Avid Customer Association: Announcing Our 2015 Program Update Designed to Promote Openness and Collaboration

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The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is made up of some of the most creative artists and technical experts working in audio, video, and broadcasting today. Over the years, Avid has earned a large and dedicated following of customers and partners. Along the way, it became apparent that there needed to be another outlet to provide a deeper level of communication and engagement between Avid and its customers and partners than what occurs in the general online technical communities. So the ACA was launched in late 2013.

Last year, we were fortunate to come together for two in-person events, the inaugural Avid Connect in Las Vegas in April and a second one in Amsterdam in September, where we were inspired by the many talented professionals among our ranks.

To maintain our mission of being an open program run by and for the community—and now with the financial support from sponsors—the ACA has eliminated the annual $100 membership fee.

Avid greatly values the forum that the ACA provides and the expertise and perspective that all members collectively bring to the table.  As a member, you have the opportunity to engage with your peers and have a direct voice into Avid, as well as influence the strategic direction of our industry.

If the annual fee prevented you from becoming a member in the past, please consider joining us now—we’d love to have you. The organization is independently run and consists of an Executive Board and six Advisory Councils that address specific areas of transformation in the media industry. The Advisory Councils are Strategy, Services and Delivery, Standards and Practices, Partner, Products and Solutions, and Community. You can learn more about us by visiting AvidCustomerAssociation.com or visit membership registration.

Avid Connect 2015

Avid Connect 2015

Our next event is April 10-12 in Las Vegas, immediately prior to NAB. Last year sold out. Save your place now while the early bird pricing is still in effect.

As Director of the Avid Customer Association, I am fortunate to work with our exceptional customers and the Avid Leadership Team to ensure the success of the Avid Customer Association (ACA), a program designed to address strategic industry issues.