Avid Learning Partner Newsletter — December 2017

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Welcome! The Avid Learning Partner Newsletter is designed to provide you with all the latest news and information on Avid training and certification to support you as a valued ALP. This edition of the ALP Newsletter will focus on the new and forthcoming course and certification releases updates, plus local regional news and information, in particular the recent Partner Summits.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the newsletter, in particular content and features you would like to see included in future editions. Please send your feedback to your Regional ALP Manager, or directly to myself via ashleigh.davies@avid.com. Happy reading!

Pro Tools 100 level 12.8 curriculum update 

Avid Education has been hard at work updating the Pro Tools 101 and 110 courses and courseware to v12.8. The author of both books remains as Frank Cook who has been working hard to ensure you, as ACI’s are able to deliver the most up to date version of Pro Tools to your students. As we are sure you are aware, Pro Tools 12.8 introduces many new exciting features some of which include: Dolby Atmos Integration

  • 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 channel widths for Input, Output, and Bus paths, and for audio, Auxiliary Input, Master Fader, and Instrument tracks.
  • Mapping busses to dedicated Object Output Paths in the I/O Setup
  • Object view for mono and stereo audio, Auxiliary Input, and Instrument tracks.
  • Automated switching between assigned track Output and an Object output path for mono and stereo audio, Auxiliary Input, and Instrument tracks
  • Object Fold Down Path for monitoring fully mixed object audio when a Dolby Atmos Renderer is not available
  • 7.0.2, 7.1.2, and Object panning
  • 3D “Theater” panning view
  • Enhanced object re-recording (dubbing) workflows
  • Comprehensive control surface integration

Workspace Enhancements

  • Keep Window On Top option to determine whether or not Workspace browsers remain in the foreground while interacting with other windows
  • Editable ISRC metadata column
  • Set column metadata values for multiple selected files
  • Improved Show/Hide Column Shortcuts
  • Change to key modifier for sorting by multiple columns
  • Add Column Data as Search Criteria Shortcut
  • Loop indicator in Tags pop-up window lets you designate loop files when assigning tags
  • Updated Play and Stop icons in the Waveform column
  • Updated Advanced Search button

Project Enhancements

  • Updated session and project creation settings in the Create tab in the Dashboard
  • Backup to Cloud option lets you pull projects offline or put them online
  • Track Cloud Synchronization indicator in Tracks List

The newly updated courseware will include Cloud Enabled projects, Avid Cloud Storage, Soundbase, reorganized streamlined lessons, new status indicators and much more.

So lets get recertified!

Please contact your regional ALP Manager for more information, recertification details and to purchase the newly updated courseware.

Sibelius 101/110 update for v8.7 – coming soon!

Avid Education is currently in the process of updating the SB101 Introduction to Sibelius and SB110 Essentials of Sibelius courseware, which is currently written for version 7.5. The newly updated courseware will be written for v8.7 and will be extended out. The SB101 course will now be named Fundamentals I and will be 16 hours of content. SB110 will be named Fundamentals II and will be 24 hours worth of content. Exciting new features include:

  • Annotations feature
  • A brief introduction to System Object Positions
  • Symbols (like the Coda) that now have playback properties
  • New ending line auto-formatting
  • Intelligent Rests in Multiple Voices
  • Updated Exporting & Sharing Options
  • Cloud Publishing

The Sibelius 101 (SB101) course provides a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of the Sibelius application. Along with its counterpart, Sibelius 110 (SB110), this course provides the foundation for Avid Certified User for Sibelius certification exam. Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software. Sophisticated enough to meet the demands of the world’s top professional composers, arrangers, and publishers, yet simple enough for students of all ages, Sibelius is the superior choice for learning and teaching music notation, composition, and music theory. Avid Certified training and certification lets you quickly master the software so you can focus your energies on creating music. Avid Education will follow up with announcements; keep the community updated with our progress on the newly updated courseware and Avid Certified Instructor Recertification.

Other Avid Education Announcements

ALP Marketing Materials – Available!

Studios or classrooms in need of some Avid posters? Would you like to have an Avid Learning Partner Logo on your website? Need some help marketing your Avid courses? Avid Education have been collaborating with Avid’s Creative team to create imagery and Logos to help you as Avid Learning Partners motivate your students and aid in marketing your Avid courses.

Please contact your regional ALP Program Manager for the link to the materials and get downloading!

