Avid Celebrates the Art of Storytelling at the 2017 ACE Eddie Awards

On Friday, January 27th, in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the American Cinema Editors (ACE) recognized the best editing of the year in film, television and documentaries at the 67th annual ACE Eddie Awards.

Avid is honored to continue it’s sponsorship of this special event and to support the many talented editors in their craft of storytelling.

The celebrations kicked off on Wednesday, January 25th, at the Walt Disney Studios with an ACE cocktail party for all of the Eddie Nominees, honoring each for their contributions to the industry. At this time, the 2017 ACE Student Editing Award Nominees were also announced:


Asher Trout, Wheaton College

Kaitlyn Ali, University of North Carolina

Tommy Wakefield, University of North Carolina


During the presentations, each student was awarded a commemorative plaque as well as a copy of Avid Media Composer, both intended to inspire the next generation of storytellers.

Before the Awards got underway on Friday, Avid was fortunate to play host to ACE members, Nominees, Honorees and invited guests during its annual Cocktail Reception in the Stardust Room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Here friends, family and industry counterparts gathered to celebrate the craft before heading downstairs for dinner and the awards show. Nominees were also encouraged to sign the Official Nominee poster from the event. For more pictures from the Avid Cocktail Reception visit: avid.com/ace.

When the show finally got underway, ACE President, Stephen Rivkin presided over the ceremonies while Actress and Comedian Rachel Bloom served as host.

When the awards were given, Avid was honored to have Media Composer be the editorial tool of choice for all of this year’s winners:




Joe Walker, ACE



La La Land

Tom Cross, ACE




Fabienne Rawley & Jeremy Milton



O.J.: Made in America

Bret Granato, Maya Mumma & Ben Sozanski



Everything is Copy – Nora Ephron: Scripted & Unscripted

Bob Eisenhardt, ACE



Veep: “Morning After”

Steven Rasch, ACE



This is Us: “Pilot”

David L. Bertman, ACE



Game of Thrones: “Battle of the Bastards”

Tim Porter, ACE



All the Way

Carol Littleton, ACE



Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: “Senegal”

Mustafa Bhagat

Tom Cross, ACE

Tom Cross, ACE, who won the award for Best Edited Feature Film – Comedy for La La Land, said, “It feels incredible to be honored by my peers in the editing community with an ACE EDDIE Award – and I couldn’t have done it without Avid Media Composer. The Avid gave me the flexibility to creatively enhance La La Land’s editorial style according to the arc and emotion of each scene—from the kinetic energy of the protagonists’ first encounter and the slower romantic scenes to the fever-pitch pace of being swept off your feet.”

J.J. Abrams, Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE, Janet Ashikaga, ACE, Lori Jane Coleman, ACE, Diana Friedberg, ACE, ACE and William Gordean, ACE were also honored at the awards ceremony.

Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams, the 2017 ACE Golden Eddie recipient, summed it up nicely as he expressed his gratitude for the “critical, invisible, challenging and often thankless work” of the Editor.

“It took me years to really appreciate the art of editorial. Sometimes, of course, it flows. It’s about following the script to a tee. But often it’s quite the opposite… That’s where the artist at the Avid has to perform a magic trick. They have to make something out of something else… It’s the editor that tells the story.”

—J.J. Abrams, 2017 ACE Golden Eddie recipient

Photos by Mike Taylor, Jon Delouz and Peter Zakhary / Tilt Photo www.tiltphoto.com

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Avid Graphics Tour — Captivating Audiences Across North America

For any news, sports or studio production, ensuring audiences are both immersed and engaged is an ongoing battle. Success lies in the tools used to unleash creativity and deliver visual impact.

From rich Ultra-HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements and story-centric news workflows, Avid Studio Suite gives broadcasters the freedom to differentiate their productions from the competition with the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media.

Prior to NAB 2017, we’re taking to the road to showcase the latest innovations from the Avid Studio Suite powered by the Avid MediaCentral Platform, including PlayMaker and TD Control.

Join us this February in a city near you to find out how Avid’s ground-breaking solutions for sports, studio and news production enable you to…


• Bring sports fans into the action by illustrating key plays, providing visual analysis, and enhancing gameplay.

• Make your studio production stand out with large-scale video walls, virtual 3D sets, and augmented reality.

