Avid Captures the Action for Icelandic Broadcaster RÚV

Iceland’s RÚV launched its first TV channel back in 1966, and has since become one of the most successful public service broadcasters in Europe. With its radio, TV and online offering, the broadcaster continues to reach over 95% of the country every week. RÚV’S ethos centres on informing, educating and entertaining, and its news and sports content is crucial in delivering this.

Last year, Iceland’s national football team provided the most memorable storyline of UEFA Euro 2016. The nation tuned into RÚV to watch its team’s first ever appearance in the tournament, which stunned viewers and saw them make it all the way to the quarter-finals. Following the popularity of its coverage and the national buzz around football, RÚV considered how they could step up both the look and efficiency of its sports and newsroom coverage in time for this summer’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2017.

As an existing member of Avid’s preeminent customer community, and users of Avid’s industry-standard Media Composer editing software, RÚV turned to Avid to help improve its live production output. Members of RÚV’s sports, news and technical team talked about the reasons behind their recent Avid investments and the game-changing impacts that Avid’s comprehensive tools and workflow solutions have had on improving the efficiency of their productions.

“Before the Women’s Euro’s, we looked into a number of graphics systems to enhance and enrich our productions,” said Gunnar Orn Gudmundsson, Head of Technology at RÚV. “Maestro | Live stood out from the crowd as a system that would drastically reduce our production times and seamlessly integrate with our existing ecosystem.”

The broadcaster worked closely with reseller, Vili, and Avid to implement an all-in-one solution for real-time sports production, along with Avid replay server, the versatile ingest/playout solution to turnaround big plays or stories fast. Powered by Avid MediaCentral, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, next-generation workflow enhancements have helped RUV attract and engage viewers with more graphically compelling and information-rich news and sports broadcasts.

Before integrating Maestro | Live, RÚV’s production team created graphics and marked specific football players in Media Composer. Now, with Maestro | Live they are able to do this whilst the game is live. “During a match, our experts and studio host watch together in our green room, which is now equipped with both Maestro | Live and PlayMaker,” explained Vilhjalmur Siggeirsson, Sports Producer at RÚV. “When a member of the team wants to talk about a specific play from the game on-air, then a technician responds straight away with engaging graphics to compliment the commentary.”

Avid’s industry leading editing software, Media Composer, still remains a crucial part of RÚV’s end-to-end Avid workflow and is utilised around the clock to cut together the biggest news narratives. Benefitting both RÚV’s sports and newsroom productions, the addition of PlayMaker enables the creation of slow-motion replays, highlight reels, and news updates instantly, ensuring its teams stay at the forefront of content delivery.

Maestro | Live helps solve the challenge of creating engaging graphics for live sports content. RÚV now has the freedom to produce and control action-based, data-driven UHD graphics and video playout from one single intelligent interface. It’s ideal for quickly pulling in the starting line-ups, player stats and pictures, and standings before a game, and presenting updates throughout the event with assured accuracy. The solution brings more depth in coverage, increasing the production value for RÚV’s live games, pre-shows, half-time shows and post-match analysis.

RÚV’s News Producer, Ragnar Santos, has seen the benefits from the installation throughout the production team: “Depending on production demands, our team is flexible and can work for both the sports and newsroom. We needed a reliable user-friendly system to match this, and that’s exactly what Avid has delivered.”

“Once again, Avid has provided a system that I believe will be part of RÚV for the foreseeable future. We’ve trusted Avid for 20 years now, and throughout this time they’ve continued to introduce new innovative solutions that are ideal for today’s every-changing broadcast environment.”

To hear more from RÚV, and the next-generation Avid solutions enhancing their day-to-day operations, watch the video now!

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Live Sports Broadcast: Facing up to the New Challenges

Change in live sport broadcasting is now an inescapable fact. It’s happening and it’s happening fast. This was the overwhelming verdict at the end of a fascinating round-table discussion at the Broadcast Disruptors event on the first day of Leaders Week in London, as part of the Broadcast Disruptors Roundtable to investigate the seismic shifts occurring within the industry.

