Why Attend Connect 2019 in Las Vegas? Just Ask Kevin Tutaj!

Avid Connect is packed with special moments, stories and educational gems you can use and talk about. The event gives you the opportunity to connect with others who have the same passion and interests you do. It’s a mega opportunity for networking. Literally hundreds of people come from all over the world to attend Avid Connect.

And whether you’re new to the event or a returning customer, you are always greeted with a friendly welcome at check-in by Avid’s great staff.

The weekend kicks off as you register, collect your bag and score some cool Avid swag. If you’re going to NAB you can also pick up your badge at the end of Connect. I always start my first day with the complimentary breakfast to fuel up, meet new people and explore all the great Avid partner booths.

The Avid ACA welcome session rolls a video showcasing Avid users’ work and what Avid has been  part of in the media world. All I can say is the work is amazing! The range of content created on the Avid platform is so inspiring – everything from Hollywood blockbusters to the top network TV shows and sporting events that are watched by millions.

After that, you will be welcomed by Avid CEO Jeff Rosica talking about the future of Avid. It’s always nice to get the news before it’s announced to the general public. During the session Avid has guest speakers with topics that are informative and inspiring.

One thing that is great about being an ACA member is the chance to vote on upgrades and features you would like to see developed in your favorite Avid application. The voting ballot goes out before the event. During Connect you get to see how Avid users voted. Then Avid presenters show you what they’re working on— Avid is listening.

And it’s great when you hear the applause as they mention what’s being introduced. Through the ACA Vote you don’t feel like just a user; you are part of the future of Avid’s technology.

One year, I was asked after a session to give a quick comment on camera about the welcome session and the new products. The new product line and upgrades speed up everyone’s workflow. Well, that sound bite ended up on the Avid show reel for Connect and the Avid NAB show the following year. All they needed is one word: “Amazing!” What a great feeling and honor to be part of that show reel. As an Avid editor on Media Composer and Pro Tools for more than 14 years, it really made me feel great to be part of the Avid community for all this time.

When you sign up for Avid Connect you can select sessions with Avid and top professionals in the motion picture industry, where you can learn and ask valuable questions. You gain so much insight by listening to stories on how they approached timelines, met deadlines and what they had to do to make things work.

Most of all, I  like learning tips and tricks as well as hearing the behind-the-scenes stories about the work they did editing blockbuster movies. I also attended sessions that discussed sound design editing on a motion picture and the best ways to protect your music as an artist. There are always several sessions to choose from that fit your interests. And If you stay after the sessions, you usually get a chance to introduce yourself and network. Every guest presenter I have met at Avid Connect has left an impact on me and inspired me to keep learning.

Finally, let me just say that the Avid Connect party is one of the best parties you will ever experience in Las Vegas. Avid knocks it out of the park with entertainment and amazing food and drinks. When you are at the party, you’ll know you’re in the right place at the right time in a business you love. Last year I was invited to perform with the entertainment on percussion and drums. It was so much fun playing and seeing everyone dancing and having a great time. Avid truly shows their appreciation for their customers. It’s a night full of fun memories and great times.

I have met so many amazing people by attending Connect. As a video and audio editor with deteriorating vision, Avid has been a big part of my inspiration and visual motivation. Avid is a company that truly listens and knows how to take care of its customers.

See you at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas for 2019 Avid Connect!

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