Avid Customer Association: Pro Sound Effects Finds 150,000 Ways (and Counting) to Enrich Your Storytelling

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As the Avid team and many of the world’s premier media companies get ready to converge in Amsterdam at Avid Connect Europe 2014, one sponsor is getting ready for their own massive reveal. Let’s take a closer look at Pro Sound Effects.

How do you go from concept to creation in the most efficient and imaginative way possible? That’s the lightbulb moment Douglas Price had before forming Pro Sound Effects, providers of sound effects library and licensing solutions to the media production industry.

Before Douglas started Pro Sound Effects, he was a turntablist, skillfully manipulating sound to create sound effects that mixed with music and image to provide an enhanced, immersive audiovisual experience. In 2004 he started Pro Sound Effects because “there wasn’t an efficient way for sound designers to quickly and creatively get the sounds they needed,” says Douglas, now the company’s President. “We ensure our customers complete their production with the best sonic resources available.”

Need to hear children playing outside or the sound of a robot exploding? Soon, anyone searching the Avid Marketplace for sound effects will have immediate access to the Pro Sound Effects Library—hard drive or online with royalty-free licensing for the single user all the way up to thousands of users. In the meantime, a free trial is available for Pro Tools customers.

Douglas Price, Pro Sound Effects

Douglas Price, President of Pro Sound Effects

“Avid Everywhere provides tools for great storytelling, and Pro Tools is the audio production platform of choice among our customers. The Marketplace is a great tool for enhancing collaboration, and I’m excited to see what happens as it develops further.”

Douglas and the Pro Sound Effects team will be revealing a massive new content addition to their library in September at IBC, but you’ll be able to catch them first at Avid Connect Europe on September 11. They also were an inaugural sponsor of Avid Connect at NAB 2014.

The company’s sounds are used by everyone from big media production companies to individual freelancers in broadcast, gaming, post production, advertising, radio, and new media industries. To keep their content fresh, the company works closely with their sound effects recordists and partners around the world to develop the Pro Sound Effects Library, record the sounds, edit, master, optimize metadata and ensure that clients have the richest continuously updated sonic palette for any production. Stephan Schütze, a Pro Sound Effects recordist, goes to great lengths to capture and deliver vehicle sound effects. Even as far as climbing atop a tank.

“What makes us unique is that we’re constantly in touch with our customers to understand what they need. Sound changes with the times and so must our library—for instance, something as subtle as your computer keyboard just one year ago sounds different than new keyboards today.”

Although Pro Sound Effects has a vast online library, most hardcore sound designers like to have their content local, accessible via hard drive. According to Douglas, “Sound effects are like audio paint. Every time you need a new color, you don’t want to have to go to the store—you want all those colors on your palette, at your fingertips. A typical client might work from our Hybrid Library, which contains 50,000+ sounds on hard drive, which they can drag and drop into Pro Tools. If they can’t find what they need, they can search our 150,000 sounds in our Online Library.  We are able to meet needs of the volume user all the way to one who only needs to cherry pick a very unique sound.”

The team at Pro Sound Effects is a fun, tight-knit group that’s always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. I’m happy to welcome them to our Partner Showcase at Avid Connect Europe. To learn more, visit www.prosoundeffects.com.

As Director of the Avid Customer Association, I am fortunate to work with our exceptional customers and the Avid Leadership Team to ensure the success of the Avid Customer Association (ACA), a program designed to address strategic industry issues.