Television broadcaster, digital content producer, sport governing body, social media platform, rights agency, technology supplier. All were at the table within the impressive surrounds of London’s BT Tower at the Leaders Week Broadcast Disruptors event. All represented are constantly re-evaluating their offer to their audiences, their need to attract new fans to their product, their need to reinvent themselves and grow alongside ever more sophisticated technologies whilst at the same time breaking down the industry’s barriers to entry.

What was once a simple path for live sport broadcasting, from rights owner to consumer via television or radio broadcaster, is now becoming much, much more complex. Change, of course, presents opportunity and the panellists were quick to eulogise on how they can reach and engage audiences in ways unthinkable little more than a decade ago. “We innovated this year by broadcasting the Champions League final in 360 degrees,” said Mike Norrish, Head of Digital at BT Sport.

“We distributed 100,000 Google Cardboard viewers and witnessed 10, 11-year-olds watching the match this way while their parents watched on television alongside them. We had people tweeting us saying ‘thank you BT, this is the future’.”

For UEFA, the switch to pay TV in the UK away from their traditional terrestrial home has been an “unmitigated success”, according to their rights agency, Team Marketing. “We wanted to go all-pay in some of our bigger markets because it allows us to do the innovative things we are discussing here today,” said Simon Crouch, Team’s COO.

So, breaking the traditional mould can clearly pay dividends. “We broadcast the Champions League and Europa League finals on YouTube as a subscription driver,” said Norrish. “It is live sport and it is premium live sport but it is low risk for us in terms of losing TV audience because the number of people signing up for our service, a long-term contract, at that stage of the season is low.”

For Avid, as a supplier and enabler of many of the advances being discussed, it was fascinating to see stories unfold as to how technology is powering the revolution across the content production industry.

NBA’s director of media distribution EMEA, Amy Lee, highlighted some of the ways the basketball giant is reaching and building new audiences: “We are facing the challenge of bringing in younger audiences and AR, VR and MR (mixed reality) are all very important. “We are testing a close-up “mobile view”, distinct from the television view, which also integrates statistics. Young people are more difficult to please. We are competing not just with sport but also entertainment.”

It’s not technology alone facilitating this change in the broadcast industry.  It is how it is combined with the creative and storytelling skills of the content producers.  And the rewards for marrying the correct technology with the right broadcast and creative strategies are clearly high in the race to win eyeballs – exactly the reason why Avid listens so closely to its clients and builds feedback into evolving their solutions.

“Nowadays you need to look as widely as possible in terms of customer segmentation and serve those audiences,” said Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, highlighting why the Broadcaster has such a mixed broadcast, digital and social media strategy.

A good example of deploying new technology and not being afraid to make mistakes came from the US PGA Tour’s Luis Goicouria, SVP digital platforms and media strategy. “At the Players Championship in Sawgrass, we had a live VR camera covering the island green. For the first three days it was 30 feet away from the action and didn’t look good at all,” he said.

“On the final day, the pin moved to the edge of the green and the camera was really close. Now that was really compelling. We got comments from people saying they ‘couldn’t believe the PGA was doing something this cool – now I want to go to a tournament’.”

Of course, the one place where change in the way sport broadcast is happening at an exponential rate is on social media.  It can offer huge reach to content producers and is consistently experimenting with new formats – some winners, some definite losers.

Facebook partnership manager Jerry Lawton said: “Since the launch of Facebook Live a year ago, we have seen broadcasters gain a lot of traction with audiences in previously dark markets. The World Surf League went Facebook first and have since managed to build a very successful business from it.”

So social media clearly has benefits but it also has its pitfalls, according to the panelists. Uneasy alliances form to keep pace with change, often uncertain on both sides as to where they will lead to and at what price.

“Rights holders are in a constant internal struggle of how much content to put on which platform,” said the PGA’s Goicouria. “Golf has an older demographic, so it is key to attract a younger audience. But giving them free content on social media, when those platforms are now bidding for rights, can lead to a conflict of interest.

