Students Learn Real-World Tech Skills and How to Manage Media with Avid NEXIS

Increasingly today’s high schools and universities are recognizing the value of technical literacy and the importance of teaching students how to access and manage information and media in the digital age. Avid is an active partner in this endeavor. Teaming with educational institutions at both the high school and collegiate level, we’re helping make our tools/solutions available to students around the country.

Avid’s shared storage domain offers the ideal way for students to learn valuable media management skills in a real-world environment. Schools nationwide have been using ISIS storage systems that enable up to 40 students to connect, collaborate and simultaneously access the same high-res media in real time.

Now a growing number of schools are acquiring Avid NEXIS, the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. The system builds on the power and performance of ISIS, offering even more capacity, unrivalled performance, scalability, and reliability. And now it provides greater bandwidth to accelerate 4K/UHD and finishing workflows, plus new support for Pro Tools collaboration.

The power of one

One group of schools in Southern California was the fortunate recipient of Avid NEXIS systems, due in no small part to the passion and unrelenting dedication of teacher Matt Stroup. Matt spends most of his days teaching video production and technology literacy at Clark Magnet High School in La Crescenta, California, where a total of 540 students rotate through his classes each year. He also advises on all matters media and technology throughout the Glendale Unified School District. But that’s only part of the story. To understand what Matt and Avid bring to the students, it helps to understand how schools came to have Avid NEXIS solutions in their media labs.


A vision realized

Matt has roots as a working professional in the industry. So he’s experienced with a range of media production tools and knew that he wanted to expose students to a network-based shared storage workflow. “When I step back and look at the world – professional work is being done over some type of digital network,” he says. Part of his goal was to demystify how cloud-based platforms function. ”The cloud is not a magical unicorn floating out in space somewhere,” he says. “It’s hardware networked together – a great big Wiki world.”

From his work in the entertainment industry and with competitive products, he also knew he wanted Avid for his school. At the time, in 2009/2010, there was no funding to make this goal a reality. But Matt lobbied the media department at Clark Magnet High School while he also looked outside the school for like-minded supporters and potential partners. He found them in another six schools and colleges in the Glendale area. With a bond from his school plus a six-million-dollar grant from the state of California spread across the consortium of schools, he got his wish with new computers and multiple Avid NEXIS systems up and running.

Giving projects life

Matt’s students put Avid NEXIS through its paces to varying degrees – moving from simple for his technical literacy classes to extremely complex in his advanced production classes, where the software functions just as it might for a professional studio or film production. The platform is used to help create everything from PSAs for the city to short one-camera narratives to complex, multi-camera films.

He describes his advanced video production capstone class project with excitement, explaining that this year’s film, which may be shot on location at Fort Tejon, explores relevant themes like racism through the story of a civil war fort. Their film experience involves finding locations and actors, raising money, developing the script, shooting, production and post – the same as any feature. Students have developed their own specialties and all have defined roles.


Beyond the classroom

Matt’s goal is to prepare students to be successful out in the world, whether or not they pursue careers in media and entertainment. “Students can transfer these skills out in the world. It gives them more power – the ability to get more done in the environment we live in today. Knowing how to work over a network, collaborate as a team, and know how things are stored and how to access them are all extremely valuable skills.”

Clark Magnet High School is also part of the Avid Learning Partner Program so students receive training and certification. Those serious about film and video production have a huge advantage right out of the gate and secure internships directly out of school. Some students move straight into the workforce as competent filmmakers where, as Matt says, “clouds are the limit.” Others contribute in computer support roles. Their technical proficiency has them well prepared for the work world and is highly attractive to employers.

Avid NEXIS scores in-stadium

Avid NEXIS is also impacting educational life outside the classroom – literally. Earlier this year, Colorado State University Athletics debuted its new on-campus football stadium, which includes a massive 4,200-square foot video board and 1,290 feet of ribbon board around the stadium. These boards bring action on the field to life in a new way, displaying rich content like in-game stats, sponsor ads and league scores. The new control room housed in nearby Moby Arena is connected to the stadium via fiber optic cabling, bringing video graphics to volleyball, basketball and football games. To facilitate collaboration between the two sites, RamVision, Colorado State’s video production department, selected three Avid NEXIS | PRO software-defined storage systems.