• Deliver the news with 3D graphics, animations, high-res imagery, and more.

Don’t miss your chance to see and hear out how Avid is reinventing the newsroom, redefining graphics, and changing the game for sports production.

We hope you can join us at one of the following dates:


• February 9 – Miami

• February 23 – Chicago


To attend any of the above dates, please register now! Space is limited at each event so please register early. Don’t see your city listed here? Tell us where Avid should visit next.

Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Reimagining Sports in VR — Avid Brings Thought Leadership to VR 20/20 Summit

Avid was recently asked to appear at the VR 20/20 summit, the newest component of the fourth annual NYC Television and Video Week. Held this October in Times Square, the week-long conference offered “education, information and unparalleled networking for leaders in the broadcast, cable, advertising and technology industries” and drew more than 2400 executives from around the globe.

The VR portion of this event, provided attendees with the opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends in VR/AR hardware, content development, distribution, and retail; explore the latest VR/AR devices through hands-on demonstrations; and network with some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders and innovators in the space.

Joel Lamdani, Avid’s Senior Director for Strategic Market Development, served as a panelist on the Reimagining Sports in VR panel, which focused on how sports leagues, broadcasters, and technology innovators are harnessing Audio, Video, and Graphics to support the emerging medium.

“The VR/AR space is constantly evolving and today’s audience is driven by their hunger for new technology experiences,” says Lamdani, citing a new era of sports interaction, like interactive gaming, as an example. “E-sports is going to explode. When you have user engagement of thousands of people on Facebook and Google platforms, those users will dictate a new type of sports.”

“It’s important that vendors like Avid not only develop tools and technologies in the VR space,” continues Lamdani, “but find trusted partners looking for the most advanced solutions in this exciting new field.”

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Avid Highlights Latest Media Composer Features, Tips and Tricks, and Plug-Ins at ACE Tech Day

For nearly a decade, Avid has been supporting American Cinema Editors (ACE) – the premier organization devoted to advancing the art and science of the editing profession – in its mission to educate its membership of film and television editors, assistants and freelancers in their craft. As part of this on-going partnership, Avid once again hosted the ACE Tech Day earlier this month.

ACE Tech Day, held at Universal Studios, CA, is a one-day workshop designed to keep members current with the latest tools, workflows and formats – essential in a landscape driven by ever-changing technology. This year, Media Composer 8.6.4 was the highlight of the day, with Avid Solution Specialist Michael Krulik on hand to showcase the software’s latest features.

As a tool for storytellers, Media Composer has been recognized as the preferred editing software choice for ACE editors and was awarded the first ACE Technical Excellence Award by the ACE Board of Directors.

In addition to a detailed look at Media Composer (including custom projects and presets, source settings with LUTs, working with high resolution media, and advanced timeline and audio tools), Krulik showcased the hottest plug-ins from NewBlue FX, Filmlight and Imagineer Systems, and even gave attendees a peek into features currently being developed for future release. Krulik also led an enthusiastic discussion around Avid’s new licensing agreement with Nexidia, which will re-integrate PhraseFind and ScriptSync back into Media Composer – a move that will allow for advanced levels of creativity and efficiency with award-winning phonetic indexing and searching technology.

“We had a very engaged audience throughout the day,” commented Krulik. “Hearing about our partnership with Nexidia just kicked it up a notch. I think an announcement like this shows that Avid is really listening to what our customers want and delivering on its commitment to provide our artists with greater choices and more creative freedom.”

Soliciting feedback from editors and using that feedback to shape its products is something Avid has made a priority for years, and Tech Day was no exception. “This was an incredibly interactive event. We asked attendees to submit their thoughts and feature requests throughout the day,” continued Krulik. “Our goal is always to better understand what our customers are looking for and share that feedback with our product development team so we can move forward with an even more relevant and robust experience for our users.”

Photos: Peter Zakhary / Tilt Photo  |  TiltPhoto.com  |  Facebook.com/TiltPhoto

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Delivering the Colors of Rural America: Avid Studio Suite Helps Rebuild RFD-TV’s Award-Winning Network

RFD-TV faced a challenge. The burgeoning cable network, which delivers rural-related news and lifestyle content to 50 million Americans throughout the country, wanted to update its on-air experience. In the words of the network’s founder that meant looking “every bit as professional as the big boys,” referencing the likes of CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. But these broadcast powerhouses have large coffers and expansive budgets. RFD-TV was looking for equal quality without the requisite costs.