“Our position on this is nuanced, complex and changing constantly.”

The final comment sums up both the Round Table and the live sport broadcast landscape perfectly. Change is here, it is constant and only those who embrace it in the right way will thrive. It’s going to be a fascinating few years.

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Cardiff-Based Gorilla Bolsters Post Production Workflow with Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS Integration

Welsh post production house, Gorilla, is no stranger to Avid solutions. After being the first facility in the country to install Avid Pro Tools | S6 consoles, Wales’ largest post production house has continued to lead the nation’s post production industry by keeping up-to-date with Avid’s latest innovations. Gorilla’s recent move saw them streamline their operation with the integration of Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS shared storage in an effort to improve efficiencies between its state-of-the-art studios.

With several file formats across a variety of post-production disciplines, Gorilla wanted to future-proof itself as its workload grows. Boasting an impressive portfolio including Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute, BBC’s Decline and Fall, and Sky 1’s Stella. Gorilla lends its post-production talent to a diverse range of TV genres, ranging from drama, documentary to comedy – all of which are edited and refined on Avid’s 4K compatible technology. Its extensive and varied workflow highlights the importance of a seamless delivery powered by a bespoke integration of its existing Avid tools with new and updated Avid technology.

Avid Pro Tools plays a vital role in Gorilla’s audio post-production capability. The facility relies on Avid’s world-leading audio editing tool for all its editorial and finishing work, including mixing, editing, and recording across its diverse project roster. With over 100 Avid work stations housing 7 Pro Tools suites and two Pro Tools | S6 consoles, Gorilla required a reliable and efficient solution with a high-bandwidth to manage the distribution and delivery of large files between Gorilla’s experienced editors.

“Without a reliable and highly-connected storage system, we can’t turnover work quickly enough to meet client demands,” says Rhodri James, technology director at Gorilla, who is responsible for the management and upkeep of the company’s technology. “Since merging our Pro Tools systems with the powerful NEXIS storage, our picture and audio editorial teams are working in ultimate real-time. The compatibility with Pro Tools benefits everyone, and production processes are much more unified, simplified, and a lot quicker.”

From installation to implementation, ensuring a reliable integration of two renowned Avid solutions into Gorilla’s workflow allows the editing house to operate an around-the-clock operation without unwelcome disruption. Eliminating typical conflict expected with a software-hardware integration, Gorilla worked closely with Avid to effectively introduce and roll-out the new collaborative audio storage offering. With Avid NEXIS at the core of the company’s storage, the two products working in unison results in greater cross-department collaboration and confidence in a secure and seamless end-to-end project delivery.

“We continue to follow Avid’s developments, making sure we stay ahead with our resellers on industry-disruptive concepts and solutions,” says James. “Together, we discuss the merits and implications of new product integrations. By doing so, we are constantly refining our workflows to suit our customers’ post-production requirements – it’s crucial to how we keep ourselves afloat in a fast-paced industry which ultimately rides on change and new technological ideas.”

Gorilla’s high turnover of projects will benefit the most from the integration of Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS – posing new opportunities in terms of timing and efficiency. In turn, Gorilla’s customers are seeing the results. “As our teams are bringing out the improved levels of efficiency, the customers’ final product is ultimately better; it comes around full circle,” adds James.

Gorilla’s Avid offering is not just limited to audio, with other solutions including Avid Media Composer, in action for both offline and online editing in its video and audio post production suites. “From file delivery, to HDR, UHD and VR technologies, Avid, along with its Alliance Partners, have allowed us to develop, update and create new workflows in what is an ever-changing environment,” says James. “We see Avid as another member of our team. The innovation within its products are key elements to a modern facility, which is how we see ourselves.”

A self-proclaimed “Avid-centric” facility since its early inception in 1999, Gorilla has a long history specialising in broadcast and film post production, depending on the reliable workflow integration of Avid solutions to ensure it continues to spearhead video and audio technology in the region and beyond. For James and his team, it is keeping up and staying ahead that has always remained a priority throughout the years.