Designed for small video and audio production teams, Avid NEXIS | PRO offers Avid NEXIS performance and reliability in a smaller and more affordable package. As with in-class use, Avid the shared storage platform helps students flex their creative muscles in new ways and enhance educational experiences. “We’re ecstatic about the new capabilities Avid NEXIS will bring to the table for us,” says Benjamin Brune, Director of RamVision at Colorado State University. “Avid NEXIS will allow us to work collaboratively and securely across different locations, while focusing our time on being creative. At the same, we’ll be able to train our students on professional solutions they’ll work with beyond graduation.”

A look at the High Schools, Colleges and Universities who installed Avid NEXIS in 2017

At a time when some schools struggle to provide even the most basic educational tools and programs, it’s inspiring to see the passion of educators result in technology and programs that not only enhance classroom experiences but also impact students for the rest of their lives. Avid is proud to be part of this commitment.

Learn how Avid for Education helps bring advanced production tools to schools and impacts students’ lives.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.

Avid Sponsors High School Nation to Help Public Schools Build Recording Studios and Musical Skills

At a time when many U.S. public schools are experiencing funding cuts for art, music and the performing arts, High School Nation (HSN) offers an exciting, innovative solution that infuses schools with the critical funding, equipment, facilities, and instruments they need to spark and develop budding creative and musical talents.

By hosting its traveling spring and fall festival tours annually for several years now, this Camarillo, CA-based organization has already provided a total of $2 million in cash and equipment to support educational programs and facilities at more than 200 high schools across 34 states.

As a corporate event sponsor, Avid is giving back to HSN-participating schools by donating our popular industry-standard audio content creation tools, giving teachers the means to develop their students’ talents for personal enrichment, and possibly future careers in the media and entertainment industry.

To create this exclusive extravaganza, HSN takes over high schools’ football stadiums and stages a two-hour live music concert featuring today’s top, young music artists. Students can also visit the many company-sponsored trailers and tents that surround the field with attractions—such as arts-oriented activities, product giveaways, and the opportunity to play with musical instruments, equipment and other content creation tools.

A hit with high schools

In 2017, HSN launched a new endeavor, HSN Studios, in an effort to help schools build fully functional, professional-grade music recording studios on their premises, and to assist students with the business side of the recording and entertainment industries. HSN Studios has chosen 60 schools to receive new studio equipment packages in the near future, with more expected in the coming years.

Students benefit by being able to enjoy music and arts programs, and access to high-end studios outfitted with gear, software, components, and musical instruments donated by the more than two-dozen leading manufacturers—including Avid, Audio-Technica, Guitar Center, DW Drums, One Piano, ZT Amplifiers, Nugen Audio, Gibson, Ernie Ball and Native Instruments.

Awesome future potential

As part of Avid’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of music professionals and helping educators better prepare them for their future careers, we’re supporting High School Nation’s ambitious project by providing each studio with a copy of the industry standard Pro Tools software. In addition, we’re also giving students access to Pro Tools | First digital audio workstation and Media Composer | First video editing solution with helpful tutorials and training videos.

These creative tools complement the rest of the HSN Studios equipment package, which includes computers, sound effects libraries, cloud and hard drive storage, microphones, headphones and monitors, giving students everything they need to produce and record music.

“High school is a time in a teenager’s life when they start to experiment with bands and vocal development. Very few have access to a professional studio where they can benefit from using the best equipment on the market. This brings them one step further toward achieving their potential whether it’s on the professional stage or for personal enjoyment,” said Jimmy Cantillon, CEO and Co-founder of High School Nation.

To date, HSN has entertained more than 600,000 high schoolers. In 2018, HSN Studios plans to expand to video production studios, and by 2019, to gaming, VR and animation studios. There are also plans to sponsor student film festivals and music contests, and act as a conduit between HSN students and major film and music production companies looking to discover new talent and content.

Through our High School Nation sponsorship, and our own educational programs, Avid offers educators access to the tools and resources they need to prepare students for top college media programs and successful careers in the media and entertainment industry.

Pro Tools | First

Get started with composing, recording, editing, and mixing music with a free version of Pro Tools, the industry’s most trusted and used DAW.

Meet Media Composer | First

Learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

Editors Discuss their “Game-Changing” Films at EditFest LA 2017

Excited to support the professional editing community again this year, Avid returned to The Walt Disney Studios for the American Cinema Editors’ EditFest LA event. The sold-out, day-long gathering provided editors, assistants, students and film enthusiasts with the opportunity to hear from many of the industry’s leading editors as they shared their experience, advice, and creative process.