The network approached its complete studio rebuild with a clear list of requirements. Chief among them was the ability to push a huge volume of high-quality data graphics to air. “Anchors are functionally dependent upon that data,” says Gary Kanofsky, RFD-TV’s chief content officer and executive vice president of news. “This is key data that’s critical to “amplify and clarify” the story or package they’re talking about on-air.”

Enter Avid’s Studio Suite, the only industry-leading solution that met every one of the network’s functional requirements at a budget that was surprising given what was delivered. Even more, Avid took on a close advisory role spec’ing out a system that Gary describes as having “no overkill in it – but was more than robust enough.”

Avid’s TD Control plays a critical role in the new broadcast system, giving RFD-TV a complete studio display and management solution that combines video processing and real-time graphics in one workflow. While interfacing with RFD-TV’s newsroom computer, server and automation systems, TD Control manages two video walls and four other in-studio screens. Best of all, the technical director can easily run TD Control through a simple touchscreen panel, offering a significant advantage over competitive offerings that require a dedicated operator.

Avid’s Maestro for graphics playout is also central to RFD-TV’s new look and feel. A universal controller for video and graphics, Maestro enables the team to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos. Maestro, which includes the 4Designer 2D/3D graphics creation tool, allows editors to introduce real-time data from external sources—including social media—and manage, massage and cue that data to external sources and play it out to air in real time.

In a streamlined six months the new studio system was up and running, and has been a tremendous success with those who matter most: viewers. Audience members have flooded the network with comments that spoke not only to the more dynamic look, but also to its ‘watchability.’  Industry accolades followed soon after, earning RFD-TV a Cablefax Award for Best News or Series Program, a formidable win against CNBC, Robin Meade’s show on Headline News, and other programs from Al Jazeera and Oxygen.


Tune into our webinars to learn more about these next-generation tools RFD-TV used to achieve their award-winning network:



Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Avid Supports Education and Technology at SMPTE 2016

Avid underscored two of its most important commitments – its commitment to education, and its commitment to emerging technologies – through a robust sponsorship of this year’s SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) Conference & Exhibition in Hollywood, CA. In addition to sponsoring the conference’s celebrated gala, Avid provided demos, teaching events and support for the popular SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival, as well.

SMPTE, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year, and boasts over 7000 global members, has the lead the way in entertainment technology since its founding, developing thousands of standards, best practices, and engineering guidelines across the media, technology and entertainment industries. SMPTE also sponsors Student Chapters at colleges and universities all over the world, focusing on institutions that offer courses in technical areas of film, video and television.

“We hold our partnership with SMPTE in the highest regard,” says Andy Cook, who leads Avid’s Global Education Strategy. “They are literally setting industry standards and we have a shared vision to educate the next generation of artists, engineers and content producers.  Together, we strive to provide a platform for fostering future innovations.” Nowhere was this commitment more apparent than in Avid’s support of SMPTE’s Student Film Festival, where this year’s entries doubled last year’s, and garnered more participation, internationally, than ever before.

Avid’s Head of Global Education Strategy Andy Cook and SMPTE-HPA Film Festival Audience Choice Award Winner Anna Dining

“We were truly impressed with the level of work that we saw,” added Cook. “These students exceeded our expectations in both their technical expertise and creative abilities.” One such student was Anna Dining, who won an Audience Choice Award for her Virtual Reality piece.

Dining is a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Motion Picture Sciences. The program, which only accepts about 15 applicants a year, is a science- and engineering – based education geared towards the motion picture industry. Dining’s entry, “At the Game: An RIT Hockey Experience”, received the film festival’s Audience Choice Award.

The short, which included VR 360-degree content, married Dining’s love of art and science. “What intrigues me about virtual reality is the degree to which I can be both creative and technical. VR has technically been around for over 60 years, but it’s only really emerging now in the entertainment industry, and the technology is constantly evolving.” Dining says. “It also has the power to give people an entirely new perspective – to let an audience experience something they’ve never experienced before – with VR, I’m able to push creative boundaries through a medium that I love.”

