.

April 22 – 23│Wynn Las Vegas



Bringing in the Professionals at Rio 2016

Avid Professional Services, a team of highly skilled consultants, project managers and engineers, played an invaluable role in helping our customers get the most out of their Avid solutions for their coverage of the Rio games. Working 12-hour shifts to provide 24/7 coverage during the games, they worked both onsite in Rio as well as at key customer sites around the world.

We had about 30 people dedicated to supporting the games, but when you add the extra support and engineering staff that were pulled in when needed, the team numbered 70 to 80 people. It all started back in June and July, with Professional Services providing training for editors and loggers both before and after they arrived in Rio. And their work will continue well into September, supporting the Paralympic Games.

We had two primary teams supporting an array of Avid products that we used by major broadcasters, including Interplay | Production, Avid shared storage, MediaCentral Platform and Interplay | MAM. They did everything from answering day-to-day questions, finding files and providing general support, to monitoring storage usage and troubleshooting issues.

On the ground in Rio, in addition to having staff at the International Broadcast Center — the heart of all broadcast operations — we also had teams covering the five “super venues” (for gymnastics, track and field, swimming, golf and tennis), which each had dedicated Avid shared storage, Media Composer and AirSpeed systems.

Every day was different, and everyone had their own role in the team. But it was a collaborative effort involving the workflow team, the tech team, customer support and engineering. The workflow team focused on resolving issues, while the tech team ensured users were guided through everything as smoothly as possible.

Working on the games required the passion, commitment and dedication of everyone involved. Like the athletes, our team had to be the best at their game. Our customers were very appreciative of their support and willingness to jump in and help with any issues, regardless of whether they involved Avid systems.

To find out how Avid Professional Services can help your business to succeed, contact professional.services@avid.com.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Managing Massive Volumes of Media in Rio

In just four years, managing and delivering content has changed remarkably since the last games in London. Whereas coverage used to focus mainly on the “big sports” like athletics, cycling, rowing and swimming, the summer games in Rio will see sports like dressage, fencing, archery and golf getting just as much coverage. The reason? The proliferation of multiplatform distribution. The fact is, broadcasters can provide much more targeted coverage if they don’t have the airtime to put the content on traditional TV channels.

But with multiple cameras covering all 28 sports, the challenge facing broadcasters is how to efficiently manage and distribute such a huge of volume of content. To meet consumer demand for more content on more platforms, broadcasters need production systems that enable them to manage content creation, automate workflows and empower collaboration.

Software-defined storage can help production teams efficiently and flexibly store and share large volumes of source material. Production teams can quickly access a shared pool of virtualized storage resources, which dramatically increases their efficiency. And by fully virtualizing storage, broadcasters can adjust their storage infrastructure as their storage needs change before, during and after the games—without disrupting workflows.

Avid NEXIS is the world’s first software-defined storage platform

To manage assets, collaborate and automate workflows for high-volume media delivery at the games, production teams need industry-proven media management systems in place. By making it easy to locate, use and repurpose clips among the thousands in storage, teams can focus on creating content rather than wasting time searching for the right clip. And by automating non-creative tasks like file preparation and transcoding in the background, media organizations can simplify and speed up distribution to multiple platforms and devices.

Create stories once and publish to multiple platforms with Avid MediaCentral | UX

With the right systems in place, production teams can quickly pull highlights through automated metadata gathering and publish them out to different channels with minimal human interaction, making multi-platform distribution a seamless, efficient and streamlined process.

Visit the Avid website to find out more about how Avid solutions can help production teams store, share and manage media assets for high-volume sports media delivery.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Captivating Viewers With Stunning Real-time Graphics in Rio

In the world of sports media production, data is getting bigger and more important. There are now many different ways to capture real-time data — player and ball positioning, predictive data, play-by-play data, player and team stats. And with more than 10,500 athletes competing in 28 different sports, the amount of data being captured at Rio 2016 is mind-blowing. The question is: How do you present all of this big data to viewers in a meaningful, attention-grabbing way?