Avid’s Principal Applications Specialist, Michael Krulik, returned to the stage to moderate a panel on Breaking Boundaries – a panel of editors who worked on films that changed the industry. Michael sat down with editors from Zoot Suit, This is Spinal Tap, Blade and Avatar as they shared their insight, anecdotes, and favorite clips from the films.

Jackie Cambas, ACE

Jackie Cambas, ACE is known for her work on Mermaids, Frankie & Johnny, and Made in America. During the panel, Jackie shared her experience on Zoot Suit where she brought to life the vision of Director Luis Valdez, acknowledged as the founder of modern Chicano theatre and film.

Robert Leighton

Robert Leighton is best know for his work with Director Rob Reiner on films such as When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, Misery and The Bucket List. Robert also edited This is Spinal Tap, which was one of the first mocumentary films. Without a real script, only story beats that the actors had to incorporate into their ad-libbed dialogue, Robert discussed the challenges of cutting when no two takes were the same.

Paul Rubell, ACE

Paul Rubell, ACE has made a name for himself in the action world, working for Directors such as Michael Bay, Peter Berg, and Michael Mann on films such as Transformers 1, 2 and 4, Hancock, Collateral, and The Fate of the Furious. Paul discussed his work on Blade, noted as the first successful modern Marvel movie. The fight scenes in that film, specifically, made it the talk of the town for nearly a year…until The Matrix.

Stephen Rivkin, ACE

With a career spanning nearly four decades, Stephen Rivkin, ACE has edited films such as My Cousin Vinny, Ali, and Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3. During the panel, Steven provided insight on his workflow from Avatar, noted for advancing the use of photo-realistic CGI, motion capture, and 3D technology in film. The movie also remains the most financially successful film of all time.

Following the lively panel, Michael Krulik awarded a few lucky members of the audience with Avid prizes and had the pleasure of showcasing Media Composer’s latest features during the lunch session.


Photos by Peter Zakhary / Tilt Photo

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Avid and Microsoft Showcase Joint Cloud Strategy at MESA’s Media & Entertainment Day and SIGGRAPH

Recently Avid participated in two events that underscore today’s media-anywhere environment and the importance of the cloud in that journey. In the same way that Avid led the industry three decades ago, Avid is once again at the forefront in helping its customers lead the next evolution of creative freedom—in the cloud.

Partnering for the cloud journey

As we announced at NAB earlier this year, Avid has formed a Strategic Cloud Alliance with Microsoft to integrate the Azure cloud hosting platform with the Avid MediaCentral platform, allowing customers to quickly and easily leverage the efficiencies, flexibility and agility that cloud workflows provide. By choosing Azure as our preferred cloud hosting platform, we’re allowing media and entertainment entities, creative teams and artists to migrate to the cloud at their own pace and on their own terms.

Demonstrating the power: Microsoft Media & Entertainment Day

We had the opportunity to showcase our breakthrough cloud-based strategy to more than 300 media and entertainment professionals at the Microsoft Media & Entertainment Day, held July 25, 2017, at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York.

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), an organization of industry-leading developers and vendors, including Avid and Microsoft, hosted this inaugural event where Industry experts shared case studies and solutions showcases on data, analytics, security, the cloud and artificial intelligence.

Amid three tracks of programming and two floors of the latest technology updates from Microsoft, their technology partners and customers, we demonstrated our cloud-based solution, showing exactly how media organizations and creative professionals can quickly and easily leverage the efficiencies and elastic capacity of the cloud.

In his keynote on “Optimizing Video Workflows,” Senior Director of the Avid Global Center of Excellence Craig Dwyer noted several trends, including the exponential rise in content creation, multiplatform and Over-the-Top (OTT) distribution, and personalized media consumption. His remarks were part of the event’s “Video in the Microsoft Cloud: Where Collaboration Meets Workflows” session track.

Dwyer put the power of the joint strategy into perspective. “We’re now going to see that driving efficiencies at scale suddenly starts to make a lot of sense, especially for large organizations that have thousands of people who are using their systems at hundreds of locations,” he said. “Our customers now want to remove the friction between their different systems and create a much more fluidly-connected supply chain. Building an ecosystem of partner-solutions around the Azure cloud will create a lot of efficiency.”