Providing the cutting-edge tools for talent like Dining to push those boundaries is part of Avid’s commitment to the future of the industry, and one that Dining, who regularly produces and edits local sports and commercial content, hopes to benefit from. “We are taught Avid programs in our advanced editing and sound curriculum, and I know that this will only help me when I graduate next year.” Dining continues, “Avid is the standard. When I was awarded a copy of Media Composer at SMPTE, I was ecstatic. I plan to build my own desktop computer around it – if you’re trying to break into the industry, and you say you work in Avid, it just brings you a step above other film students.”

SMPTE Director of Engineering and Standards Howard Lukk with SMPTE-HPA Film Festival Finalist Jon Navarro

Jon Navarro, a film and TV production major at Long Island University Brooklyn, and member of his school’s SMPTE student chapter, agrees. “I absolutely have to learn Avid,” echoed Navarro, whose short film, Söledad, earned an official selection in SMPTE’s student film festival. “There are a lot of options out there, but Avid is still the primary player in the industry.” Navarro goes on to say, “I think every school should be teaching Avid; knowing it will only make me a more desirable candidate when I graduate.”

Giving these students an edge when they enter the real world is a big part of Avid’s dedication to educating future professionals. “It’s our responsibility to bring Avid’s technology and expertise into these organizations,” says Cook. “Providing support through sponsorships like SMPTE, offering official certification and training on our products, and developing strong relationships with students early on helps us create the next wave of talent in our industry.”


Photos by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging

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Avid to Showcase Video, Asset Management and Storage Solutions at SMPTE 2016

As members of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers gather in LA  October 24 – 28, Avid prepares for a busy week with industry leaders and technical innovators at the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition.

Visit us at Booth #11 in Centennial Hall

If you’re attending the Exhibition, be sure to stop by Booth #11 to see our latest video, asset management, and storage solutions. We’ll be located next to the Beer Garden in Centennial Hall – a new addition to this year’s conference, featuring special exhibits celebrating SMPTE’s 100 years of technical innovation. At the Avid booth we’ll be showcasing Media Composer, MediaCentral | UX, our new Avid NEXIS storage solution, and Interplay Production. Stop by to learn more or see a demo of the latest technology and features from Avid.

Be our guest at SMPTE

Want to attend the SMPTE Exhibition Halls for free? Register online by using promo code SMPTE2016X at checkout and be sure to mention “Avid” as your Referring Exhibitor. This will give you access to all events in both Dolby Hall and Centennial Hall throughout the Expo.

Solving Asset Management Challenges

For those interested in the evolving digital media ecosystem and the fundamental need for streamlined storage, join Avid’s Senior Director of Product Management Dave Colantuoni on Wednesday at 4.30pm in Salon 1 as he presents “Reinventing Content Storage to Solve Today’s and Tomorrow’s Media Workflow Challenges.” Colantuoni will outline the challenges that media professionals face with storage today, and explore technology innovations that can help overcome them. He will also describe the technology underlying Avid NEXIS, the first software-defined storage platform for media that enables true storage virtualization for any media application.

Honoring Student Filmmakers

Continuing Avid’s commitment to Education, we are proud to once again sponsor the SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival to be held during the conference on Wednesday, October 26 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Student filmmakers will be competing in four categories, and award winners for each category will be announced at the Festival. The Audience Choice Award will also be voted on by attendees and presented at the conclusion of the festival. Tickets to the Film Festival are still available for those interested in attending.

Celebrating 100 years of SMPTE

After the Conference, Avid will join other SMPTE leaders, members, and supporters at the Centennial Gala – SMPTE’s 100th birthday celebration. The evening will reflect on the Society’s past, highlight its impact on today’s industry, and explore the technical innovations of tomorrow. The Society will also be honoring James Cameron and Douglas Trumbull.

Avid’s Got You Covered at AES 2016 in Los Angeles

Get up-close and personal with Avid’s industry-leading solutions for music and audio post production, mixing, and live sound at the 2016 AES Convention. If you’re in LA from September 29th–October 1st, come visit us at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

See our latest gear in booth #303

Step through the show’s main entrance doors and you’ll find our main booth just to the right. Drop by and get a demo of the new features in Pro Tools 12.6. Test-drive our Pro Mixing and live sound surfaces, including Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | Dock, and Avid VENUE | S6L. Plus, we’ll be giving away a copy of Pro Tools every day of the show, so don’t forget to enter for your chance to win. Good luck!