Happy Marketing!

One of many available

2018 Annual Fees

Just a small heads up, as we approach the end of 2017 and prepare for the festivities, Avid Education will begin processing Annual Fee’s over the next few months. This will depend on your region; however the ALP Licence updates you receive under the ALP Program have now been tied to the Annual Fee along with the ALP Agreement. This helps us streamline the process, which ultimately benefits you to manage your licence updates throughout the year in one go. If you have any questions, issues or need to make any changes to your licence count or Agreement, please contact your regional ALP Manager at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks for your on-going support of the ALP Program and for making the ALP & ACI community a great place to be!

Media Composer 101/110 — Feedback requested!

We are beginning development on the next versions of the Media Composer Fundamentals books, MC101 and MC110, and we want your feedback.  There are new features in Media Composer that need to be taught, but every revision presents an opportunity to improve the books and the corresponding exams.

If there is something about the current book(s) or exams that you would like to see changed, send us your feedback and suggestion for improvement.  Feedback can be about a specific lesson topic, an exercise or specific questions on the exam.  We want to hear from you!

Use the links below to submit your feedback:

Avid Exam Question Review

MC101 Course Feedback sheet

MC110 Course Feedback sheet

MC201 Course Feedback Sheet

MC210 Course Feedback Sheet


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AMER Announcements

Get #AvidCertified for the holidays!

Have a long semester break in December and January?  Sieze the opportunity to get certified to teach Avid or add a new course authorization.  Instructor certification classes are available in the Americas at Avid Headquarters, outside Boston, and in sunny Los Angeles.
Earning your instructor certification is an important step towards establishing your school or organization as an Avid Learning Partner.  Already an ALP?  Instructor certification for new courses is the key to expanding your partnership and giving students even more opportunities.  Contact your ALP team (Bryan.Castle@avid.com or Rodney.Morrison@avid.com) for full details, and check out the full schedule of upcoming classes, here.

Avid Education AMER Summit – 2017

This past August, scores of Avid Certified Instructors and Avid Learning Partners gathered on Stage 12 of one of the most historic movie studios in Hollywood, CA for the second annual, Avid Learning Partner Summit of the Americas.  This two-day conference drew attendees from all over California plus 12 other states, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Colombia.

The conference was the high-point between two weeks packed full of Avid Certified Instructor (ACI) classes, run on the campuses of UCLA and Mount Saint Mary’s University, who also hosted the weekend event.
A large portion of the weekend this year featured voices from outside the company, a departure from the Avid-only agendas of previous years.  The morning kicked off with a panel discussion by industry experts on why Avid skills are critical for their work, and for students looking to land a job in the industry.  Don Rohrer (Avid Sales) moderated; panelists included Nick Rives, Audio Engineer at Capitol Studios; Glenn Morgan, MPSE & MPEG Board Member, Steve Wellington, Director of Post Production at Fresh Cut Creative; and Paulette Lifton, CEO & Post Producer at Oracle Post (left-to-right, below).

In what could be dubbed our Show-Me-the-Money session, Sean Glumace, co-founder of the Certification & Career Pathways Readiness Group, detailed the process and resources schools can use to access the wealth of funding available for CTE programs (Career Technical Education), and some of the issues that can tie up funding even after its been approved.

Since the release of Media Composer | First in June of this year, the use of Media Composer | First in the classroom has been a hot topic of discussion. Antonio Manriquez of Hollywood High, was on the beta program for ‘First’ and is planning to get the under-classman in his program started on First, while upper-classman will go on to Media Composer proper. Antonio presented a session on the opportunities (and challenges) of teaching Media Composer | First in high school and shared his plans for incorporating it into his program.  Tag-teaming with Antonio from the audio side of the house was Eric Kuehnl, professor of audio engineering at Foothill College.  Eric, who recently co-authored a book on Pro Tools | First (published through Hal Leonard), laid out clearly the differences between Pro Tools and Pro Tools | First, and what that means for teachers who want to have students working on First outside the classroom.  One way teachers can do this is through the new cloud collaboration features in Pro Tools 12.8.x, through which students can share their First projects with the teacher running Pro Tools.

Day One wrapped with a much-needed reception and casual networking over all-you-can-eat tacos, an open bar and an outstanding jazz quartet.  As if that wasn’t enough, Kelby Thwaits, Director of Mount Saint Mary University’s graduate film program, jumped on the mic and serenaded us with the classics!