Innovation in Editing at SIGGRAPH

Avid Solutions Specialist Michael Krulik demoed our Azure-based cloud solution for creative professionals at the SIGGRAPH graphics and animation conference, which took place August 1-3, 2017, in Los Angeles.

SIGGRAPH is known as an event for and about innovation and innovators. And this year was no exception. As one of six “partner pods” at Microsoft’s SIGGRAPH booth, Krulik and his team showed how Avid and Azure are advancing a synergistic cloud strategy that will allow media companies to migrate seamlessly to the cloud.

For people who were curious about why Avid was in Microsoft’s booth, the demo brought immediate understanding. As Krulik explained, “everybody is used to MediaComposer on a laptop but tapping into the data center through a virtual machine set up is very compelling and bring entirely new levels of creative freedom and flexibility.”

Plan Your Media Enterprise to the Cloud

The cloud provides an environment that can enhance and accelerate almost every aspect of the media supply chain, allowing Media Enterprises to focus on the business of creating and monetizing great content.


Ready to Connect at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando

InfoComm 2017 is the largest pro-AV event in the Western Hemisphere, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products, and 40,000 attendees from 110+ countries.  This year the annual event will take place June 14 – 16 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center.

Visit us at Booth #4153 in the Immersive Technology Pavilion

Avid is pleased to once again present a select range of products on the exhibition floor as attendees see the latest audiovisual technology, learn skills to advance their career and grow their professional network. 

If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stop by our booth where our team of product experts will be happy to demo any of our solutions for Live Sound, Pro Mixing, Video Post Production, Video Wall Control, and Storage.

Be our guest at InfoComm

Want to attend the InfoComm Exhibit Hall for free? Register online for your complimentary pass using Avid VIP Code EXH. In addition to the hundreds of exhibitors, this pass will also give you access to the Opening Reception, Immersive Technologies Pavilion, Park, and Center Stage.




VENUE | S6L—The Next Stage in Live Sound

Avid VENUE | S6L is a modular live sound system that offers unprecedented processing capabilities—with over 300 processing channels. S6L delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and backs it up with modern touchscreen workflows and scalability to meet any challenge.

We will be demonstrating the new VENUE 5.4 software update for S6L that introduces advanced new workflows to meet the challenges of even the most complex theatre and house of worship productions.


There will also be a technology preview of S6L connecting to the Stage 16 I/O box (normally part of the VENUE | S3L-X system) for even greater I/O flexibility.

Be sure to drop by and get a demo and discover why tours, installations, and leading sound companies around the world are embracing the new VENUE flagship system.

Pro Tools | S6

Pro Mixing at it’s finest

Since its introduction, Pro Tools | S6 has provided engineers with unmatched Pro Tools integration with most intuitive mixing workflows of any mixing system. Countless engineers, studios and post production facilities around the world depend on Pro Tools | S6 every day to complete the best sounding mixes possible for their clients. We’ll be showing off the latest S6 and Pro Tools Dolby Atmos® integration that provides mixers with the integrated tools to create the most immersive content ever.

Pro Tools | HD

Pro Tools | HD will be connected to Avid NEXIS shared storage. Avid’s intelligent software-defined storage, with its intuitive management of workspace and bandwidth, is acknowledged as the benchmark for creative collaboration. The upcoming software update (scheduled for this month) increases usability, and introduces multi-seat support for Pro Tools, so that audio and video creatives can now share projects with ease.

Pro Tools | MTRX

The new Pro Tools | MTRX interface will also be at InfoComm this year, an interface that delivers the most pristine sound quality possible, as well as extensive monitoring and routing capabilities.

Come visit us and get a demo of how Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | MTRX, Avid NEXIS, and Pro Tools work together to deliver the pinnacle of audio recording, editing and mixing.

TD Control

Manage Video Walls with Ease

TD Control makes it easy to present, manage, and control rich media—including 3D real-time graphics, video clips, augmented reality, and live feeds—across multiple high-resolution, non-standard studio displays, even in the studio space itself, all from a single interface. Join us at Booth #4153 and see how you can manage studio video walls, maximize resources, and enrich broadcasts with engaging content.

Media Composer

Enable Agile Post-Production workflows

Powered by the MediaCentral® Platform, our team of specialists can show you the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, which includes editing in Media Composer® 8.8 and the industry’s first and only software-defined storage platform – Avid NEXIS®.

Avid VENUE | S6L

The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.