“With a backdrop of higher shooting ratios, higher data rates and challenging budgets, the ability to deliver the highest standards and remain innovative is everything,” comments James. “Avid’s technology has meant we can conquer industry demands whilst playing with our creativity. We’ve always had great results.”


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Avid Studio Suite Solutions Fuel Graphics Creativity for Ireland’s TV3

TV3, the Republic of Ireland’s leading commercial broadcaster and a key member of Avid’s preeminent client community, knew where to turn to revitalize its traditional daily studio production. From ingest to playout, TV3 now has an end-to-end Avid workflow entirely built with comprehensive tools from the tightly integrated Avid MediaCentral® Platform.

The leader in Irish TV entertainment has adopted next-generation graphics solutions from the Avid Studio Suite including 4Designer, the foundation of all Avid real-time graphics systems, to enhance content for newscasts, panel shows and sports programming.

TV3’s journalists are also utilizing Avid’s on-air graphics and video solution, Avid Maestro™, to easily create, manage, distribute and playout stunning high-resolution 3D graphics, without always needing to rely on its graphics team.

In this video interview, two key members of the TV3 team discuss their investment, from specification to purchase. “The commercial and creative benefits of the Avid solutions were most appealing to our business structure,” commented Eoin Brennan, TV3’s Post Production Supervisor.

When testing Avid 4Designer, Liam O’Neill, TV3’s Head of Graphics, knew it was a solution that could be integrated without his graphics team having to retrain: “The very first time I sat down and worked on 4Designer, I found it very intuitive, making it an ideal solution for my teams at TV3.”

TV3 has also invested in a support contract with Avid Global Services to provide bespoke programs that empower the users and operators to get the best out of the graphics solution, increasing the lifetime value of these new assets.

To hear more from TV3, and the next-generation Avid solutions enhancing their day-to-day operations, watch the video now!

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Creative Industries Converge at the Media Production Show 2017

After a confident launch last year, the Media Production Show is back for the second time at Olympia, London on 13-14 June 2017, bringing together professionals from the content creation industries to share insight, knowledge and technological innovations.

We will be in the Avid Lounge (Stand 500), inviting visitors to find out more about the latest innovations and news from this year’s NAB. We’re also pleased to support our resellers on the show floor who will present a range of our industry-defining content creation technology. Here’s a guide to where you can find Avid solutions, as well as some seminar sessions to look out for.

Pro Tools | Dock

Digital Garage – Stand 310

Digital Garage will present workflow demonstrations, highlighting the Avid® MediaCentral® Platform at the heart and Avid Interplay® as the backbone of a production system. The stand also features the latest iteration of Media Composer®, with the new Cinedeck plugin that supports CBR workflows, plus the Pro Tools® | S3 live mixing surface and Pro Tools | Dock which offers precise control over mixes.

AES Los Angeles 2014: Introducing Pro Tools | S3 Compact Control Surface

Pro Tools | S3

Jigsaw24 – Stand 203

Jigsaw24 will showcase a range of Avid’s post production solutions. Visit the stand to see the compact yet powerful Pro Tools | S3 mixing surface and the latest version of Media Composer.

Avid Artist | DNxIQ

Altered Images – Stand 544

Altered Images will demonstrate a range of solutions from Avid including Media Composer, the Avid Artist | DNxIQ™ video interface, the Avid MediaCentral | UX cloud-based web front end for the Avid MediaCentral Platform, and Avid | NEXIS Pro collaborative storage.

Seminar sessions to look out for

Paddy Bird, Founder of Inside The Edit, will discuss the idea of harnessing modern psychology to maximize creativity, and how editors can train their minds to filter mountains of footage and myriad story possibilities to get to the best choices. (Session takes place on Wed 13 June, 13:45, Lateral Thinking: Psychological Techniques to Make You a More Creative Editor, Post Production Theatre)

A panel of top TV editors who have worked on some of the UK’s most successful shows will discuss their work in this must-attend session (Thur 14 June, 10.45, Editors Masterclass: TV, Post Production Theatre)

Audio post is put under the spotlight in a session exploring audio mixing methodology. A panel of mixers and audio department heads discuss the crucial role of sound in the creative process. (Thur 14 June, 11.45, Sound in Post Production, Post Production Theatre)


If you would like to meet with an Avid representative at the Media Production Show, please click here. We look forward to seeing you at the Media Production Show 2017!

