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  • NUGEN Audio StereoPack Elements — Instant Access to the Big Sounds Professionals Strive For

    Delivering powerful stereo enhancement through immediate, accessible interfaces—NUGEN Audio introduces Stereopack Elements AAX plug-ins. This March, get 70% off Stereo…

    by Jon Schorah
  • Streaming Takes Over — Are Your Mixes Ready?

    Streaming is now the dominant way people consume music, accounting for more revenue than downloads, CD’s and vinyl combined. Are…

    by Jon Schorah
  • NUGEN Audio ISL — From the Main Stage to the Airwaves

    The NUGEN Audio ISL inter-sample true-peak limiter AAX DSP plug-in delivers transparent, ITU compliant, broadcast safe audio straight from the…

    by Jon Schorah
  • 3 Easy Steps to Deliver a Loudness Compliant File with NUGEN LM-Correct in Media Composer

    Jon Schorah from NUGEN Audio shows us how an audio mixdown can be automatically corrected to any loudness standard using…

    by Jon Schorah
  • Visualizer 2 Audio Analysis by NUGEN Audio Now Available for Pro Tools | HDX

    Visualizer 2 Audio Analysis by NUGEN Audio Now Available for Pro Tools | HDX

    In addition to full Pro Tools | HDX support, Visualizer now features a powerful new user interface with many highly…

    by Jon Schorah
  • NUGEN Audio LM-Correct Audio Loudness Correction

    AAX AudioSuite Saves Time with Loudness Delivery at FOX

    Integrating loudness measurement and correction into an existing workflow can present something of a challenge. Thankfully, Avid has the answer…

    by Jon Schorah