Avid’s Creative Tools Help Butterscotch Bring her Art to Life



Avid’s collaborative tools were recently used for Butterscotch’s latest single, We Are All We Got. Butterscotch, the world’s first female beatbox champion and America’s Got Talent finalist, has her own truly unique style, simultaneously beatboxing, singing, rapping and performing on piano or guitar.

For her most recent single, Butterscotch collaborated with Grammy Award nominated producer Mischke Butler (Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Blu Cantrell) and Grammy Award winning producer Neff-U (Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber).

We were lucky to go behind the scenes with the artists throughout the project – as they met for the first time to work on tracks, continued work remotely as they collaborated via the cloud in Pro Tools, and met again together to finish the final track.

Watch the making of ‘We Are All We Got” below or learn more about the collaboration process from Butterscotch, Mischke and Neff-U:



To find out more about how Butterscotch uses Avid Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer to create her music and videos, check out these other “behind the scenes” blogs:

Mixing 'Accept Who I Am' with Pro Tools

Editing 'Accept Who I Am' with Media Composer

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Collaboration is Key for Butterscotch’s Latest Single

Great music starts with inspiration but it doesn’t end there. And more often than not, it’s not a solitary effort. Voice percussionist virtuosa and beatbox phenomenon, Butterscotch is a musical force. She’s a one-woman vocal symphony who beatboxes, sings and plays guitar and piano. Influenced by jazz, classical, hip hop and R&B, her talent has captured the attention of audiences and musical insiders alike, including Grammy award-nominated songwriter/producer Mischke. Little did the two artists know that a brief meeting a few years ago would eventually lead to Butterscotch’s latest single “We Are All We Got.”

Mischke, who’s worked with everyone from Michael Jackson and Britney Spears to Gwen Stefani and Little Mix, recently let Avid behind the scenes of his collaboration with Butterscotch and Grammy Award-winning producer Neff-U (Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber, and Sia). They worked together in the studio and remotely via the cloud to create the powerful and socially relevant new single.

The trio, who had never worked together, didn’t know what to expect when they got in the studio together late last year. But once they started experimenting—becoming vulnerable and opening up creatively—it all flowed pretty naturally.

“We tried so many different ideas to end up where we ended up,” Mischke says. “She would beatbox a few times and we’d build a track around that. We kept on moving and creating.”

Together, they started laying down a few tracks and on the fourth track, they knew they had found “the one.” Together for only a few hours in the studio, their busy lives and travel schedules didn’t stop the creative process. The artists continued creating, working on their own and collaboratively via the cloud.

Pro Tools was key to the team’s fluid creative process. Following their first session together, the artists did a lot of improvising. Using Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration enabled even greater freedom. Powered by the latest high-performance, secure cloud server technology, Cloud Collaboration allowed the group to work collectively even when they weren’t physically together. It was power at their fingertips.

Butterscotch remembers sharing her session with Mischke in Pro Tools using the cloud while she was at home working on lyrics and he was in the studio. Mischke marvels at the new creative freedom the technology provides.  “It was fun and pretty life-changing that we could do that together,” he says.

When the group got back together in the studio again to finalize the single, everyone agreed that the collaboration was a success. “It’s one thing to collaborate; it’s another to trust. So with collaboration, when you add trust you get amazing things,” says Neff-U.

Making the partnership even more powerful, the stars aligned in January of this year at the music industry tradeshow NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) where Butterscotch performed her new single alongside legendary mixer Jimmy Douglass – who agreed to bring his vision to the final mix.

“Running into these guys at the right time was a happy accident,” says Jimmy. “It was amazing to work with such talented artists.” Mischke shares the same respect for Jimmy. “The vocals sound crazy amazing. We were blessed with Jimmy’s stellar talents on this project,” he says.

“We Are All We Got” is a star-studded collaboration and testament to the ability of technology to bring out the best in artists, both individually and as a group. Removing physical boundaries gives creators like Butterscotch and her talented collaborators newfound freedom. After all, creativity doesn’t just happen in the studio. Mischke says it best; “it’s a different kind of world for all of us now.”

Watch the video that takes you inside the collaborative creative process behind Butterscotch’s new single and hear the just-released single “We Are All We Got.

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Avid Media Campus Tour—Transforming Educational Institutions, Connecting with the Media Industry

The next generation of media and entertainment professionals are joining the industry at a thrilling time. Audiences are consuming more content on more devices than ever before. And there’s incredible demand for high-quality, highly creative content. To begin a successful career in media, today’s students need fluency in the industry’s leading production tools.