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Lucky View Strikes Gold with Avid NEXIS | PRO

Lucky View is one of Norway’s premier post production houses, specializing in a full range of video and audio post production services for the TV and film industry, driving their creative forces into projects like TV programming, commercials, documentaries, animation and film and music videos. They’ve built a reputation on continuous investment in technology to help adapt their workflows, and continue to deliver exceptional post production projects.

Since its launch in 2011, Lucky View has expanded its operation, running out of two state-of-the-art bases in Fredrikstad and Oslo. For their most recent upgrade, Mediability, a Scandinavian provider of studio production products and support, helped deliver next-generation solutions to benefit the studio production efforts. Avid’s legacy line of shared storage has always been the lifeline to the entire operation at Lucky View, with their network running on the most open and integrated platform for media, the MediaCentral® Platform.

Christoffer Pettersen, partner and producer at Lucky View Production explained how the new Avid NEXIS® storage will enhance their workflows, which already feature an armory of Avid studio production tools and solutions to create, distribute and optimize their media. Collaboration is a big part of our workflow, with our teams usually working around the clock to complete several projects simultaneously,” he explained. “Avid’s comprehensive solutions designed for post-production continue to allow us to tackle any creative brief that comes through the door.”

With Avid NEXIS | PRO, hailed as the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application, Lucky View can now scale to new storage heights, delivering unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications. Qualifying multiple top of the range editing suites, Lucky View integrating the intelligent Avid NEXIS | PRO 20TB (connected to a Dell network switch) into their highly flexible workflow. This will accelerate production and dramatically enhance collaboration at every step of the creative process – from ingest and editing, to sound design and mixing.

Since the latest Avid investment, Lucky View has already seen a multitude of time-saving benefits. “With up to 400 MB/s of bandwidth and supporting up to 330 active clients, Avid NEXIS | PRO gives us the capability to access all our files and projects regardless of which suite we’re working from, streamlining workflows and speeding up time-consuming tasks. It’s also reassuring that Avid NEXIS | PRO uses a raid system in case of failure in one of the drives. Most of our media is irreplaceable, so it’s critical that we can trust our data storage 100 percent. Fortunately, we haven’t had to experience the raid benefit!”

With a team of highly skilled editors working simultaneously on various projects for clients including SpareBank1, Coca-Cola and Universal Music Norway and has produced films and music for artists like Lars Vaular, Vinni and Alan Walker, Lucky View required a solution that could easily access multiple files.

Explaining the immediate benefits of the Avid NEXIS investment, Pettersen said, Editors can now collaborate on each other’s projects simultaneously with ease. It’s great to have constant open access to all our media, enabling us to complete and deliver projects so much faster than before, primarily as we don’t have to waste time moving media around multiple servers.”

Modern editing suites often deploy a variety of production applications, and Avid NEXIS’ integration benefits with Avid-based and third-party workflows was another key driver for Lucky View’s investment. Adding to their workflow, the Avid NEXIS shared storage system connects to one Apple Mac Pro and three Apple iMac video editing suites with Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, and one Apple iMac using Logic Pro X and Izotope RX4 for audio editing. This is supported by an additional mLogic mRack, and a Apple Mac Mini using Archiware for backup and archiving to LTO7-tapes.

When considering the move to Avid NEXIS | PRO, and the requirements Lucky View was looking for from a next-generation storage solution, Pettersen commented, “Our clients primarily use Avid editing solutions, but we need the versatility to offer alternative workflows. The fact [that] Avid NEXIS can natively support Adobe Premiere Pro is a real leap forward for flexible, open workflows. ”

Considering their business roadmap and forecasting for any future technology investments, Avid NEXIS will allow Lucky View to expand and accelerate workflows by mixing and matching engines to form virtualizable pools of storage to streamline as and when it’s right for them.

