Spanish Broadcasters Converge at the BIT Experience Conference in Madrid

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During this year’s BIT Experience Conference in Madrid, Avid’s Product and Sales Managers presented the next phase of the Avid Everywhere vision and the latest product solutions, announced at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. Broadcast professionals from different parts of Spain gathered at the IFEMA Congress Centre for this exclusive presentation, followed by a case study from Spanish public broadcaster RTVE.

In his introduction, Gonzalo del Val, Iberia & Greece Sales Manager for Sales South Avid EMEA, explained how the Avid Everywhere vision guided the development of the most fluid end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry. “What began as a vision is now a reality: allowing freelancers, artists, and large media companies to collaborate efficiently within the Avid MediaCentral Platform.”

Tom Cordiner, Vice President International Sales Avid —photo by

Tom Cordiner, Vice President International Sales, emphasized that Avid Everywhere is a very open platform: “Every professional, as a registered user, can now access the platform with its shared services and enjoy creative freedom. We want everybody to be connected while contributing their talent and working on our integrated media ecosystem.”

New Products

While presenting Avid’s new products, Tom pointed out that the upcoming free editing software, Media Composer | First, responds perfectly to the need of aspiring storytellers, who can now use the same tools the pros rely on daily. Media Composer | First will be the easiest entry to the movie and television industry editing standard.

Another new product highlighted was the Avid Artist | DNxIO, a powerful I/O hardware device to simplify and speed up workflows in HD, high resolution and Ultra HD. It will be available as a standalone product or bundled with Media Composer.

With mid-size and small post-production houses and independent professionals in mind, Tom presented the new ISIS | 1000. “Providing Avid’s industry proven shared storage at a reduced price, ISIS | 1000 will offer real-time editorial collaboration solutions and the bandwidth professionals need to accelerate their media workflow.”

Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions Avid —photo by

“The world’s largest and most prestigious media enterprises rely on Avid asset management solutions”

—Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions

Mike Milligan, Director of Product Management, Broadcast and Media Solutions, stated that these days, Avid Interplay is present in more than 2,000 facilities worldwide, providing asset management to users on the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Interplay | MAM makes it easy for them to search for the assets they need, fast. “Avid Interplay | MAM is now also fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, so you can use MediaCentral | UX in conjunction with Media | Index and make all production and archived assets accessible to every in-house and remote contributor through a single, common, web-based interface.”

“Avid’s MediaCentral | UX allows users to access the platform from their browser, with messaging services, player and editing functions and real-time access to production assets and all this, also available for Android and iOS.”

Richard Gratton, Director of Product Management Platform Avid —photo by

“At Avid, we see a platform approach as providing the means to break down the brick walls without necessarily compromising security.”

—Richard Gratton, Director of Product Management, Platform

“The ability to work in the cloud within the Avid MediaCentral Platform, has led Avid to take extra security measures to protect content and assets” said Richard Gratton the Director of Product Management, Platform. “The solution that Avid offers, allows professionals to work on the same projects, with the same media but in different locations. So there is definitely a need for uncompromised security. Therefore, we have re-evaluated all our security strategies.”

José Luis Romero, Project Director for RTVE Strategic Projects —photo by

At the end of the Avid Everywhere Live event, José Luis Romero, Project Director for RTVE Strategic Projects, gave a detailed inside look on how the Avid MediaCentral Platform is interconnecting all Spanish regional centers with the news headquarters in Torrespaña (Madrid).

RTVE has created a unique system of nationwide news production, based on centralized files in Torrespaña, Madrid, allowing journalists and editors to remotely edit from anywhere in Spain.

“Up until now, all our news production systems were managed locally. They were not connected, difficult to support and involved major costs. Minimizing the impact on support, reducing administration and management tasks, and controlling the impact on the infrastructure of our facilities, were decisive to choose the Avid MediaCentral Platform” said Romero.

“Once completed in 2016, all 14 regional RTVE centers will have their integrated newsrooms connected to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. They will all have simultaneous access to the centralized media at our headquarters in Madrid, with unified metadata and databases.”

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