The answer is, of course, through graphics. If you compare the amount of TV-screen real estate that graphics used to occupy 10 years ago to today, it’s clear to see how important graphics have become in sports production, especially at an event like the summer games. Over the years, graphics have become an essential part of storytelling and ever more sophisticated. Today, we’re even seeing augmented reality elements being used to visualize data. But for graphics to captivate and engage viewers, they need to be fast and relevant to the story.

In addition to delivering sophisticated graphics quickly and efficiently, graphics solutions need to be able to create them in a wide range of resolutions. They also need to integrate seamlessly with other systems in the sports-production environment and enable broadcasters to maximize the value of their content through user rights management and the efficient repurposing of broadcast graphics.

That’s where Avid graphics solutions come into play, providing a complete and integrated workflow for creating, managing, distributing and playing out stunning, high-resolution graphics and videos quickly and easily, boosting efficiency and production possibilities. With its modular architecture, the Avid graphics toolset can be customized for a wide variety of media environments and integrates seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party applications.

When broadcasting live sports like this summer’s games in Brazil, real-time graphics are an essential part of the overall viewer experience, helping to capture viewers’ attention and increase ratings. Visit the Avid website to find out more about Avid’s real-time graphics solutions.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Summer Games 2016: Gaining a Competitive Edge With Remote Production

With the explosion of mobile devices and platforms on which to watch sports content, whether on the go or in the home, broadcasters’ delivery of compelling content to millions of fans around the world has evolved significantly over the past few years.

There’s no doubt viewers’ hunger for instant access to high-quality content has changed the game for broadcasters as they compete to attract and retain viewers during major sporting events. But how do they balance the books to counter the extra costs associated with creating and delivering more engaging content?

Matching the London legacy

It’s been four years since the London games were dubbed ‘the most digital games in history’. With the next one just around the corner, we look at how technological advancements in remote media production can help broadcasters to win gold in the viewership and productivity race.

For the 2016 games, taking place in 32 venues in Rio de Janeiro, plus five soccer co-host cities — Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Manaus, Salvador and São Paulo — the amount of multicamera content being generated is likely to run into petabytes.

With this phenomenal amount of content coming into the International Broadcast Center (IBC), production teams need an efficient media production workflow to manage, edit and create packages for distribution across multiple platforms to ensure viewers stay up to speed with all the action.

Avid is all about collaboration

There’s no greater test for collaborative workflows than a two-week summer multisport extravaganza. With production teams dispersed at different venues, capturing the action hundreds of miles away from the broadcast center, the use of innovative remote media production solutions can bring production tools to the field – enabling the fast turnaround, delivery and broadcast of compelling content to multiple platforms.

Over the past year, we’ve seen many of our customers — from broadcasters to production companies — use our innovative remote working solutions, Avid MediaCentral | UX and Avid Media Composer | Cloud, to bring stories to air faster and more efficiently.

MediaCentral | UX, the cloud-based, web front end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform, enables editorial teams to use one application to collaborate in new ways and publish to multiple platforms. Journalists have the freedom to write scripts, view and edit video, record voiceovers, add and preview graphics, search across multiple systems simultaneously, send stories straight to air, and publish to social media platforms or a news organization’s website — and they can do all of this regardless of their location.

With Media Composer | Cloud, multiple remote Media Composer editors can connect to the home facility, regardless of their location, enabling them to collaborate with teams to create better stories from where they’re actually happening in the field. Editors, reporters and videographers can ingest, edit and move media fluidly between the story site and the main facility, enabling the editor to be in the field capturing and editing more stories instead of bound by the facility walls.

As the summer games are ongoing, we’re excited to see how broadcasters around the globe take on the challenge of topping the digital experience of London 2012. Powered by innovative remote media collaboration tools, we’re sure they’ll have us tuning in across every platform.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Augmenting Reality In Rio

Rio Summer 2016 is set to be the most immersive Games to date, with augmented reality putting viewers firmly in the middle of the action — wherever they are in the world. Augmented reality isn’t new in the world of sports broadcasting. For some time now, advanced design and production tools have existed that enable broadcasters to easily create 3D virtual objects that appear as if they’re actually in the studio or even outdoors.