Check out the Partner Pavilion in booth #203

Step across the aisle from our main booth and discover a whole world of innovation in the Avid Alliance Partner demo stations. See the latest developments from some of the biggest audio designers in the industry, including Dolby, Sonnox, NUGEN Audio, TAC System, Tracktion, IHSE, Audionamix, D-Spatial, Wholegrain Digital Systems, and RTW.

Learn VENUE | S6L from a master (room #507)

We’re devoting our Avid Live Sound Demo Room (part of the AES Live Sound Expo) completely to VENUE | S6L. Not only will we offer demos, but you can also get free training with multi award-winning live sound engineer Robert Scovill (Tom Petty, Matchbox 20, Prince), who also happens to be an Avid senior product specialist. If you’d like to attend a training session, you must pre-register before the show—space is extremely limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

Become a certified Pro Tools ACSR

Want to become an Avid Certified Support Representative for Pro Tools? We’ve partnered with Moviola to offer all AES attendees a 40% discount on the PT400 ACSR Pro Tools System Support course offered at the Moviola Education Center in Los Angeles on October 3–4, 2016.


Discover new student talent

Avid is proud to once again sponsor the AES Student Recording Competition, offering student AES members a chance to showcase their engineering and production skills. Find out more here.

Be our guest at AES

Why pay to attend AES when you can get in free—on us! Just register online by September 27th using the Avid promo code 141AES130, and you’ll receive a free Exhibits-Plus Badge, giving you entry to all exhibits, the Project Studio Expo, Live Sound Expo, and all special events (conference sessions not included).

Avid at AES LA 2016

Join Avid at AES in Los Angeles from September 29–October 1 — or follow the action online — and be among the first to see some exciting new developments coming soon.


Avid Presents “The Sound of Stranger Things” at MIX presents Sound for Film

This weekend Avid will be taking over the historic Cary Grant Theatre at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA at MIX presents Sound for Film, an all-day exhibition and conference focusing on the techniques and technology behind Film and TV sound.

One of the highlights will be Avid’s morning panel on The Sound of Stranger Things, which will offer an in-depth look at the creation of the soundtrack for the acclaimed Netflix original series, currently one of the hottest shows on TV.

Stranger Things, which is part sci/fi, part horror and part family drama, is an homage to ’80s movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., and features unique sound design and a spooky, 80’s-style synth-based score. The panel, hosted by Avid’s own Ozzie Sutherland, a Pro Audio Solutions Specialist, will include six key members of the show’s sound team:


  • Craig Henighan, Sound Designer – Among Henighan’s many credits are films like Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Chasing Mavericks, and Black Swan
  • Adam Jenkins, Re-Recording Mixer – A winner of four primetime Emmy awards, Jenkins is also known for his work in films like Eye in the Sky, Planes, Daredevil, and the upcoming Marvel TV series Luke Cage
  • Joe Barnett, Re-Recording Mixer – Barnett has worked on TV series and movies such as Daredevil, Bloodline, Luke Cage, and Hands of Stone
  • Brad North, Supervising Sound Editor – North’s work can be found on such shows as Bosch and House, as well as movies like 300 and All the Kings Men
  • David Klotz, Music Editor – Klotz’s many TV credits include Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Glee.
  • Jordan Wilby, Sound FX Editor – Wilby has worked extensively in TV on on shows such as The Following, Daredevil, True Blood, and Luke Cage.

The panelists will discuss the creative process involved in realizing the Duffer Brothers’ vision when creating the show’s eerie soundtrack, as well as how this team utilized Avid Pro Tools and Avid S6 consoles in the editing and mixing process. Pro Tools sessions from the series will also be played back to demonstrate specific examples of the sound design, music editing and mixing on the show. Q&A will be encouraged throughout the panel.

All attendees will also have a chance to win a Pro Tools | Dock (valued at $1199) when they stop by the panel or schedule a hands-on Operational Overview of our Pro Tools | S6 or Pro Tools | S3 consoles.

Mix Sound for Film will take place on Saturday, September 17, at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit www.mixsoundforfilm.com.

Pro Tools | Dock

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

Make your mark with Pro Tools—Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.