“Modern viewers expect the best content, delivered in record time, which means we must adapt to our customers’ demands. Because of the rapid development in technology, the film and music industries are in a constant flux,” he summarized. “New technology allows for increased efficiency across the board, which means we must pay attention and invest strategically in new solutions that are being made available. Avid NEXIS is the only storage solution that will grow with us at every stage of our developing business.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Avid’s Game Changing Integrated Graphics Solutions Streamline Sports Production for Fenerbahçe Sports Club

Turkish multi-sports organisation Fenerbahçe Sports Club was founded as a football club in Istanbul in 1907, and remains one of the most successful in Turkey. It began broadcasting sports content on its own satellite TV channel, Fenerbahçe TV, in 2004, with an eclectic schedule of home grown teams competing in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and swimming.

What started as a small operation producing a few hours of content each week has since increased its output to a daily range of rich content for both TV and the web, including highlights packages, player interviews and match analyses. As the volume of media production significantly increased, the original production system became insufficient to meet today’s standards and content demands.

In our most recent customer success video, we spoke to Fenerbahçe’s Technical Manager, Mesut Koygun, about the reasons behind their recent Avid investments and how the club have implemented an arsenal of cost effective, integrated Avid solutions that are quite literally changing the game in the world of sports production.

Fenerbahçe decided it was time to move from SD to HD production, which meant overhauling the entire infrastructure. The club have implemented an optimized end-to-end HD sports production workflow based on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, providing the opportunity for greater creativity and efficiency, as well as offering significant cost savings through a streamlined media production infrastructure.

The Avid Global Services team worked with Teratek, a Turkish systems integrator, and Fenerbahçe to design and install a tailored end-to-end HD workflow that features the best, most comprehensive tools at every stage. MediaCentral | UX, the cloud-based web front end for the MediaCentral Platform, provides the user interface for Interplay | Production at the heart of the system, allowing the small Fenerbahçe production team to keep track of many stories for multiple sports by managing content creation, automating workflows, and empowering collaboration.

“The driving point of the upgrade was to move to HD but, in doing so, we also wanted to achieve a workflow that was more creative, more efficient and easier to use,” said Mesut Koygun, Technical Manager, Fenerbahçe Sports Club. “We also needed the system to be cost-effective to use as well as to install and maintain. Working with Teratek, we found that Avid was the only manufacturer that could offer a complete integrated HD solution for the entire workflow.”

The Avid workflow includes Avid Maestro for stunning on-air graphics to keep viewers tuned in, and PlayMaker for slow-motion replay and quick media highlights creation. Avid centralized shared storage enables real-time editorial collaboration, while Fenerbahçe is also using Blend channel in a box for playback and real time branded graphics creation.

MediaCentral | UX also allows remote production collaboration from anywhere with an Internet connection, and provides access to iNEWS, which brings efficiencies to news production from planning and resourcing to delivery across multiple channels. The journalists use the award-winning Media Composer editing solution to produce the video for their stories. AirSpeed accelerates media ingest, enabling journalists to browse footage as it is captured and start preparing their stories simultaneously, while Media | Director works with Interplay | Production to orchestrate the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage.

“Our new HD workflow has enabled us to significantly improve the visual quality of our content, which makes us much more competitive, and since the new system was installed we have also seen an increase in advertising revenue,” said İhsan Topaloğlu, general manager, Fenerbahçe Sports Club. “We have remained within budget thanks to Avid’s flexible deployment and pricing options, and have also reduced our operating costs by automating many tasks and training the journalists to create and deliver their own stories. Since the system is also easily scalable, we can now look to the future with confidence when the time comes to develop our infrastructure further, such as moving towards cloud-based workflows.”