We recently announced Avid Media Campus – a new program that makes it easier than ever for educational institutions to access professional solutions from Avid. Offering a deeper partnership with Avid, and flexible volume licensing and deployment options, the new program helps educators better prepare the next generation of creative talents and media professionals for careers in the media and entertainment industry.

Whether it’s producing hit music with Pro Tools, scoring a Hollywood blockbuster with Sibelius, cutting an award-winning web series with Media Composer, creating a sports rundown with Interplay | Production, or delivering breaking news with iNEWS, Avid tools are at the heart of professional production workflows everywhere. We’re excited to help the next class of storytellers, producers, composers, and broadcasters jump in.

This academic year, Avid is going on tour to visit schools and studios around North America. Don’t miss your chance to hear out how Avid is partnering with schools to help prepare the next generation of media professionals.

Join us later this year in a city near you to:

• Discover how you can transform your school with Avid Media Campus and other ways to partner with Avid in Education

• Learn from industry professionalswith masterclasses, industry panels, and tips and tricks from Avid pros

• Connect to the industry through networking and career fair opportunities

Our first stop on the Tour is this week in Raleigh, NC at the Emmy-award-winning production and post-production studio, Trailblazer Studios. To attend, please register now!

Other cities on the tour will include:

• Los Angeles

• New York

• Austin

• Nashville

• Indianapolis

• Vancouver


Stay tuned to the blog later this summer when our full list of dates and cities will be announced. We hope to see you soon in a city near you.

Celebrating the 2017 MPSE & CAS Student Award Nominees

As part of Avid’s ongoing commitment to preparing the next generation of filmmakers for future success, Avid sponsored this year’s CAS Student Recognition Award and MPSE Verna Fields Award for Student Filmmakers. These awards, given at the CAS Awards on Saturday, February 18 and the MPSE Golden Reel Awards on Sunday, February 19, respectively celebrate the achievements of sound editing, mixing, and recording.

To kick off “Awards Weekend” Avid hosted a CAS & MPSE Student luncheon for all of the Student Award Nominees:


CAS Student Recognition Award Nominees

  • Jeremy Culver – Baylor University in Waco, TX
  • Sammy Duff – Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA
  • Wenrui Fan – Chapman University in Orange, CA
  • Lauren Johnson – University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA
  • Matthew Kluchin – The University of Texas in Austin, TX


MPSE Verna Fiels Award for Student Film Makers

  • Zoltan Juhasz – National Film and Televsion School in Beaconsfield, England for Fishwitch
  • Gerry Vazquez – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA for Icarus
  • Xiang Li – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA for It’s Just a Gun
  • Peiqi Duan – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA for Shallow Grave
  • Xiaodan Li – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA for Jerry
  • Chris Morocco – University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA for Amelia’s Closet
  • Tom Jenkins – National Film and Televsion School in Beaconsfield, England for Those Who Are Lost
  • Taylor Scherer – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA for Eden

The event, held at the Avid offices in Burbank, featured David Fluhr, CAS, an award-winning re-recording mixer known most recently for his work on Zootopia, Moana, and Frozen. Fluhr discussed his career experience in post production sound mixing, highlighted some of his workflows for projects, and answered student questions about “making it” in Hollywood.

The Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Panel for the Verna Fields Award, Glenn T. Morgan, MPSE, also shared stories about his own challenges and successes in the industry.  Avid Solutions Specialist Ozzie Sutherland was also on hand to discuss the world of sound for film and tv, highlighting some of Avid’s technology for the industry and sharing tips with the up and coming filmmakers along the way.

Following the presentations and lunch, students were each awarded their own copy of Pro Tools to help continue their success. Students then departed for an afternoon at Sony Pictures Entertainment, hosted by MPSE president Tom McCarthy, complete with a tour of the Studio, screenings of the MPSE nominated films and dinner.

On Saturday, February 18, CAS Student Nominees headed to the OMNI Los Angeles Hotel as it played host to the 53rd Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards. Over 500 were in attendance to recognize the year’s top sound mixers in film and television. Big winners on the night included La La Land, Finding Dory, Game of Thrones and Modern Family.

2017 CAS Student Recognition Award Winner Sam Fan

During the evening, Student Wenrui “Sam” Fan from Chapman University also received the CAS Student Recognition Award and was presented with a check for $2500. This award is based on the recommendation of an instructor or professor and on the student’s accomplishments, enthusiasm, and demonstrated potential in the field of sound mixing and/or sound recording for film and television. Congratulations, Sam!