While the tools and workflows have remained the same, the way augmented reality is deployed in production has improved dramatically. Today’s broadcasters are more experienced with augmented reality and are better able to figure out what can and can’t work. There’s a fine line between doing something that’s cool and something that’s tacky. But now that broadcasters have had a few years to experiment with the technology, from a content perspective, they have a much better idea of where augmented reality makes sense, how to use it and what kind of AR elements make sense. And with greater computing power, we’re now seeing more realistic graphics.

A number of broadcasters demonstrated these advances with some stunning augmented reality moments at the recent Euro 2016 soccer championship. National French TV channel M6, for example, made headlines when presenter Nathalie Renoux in M6’s Paris studio appeared to walk inside a TV to speak to fellow presenter Carine Galli on the sidelines in Nice. M6 also used a hologram effect to “zap” interviewees from a studio in the stadium to the M6 studio in Paris.

Meanwhile, in China, the national broadcaster’s sports channel, CCTV5, made a highly detailed model of the Arc de Triomphe appear in the studio for the opening game, enabling viewers to “walk through” the Paris landmark. CCTV5 also used Digital Sand Table — a professional football application developed by Avid partner EarthMountain — for pre-match predictions and analysis before each daily live broadcast. With all 32 participating teams and their players built into the application in advance, CCTV5’s presenters were able to discuss the game to be played that day, using different colors and effects on a touchscreen embedded on their desk. When presenters dragged the players’ names across the screen, viewers saw 3D models of the players running across the screen.

As sports broadcasters continue to develop how they use augmented reality technology to help boost fan engagement and ratings, I can’t wait to see the immersive experiences they have in store for us in Rio de Janeiro.

Visit the Avid website to find out about Avid’s augmented reality solution RealSet.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Yes, You Can Change and Lead an Industry

Maybe you haven’t heard of Avid, but you’ve heard us. And seen us. Grabbing your attention at the movies and on your TV screen. Jamming on your music devices and car stereo. And bringing energy to concert, theater, and sports venues around the world.

Countless talented people use our products every day to make your favorite movies, TV shows, albums, tours, sports programs, and news broadcasts possible. That’s because when it comes to media production, pros and aspiring pros alike choose Avid. And if you’re looking to join a team that’s on a mission to shape and continue leading the future of today’s media and entertainment industry, I invite you to choose Avid too.

In a nutshell, we’re hiring.

As the senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at Avid, I work with many creative and talented individuals who continue to surprise and delight me daily. Many of them have been with Avid for years, helping the company transform the way storytellers and artists bring their ideas to life. And we want to ensure that our customers—and their audiences—can continue creating and enjoying content wherever, whenever, and however they want.

But the media industry has been going through some radical changes, introducing new challenges to content creators. Challenges Avid has committed to resolving. That’s why I decided to join the company in 2013. I’ve been working in the media industry for over 25 years, and it was exciting to have the opportunity to not only help transform this famous company, but also lead the industry through this media evolution. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also been a lot of fun, which is why there’s never been a better time to join us.


Put your creativity to better use at Avid

To help empower our customers through this evolution, we’re expanding the Avid marketing team—our internal band of storytellers, trailblazers, and evangelists. We’re looking for creative individuals and media insiders who want to make a difference and help lead our customers—and the industry—into a brighter future.

We seek…


  • Brilliant strategizers and detail sticklers who think differently, decisively, and dynamically
  • Bold marketers who understand that failure is just a bump on the road to success
  • Creative individuals who live and understand the media industries in which we operate
  • Exceptional communicators who can bring teams together and champion gutsy ideas
  • Passionate people who are proactive in their approach and a voice for our customers

Sound like you?

Take the first step towards making your career change. Check out the career opportunities available in our Marketing organization here and apply today. Don’t see something that matches your background or skills? Send us your resume at careers@avid.com—we’re always looking for great talent as our team continues to evolve and new positions become available. Or check out our other opportunities outside of marketing on the Avid Careers page.

If Avid sounds like an exciting and rewarding adventure for you, and you’re the right fit for us, I hope to be working with you soon!


Get to know Avid

Time For a Career Change?

We’re looking for great talent as our team continues to evolve. Check out our career opportunities available in our Marketing organization and apply today.