“The sports TV market is fiercely competitive, so it is imperative for clubs like Fenerbahçe to offer the best quality content to its fan base,” said Tom Cordiner, senior vice president of Global Sales, Avid. “The club has seen a considerable return on its investment in a short amount of time, which will continue to grow and will in turn enable the club to realise future ambitions. We’re delighted to welcome Fenerbahçe to the ever-growing community of Avid users.”

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



International Women’s Day — The Changing Role of Women in Middle East Broadcast Technology

As we recognize International Women’s Day this Wednesday 8 March, what better time than to celebrate Avid’s all female team who are installing, designing and configuring a Broadcast News Solution for ONTV in Cairo, Egypt, over the forthcoming weeks.  This 5-woman Delivery team is a unique representation of Avid’s Professional Services with at least 9 languages between them hailing from Holland, Slovenia, Beirut, Italy and Dubai.

The presence of an all-female installation team on site in the Middle East is unusual to say the least. Many of our Middle East customers are a little reticent when our female engineers or consultants arrive but their presence is usually welcomed on the sheer merit of their technical expertise and years of experience delivering Broadcast Solutions across the EMEA regions.

Whilst the technical solution is in itself an interesting perspective for this customer – the level of operational change for their users is not inconsiderable – the themes presented by IWD of #BeBoldForChange, #PledgeForParity are of great significance too.  In the last ten years we have seen an increase across the board of women in the Broadcast Technology workplace in the Middle East and of course in the Production arena.  Increasingly we see Arabic women as Head of News, Head of Production, Head of Technology and in this particular project one of the System Integrator Partners and Founders is a smart, educated Egyptian woman.

“In the last ten years the presence of a female consultant or engineer on site has been met with a growing level of acceptance by many customers. Whilst the majority of challenges have been with respect to Middle Eastern cultures and values they are not alone in the wider European workplace.  Often it is not until our female team demonstrate their deep technical knowledge; often delivered with a high level of emotional intelligence and instinctive communication skills that the customers accept us alongside our male peers. It is without question harder to engage and educate the male technology audience until you have ‘earned’ that acceptance.  I am encouraged to see now how readily many customers welcome us in their technology environments, overlooking deep-seated cultural sensitivities and taking us on merit.”

—Claire Humphries, Consulting Manager for Avid (EMEA)

Avid Global Services are working in conjunction with Brainwaves System Integrators to deliver a full Interplay PAM Broadcast News Solution incorporating Avid NEXIS video storage, Interplay Production Asset Management, iNEWS NRCS, Media Composer | News edit clients and a wide adoption of our MediaCentral | UX Platform.

Examining Industry Insights and Technology Trends at BVE 2017

BVE’s place in the industry calendar is firmly established as the UK’s leading entertainment and media technology event. In recent years, with technologies converging across broadcast, AV, corporate and live events, the show has not only reported trends but delved into the issues surrounding them with conference and keynote sessions, hands-on training and exhibitor support. This year visitors can expect to see, hear and be immersed in topics including VR, AR and IP (among other acronyms).

We’re pleased to support many of our partners at BVE 2017, who will be demonstrating a wide range of Avid’s industry-defining technology that helps content creators to meet today’s technical and creative challenges.

HHB Communications – Stand K45

HHB, a global leader in professional audio technology, will have its largest ever presence at BVE 2017. Avid solutions on display include the Avid Pro Tools | S6 modular control surface, one of the most trusted and requested live mixing systems in the world; Pro Tools | S3, a powerful yet compact and portable control surface that can be paired with Pro Tools | Dock for intelligent studio control and timesaving touch workflows; and Pro Tools HD Native and HDX for pristine sound and reliable performance at affordable price points.

Digital Garage – Stand K52

Digital Garage will present workflow demonstrations, highlighting the Avid MediaCentral Platform at the heart and Avid Interplay as the backbone of a production system. The workflow shows Avid Interplay Web Services supporting tiered storage solutions, archive and automated workflow tools. Digital Garage also has the latest version of Media Composer, with a workflow running in 4K along with Avid’s DNxIO, and will also take a look at editing for Virtual Reality. In addition there will be a Pro Tools| S6 demo featuring the new MTRX audio Interface.

