Connect 2019 — A Personal Reflection

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Last year I had the opportunity to attend Avid Connect, and boy was I glad I did! It is something not to miss. This year Avid Connect and NAB occur during a very busy time in my broadcast schedule, preventing my attendance. So in my stead, if you can go – Go! Here’s why.

There is nothing quite like meeting and talking to new people who share a common passion, like the Avid Connect Community. Sure, the unstoppable Marianna Montague hovers like an angel in our social media universe, Wim Van den Broeck is always there with a supportive contact, and the active Avid online community is always ready with wisdom and solutions – but it’s not the same as attending Avid Connect in person.

Steve Audette with Marianna Montague

For years I chatted up Media Composer users and Avid folks online. Our relationships grew, and I thought they were strong, but social media cannot compete with the in-person experiences that Avid Connect offers. Avid Connect is rewarding, both personally and professionally.

My dear friends Chris Bové and others from the Avid Editors of Facebook group, as well as the Avid Technology folks themselves like Dave Colantuoni and even my relationship with Jeff Rosica are all closer and more connected by having that personal – and in-person – opportunity. We are now deeply connected as friends in the old sense of the word, and it’s refreshing.

Steve Audette and Chris Bové

Think about it: Reading a block of text from Steve Hullfish or following instructions online cannot show the reader the author’s true personality. It takes a person-to-person conversation. The shared experience builds stronger bonds of professional and personal relationships.

Do you have a complicated problem that is unique to your workflow? There’s no better way to work out the kinks – and truly understand the dilemma – than with a one-on-one session with a fellow Avid Community member, not necessarily even an Avid Technology person.

Then there are the vendors at Avid Connect. Several times last year I walked up to the Boris or HP booth with a question. One-on-one answers and personal attention is so rewarding, and in a wonderful synergy, further discussion follows as other Avid Connect participants chime in with their experiences. The sum becomes greater than the whole. All working and living in the Avid Media world.

One of my favorite moments from Avid Connect was sitting next to people I didn’t know in the general sessions and hearing about their experiences with Avid technology. If you go, I highly recommend this technique. It expands your network of friends and professional opportunities. I got two freelance gigs from last year’s Avid Connect. There are even more of these kinds of opportunities to be had. Furthermore, the general sessions are well-organized and informative, focused on a range of issues I found interesting.

The breakout sessions were also informative and educational, expanding my experience beyond the documentary world I tend to live in. I liked the focus on the latest technology trends and showing me other areas of work that I had never considered. Sure, some were duds to me, but they were all well-attended and I believe most of the audience was glad they went.

Finally, Avid Connect isn’t all about what is provided by Avid; it is really all about what you go and get from it. If you haven’t been, I recommend it; I am sure it will expand your professional network. If you’ve attended and not found it as rewarding as I describe here, then I suggest please go again and bring what you found wanting– share that – and discover how quickly you will connect with a group of people who share your concerns. Go and find out what it is like to be part of our Avid Connect community.

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Steve Audette, ACE has been making documentaries for over 20 years. With more than 60 film credits, his work has contributed to many Emmy Award-winning documentaries, as well as Peabody, Polk and DuPont Columbia Award-winning programs. In 2016 Steve was nominated for an Eddie Award from American Cinema Editors, in the category of Best Documentary Television Editor for the Frontline documentary “The Choice.” In 2015 the FRONTLINE documentary Steve edited “United States of Secrets” won overall Best Documentary at the News and Documentary Emmy’s.