Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle—Access to the Avid AAX Plug-In Collection for Everyone

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AAX plug-ins  provide the sonic tapestry of audio effects and instruments  that shape the creative work of countless Avid Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer users. Together with our Alliance Partners, we make sure that our users have access to the best-sounding, highest-quality AAX plug-ins available, covering nearly every imaginable audio process, with new developers and new AAX plug-ins arriving that remind us of the innovation that is still possible. Since the arrival of Pro Tools in the mid-90s, we have offered an award-winning program for third party development while growing some great plug-ins of our own. We’ve also offered affordable subscription options and no-cost, entry-level versions of Pro Tools and Media Composer. Both user communities have multiplied, with practically everyone craving new plug-ins to discover and own. So, today, Avid is introducing the Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle as our way to thank Pro Tools and Media Composer customers for their support, and to put our generous collection of AAX Plug-Ins in everyone’s hands.

The Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle is a collection of 75+ AAX plug-ins from the Avid portfolio for a price that makes it an essential purchase for anyone working with these creative applications, regardless of what plug-ins they already own.  It’s available as a subscription on Avid Marketplace for only $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. You’ll get the amazing sounds of classic compressors and EQs, studio-staple effects, powerful reverbs, the world’s greatest guitar amps, and much more. Launch them and dig in— no hardware key is required.

The Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle is designed with Avid Cloud Collaboration in mind, because collaboration is made easier when all parties have the same plug-ins as they pass tracks back and forth to synchronize their projects. Even outside of active collaboration, users will be able to exchange and open Pro Tools and Media Composer compositions (or “Sessions”) from others without having to worry which licenses are in hand.

Focusrite d2 d3

Pro Multiband Dynamics

The Avid Complete Plug-In Collection has something for every music and audio post production user, from immortal classics like the Focusrite d2/d3 EQ and Dynamics duo to newer editions like the dynamics and subharmonics plug-ins from the Avid Pro Series collection. The Tel-Ray variable delay (hands down, the best known Canadian delay whose hardware includes an oil can) and the Space convolution reverb are part of the bundle, as are the guitar effects behind the success of Eleven MkII and Eleven Rack.


AIR Instruments

AIR Effects

BBD Delay

Pro Multiband Dynamics

Black Op Distortion

Pro Subharmonic

Black Shiny Wah

Pultec Bundle

Black Spring

Reel Tape Suite

C1 Chorus

Reverb One

Classic Compressors Bundle

ReVibe II

DC Distortion

Roto Speaker

Eleven MK II


Focusrite d2 d3

Sound Replacer

Gray Compressor


Green JRC Overdrive

Studio Reverb




Tel-Ray Variable Delay

Moogerfooger Bundle

Tri-Knob Fuzz

Orange Phaser

Vibe Phaser

Pro Compressor

Voce Bundle

Pro Expander

White Boost

Pro Limiter


Xpand II

Graphic EQ


Tel-Ray Variable Delay

Avid is excited to make this extensive, affordable collection available to the new Pro Tools and Media Composer subscribers joining us every day, and to the many customers who have  accumulated many of these plug-ins as their careers have grown. Whether our users stay put with Pro Tools | First or make the move to subscriptions or full licenses, this new collection is easy to own and is great to bring to the collaboration party! As a member of the Avid team that works with our AAX Alliance Partners, I’m sure that the Avid Complete Plug-In Collection will bring huge numbers of new users to Pro Tools and Media Composer, and that the market for AAX Plug-Ins from all developers will keep growing. Grab it and set your projects apart with the best from AAX!

Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle

Sound your absolute best with access to every audio plug-in Avid has to offer—at an unbelievable price.

As Director, Partnering Programs at Avid, Ed Gray and his team deliver technical and marketing programs that connect Avid Customers with the best partner products for media creation in the world.