Tyrell – Stand Q16

Tyrell will showcase a range of Avid’s powerful live production tools, trusted by a preeminent client and user community, and Avid’s next-generation storage solutions, including the NEXIS | PRO. The NEXIS intelligent software system does some incredibly powerful things, offering a real-time, scalable set of definable/resizable workspaces, and a solid protection scheme.

root6 –Stand J19

root6 will demonstrate a range of Avid’s most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimise media used by key players in the UK broadcast, film, post-production and media communities. A special focus for BVE will explore how Avid Media Composer is the perfect editing tool for Virtual Reality, running on a 4K workflow alongside Avid’s DNxIO.


Avid Alliance Partner GLOOKAST will present the newest versions of its solutions for 4K/UHD baseband and file-based ingest solutions for NEXIS. The stand will also feature the Glooport digital production workflow solutions such as media movement, intelligent parking, partial retrieving, transforming and outgest, which are all seamlessly integrated with Avid Interplay | PAM, Interplay | MAM, and MediaCentral. Special focus will be given to GLOOKAST’s full support for DNxHR based 4K/UHD workflows in Avid environments.

Avid at BVE 2017

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Spun Gold Opens New In-house Post Facility Powered by Avid Shared Storage and Artist Suites

Since opening its doors in 2004, London-based Spun Gold has become a leading independent TV production company with a world-class reputation. Delivering a diverse range of outstanding television programs to broadcasters worldwide, Spun Gold is credited with creating a catalogue of British television iconic shows, as well as this year’s ITV Studios’ coverage for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration. In 2016, due to a wave of new program commissions, Spun Gold decided to bring post-production in-house to streamline its operations and installed a state-of-the-art Avid edit facility.

Spun Gold — ‘Secrets of The National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh’ (Five)

In a career spanning 20 years, Spun Gold’s head of post production, Julia Obara, has worked for some of the best facilities in the country, including Monkey Kingdom where she oversaw productions including Made In Chelsea, and At It Productions, running post services for popular shows like T4, Popworld, and Hider in The House. In her current role at Spun Gold, she played a pivotal part in the company’s expansion and opening of its post production services.

Avid Artist | DNxIO

Spun Gold’s investment, designed and supported by Avid Elite Reseller, Altered Images Ltd, saw the installation of seven state-of-the-art offline editing suites running Avid Media Composer and Avid Artist | DNxIO hardware. The suites are backed by 20TB of Avid’s revolutionary software-defined shared storage solution, Avid NEXIS | PRO. Obara takes up the story: “Avid had recently introduced Avid NEXIS | PRO, dubbed as the perfect shared storage solution for a small edit workgroup. With such an accessible price point and the capabilities it offered, we could see how we’d make an immediate return on our investment.”


Avid NEXIS | PRO is a more affordable, smart shared storage system that speeds up editorial efficiency across the board, enabling up to 24 contributors to share the same assets simultaneously for real-time collaboration. “Collaboration is an essential part of our edits,” continued Obara. “Often we can have four or more edit suites working on one programme so we require a flexible workflow to make any quick changes that a production demands.”

Every contributor across the entire production is now able to move in parallel and complete a project faster, thanks to the integrated and open Avid workflow. “We’re passionate about bringing quality shows of all genres to the screen,” added Obara. “Adding storage and edit suites to provide post-production services to complement our productions is a natural expansion of Spun Gold’s operation. The fact we can scale up the Avid workflow as we grow is a real plus point, it means we’ll have the bandwidth to handle higher resolution workflows in the future.”

Spun Gold — ‘Great Canal Journeys’ (C4)

Obara continued: “With broadcasters’ requirements constantly changing, managing and storing all of today’s different formats is a big challenge. With Avid’s industry-proven solutions we can trust that they will always do what’s required. Media Composer and Avid NEXIS | PRO’s ability to deal with different formats and codecs, and transcode media in the background are all valuable features that as a fast-turnaround facility, we can’t live without.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.