The following night Hollywood’s post directors, mixers and editors gathered at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles for the 64th Annual Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Awards. The MPSE Student Award nominees joined the crowd of almost 900 to recognize the year’s best achievements in sound editing for feature film, TV, animation and web-based productions. Hacksaw Ridge, Westworld, La La Land and Strangers Things walked away with the night’s most notable awards.

Avid’s Director of Worldwide Pro Audio Solutions Specialists Rich Nevens was also in attendance to present the Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing for Student Films. This award, which recognizes high-quality and imaginative sound editing in student film and video projects, also includes the Ethel Crutcher Scholarship in the amount of $1000. This year two students tied for the honor:

Zoltan Juhasz, a student at the National Film and Television School, for his Sound Editing, Sound Design and Foley work on Fishwitch and Gerry Vasquez, a student at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University,  for his Sound Editing and Sound Design work on Icarus. Congratulations to Gerry and Zoltan!

2017 Verna Field Award Winners Zoltan Juhasz (left) and Gerry Vasquez (right)

Avid’s mission is to help anyone tell their story – from industry professionals to young filmmakers who are just starting their careers in the entertainment industry.

“By providing support to students through sponsorships like these and developing strong relationships with educators in the process, Avid can help better prepare the next generation of talent for our industry,” said Nevens. “Based on the student talent we’ve seen this year, the future of the industry looks pretty bright.”


Photo Credits: Avid, Alex Berliner (CAS Awards), and Chris Schmitt Photography (MPSE Awards).

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

Make your mark with Pro Tools—Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.


Join Avid at the HPA Tech Retreat 2017

On February 20-24, media industry leaders will converge on Indian Wells, California for the HPA Tech Retreat, an informal gathering organized by the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) that attracts the top engineering, technical and creative talent and business leaders in film, television, video, cinema and post production. As a Foundation Member of the HPA and a longtime sponsor of the retreat, Avid is proud to support the event once again.

Agile post-production workflows at the Innovation Zone

If you’re attending the retreat, make sure to stop by and see us at the Innovation Zone, where solutions specialist Michael Krulik and solutions engineer Colin Blake will present Avid’s latest innovations for agile post-production workflows. Powered by the MediaCentral® Platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, these developments include:


• Remote cloud editing with Media Composer® 8.8

• Phonetic search technology, script-based editorial and captioning with ScriptSync®, PhraseFind™, Dialogue Search, and Illuminate

• Storage virtualization for any media application with Avid NEXIS®, the industry’s first and only software-defined storage platform

Avid NEXIS | E5

Avid ScriptSync and PhraseFind

A trio of Avid technology experts take center stage

 Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from three of Avid’s most esteemed technology experts who will all speak at the conference on Thursday, February 23.


At 11am-12pm, Avid’s solution integration architect Gurparkash Saini will share his expertise on cloud-based workflows as part of a panel titled “Production in the Cloud: Pitfalls and Epiphanies”. Referencing real-world use cases, the panelists will highlight the pros and cons of current cloud production, and provide insight into the future of cloud production.


At 2-3pm, Avid’s principal software engineer Stephen Wilson will join fellow industry luminaries on a panel on “IMF & Automated Mastering”. Other panelists include Arjun Ramamurthy, VP of Technology at Twentieth Century Fox and Rohit Puri, Engineering Manager, Cloud Media Systems at Netflix.


Finally, at 4.30-5pm, Avid’s Director of Architecture, Rob Gonsalves, will share his insights on “Preventing Ramsomware Attacks”. His presentation will look at the growing threat that ransomware poses to media production companies, and how they can protect their assets and mitigate the risk of these attacks using disaster recovery systems with specific safeguards against ransomware.

Be part of the industry’s future

We’re giving retreat attendees a special discounted rate for Avid Connect 2017, the annual gathering of the Avid Customer Association, where hundreds of media professionals come together to shape the future of the industry. Attendees who register by February 28 can save $400 on registration fees using an exclusive promo code. Taking place just before NAB on April 22-23 in Las Vegas, this year’s event will reveal the results of the inaugural ACA Vote, which gives ACA members the unique opportunity to directly influence Avid’s future offerings.

To participate in this unprecedented vote, visit the Avid Customer Association website.