 Day Two brought a second round of goodness, including Avid presentations and industry master classes.
Paddy Bird, longtime reality and TV documentary editor from the U.K., broke down the process editors under tight broadcast deadlines use to quickly find the most compelling moments in the mountains of raw footage to construct a compelling and cohesive story, while Steven Saltzman, an LA-based music editor for TV and feature films — most notably of Alejandro Iñárritu’s The Revenant —  revealed techniques behind this lesser-known craft, and why more students should be encouraged to explore it.

Paddy Bird, founder of Inside the Edit, teaches a master class on documentary editing.

ACI recertification sessions were run by Avid courseware developers and master instructors Frank Cook (Pro Tools), and Jenny Amaya (Sibelius), covering the changes in the latest versions of the Pro Tools 101/110 and Sibelius 101/110 courses.  And for those on the video side of the house, Avid’s plug-in partners NewBlue FX and Boris FX both presented tutorial sessions on the power of their respective toolsets — both of which are available to Avid Learning Partners.
Finally, Bryan Castle Jr, ALP Manager for the Americas rounded out the session with in-depth updates and discussions on Avid’s refocused strategy for Education and the roadmap of things to come.  The ALP Summit marks a unique opportunity for Learning Partners to connect with Avid Education management, and representatives from Avid’s Education, Sales and Marketing teams answer questions.  Equally important is the feedback we get from you, our customers, on how well our current programs, courses and certifications are meeting the needs of students, and what else we can do to further improve our programs.  And this year was another great example of this collaboration!

Bryan Castle, Jr, ALP Manager of the Americas, walks partners through the Avid’s new EDU intiatives.

If you’re in Education and have never attended an ALP Summit yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Planning is already underway for next year’s Summit, and believe me, you won’t want to miss it!  Keep an eye out for more details in 2018 so you can start your planning early.

Avid Education would like to thank all those involved in making the 2017 ALP Summit (West) a success.  Special thanks to Kelby Thwaits and Charles Bunce, along with the whole team at Mount Saint Mary’s for your tremendous efforts in hosting the weekend conference and video classes.  Special thanks as well to Beth Sweeney and David McKenna of UCLA.  You went above and beyond to ensure the audio ACI classes were a great success. We could not have done it without you!

EMEA Announcements

Avid Education EMEA Summit – September 2017

The EMEA Partner Summit took place back in September, hosted by Edinburgh Napier University. The summit was designed to provide a forum for EMEA ALPs and Avid Education to connect and network, as well as provide information and training to help ACI’s keep their Media Composer and Pro Tools certification status up to date.

Avid Education would like to thank those who attended; we really appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedules to come along. A big congratulations to all who attended and passed the Pro Tools 100 level T3, Pro Tools 210P. Many thanks to those who attended our Media Management Brainstorming and Pro Tools 301 | S6 review sessions your feedback has been a great help in the development of these courses.

We also had the pleasure of having Andy Hagerman join us for the EMEA Summit. Andy Hagerman is the Training Manager for APAC, and it was great to have him deliver the Pro Tools 100 level ACI Enablement course for our Instructors. It was also great for the EMEA ACI’s to connect with Andy and put a face to the name that is the DCI list king!

Lunch over Edinburgh

“We all enjoyed the day and wish we could have stayed longer. There are some great plans that I feel would benefit the way we work and future plans we have.” – Alex Harbord Northumbria University

“First of all, thank you for excellent summit experience this year. It was incredibly informative and constructive. In my humble opinion, I’m happy to see program going forward and the directions it is taking.” – Patrick Wladyka Middlesex University

“I have got large information about how Avid Learning Program is going on, future plans. I have got the idea that things are going well organized. This is a good point for me (and our institution) to be confident in Avid learning program.”– Eduard Gramunt Microfusa

We received a great response on Twitter, here are a few… #Avidcertified #ALPsummit

We are extremely pleased to hear you found this a useful event and plan to continue keeping the community updated and connected. A huge word of thanks to Edinburgh Napier University for being our hosts and taking care of everyone over the Summit.  

For those who did attend, it would be most appreciated if you could spare a few minutes to provide us with some feedback on the Summit using this link – 2017 EMEA ALP Summit Feedback Form

Watch out for details on next years Summit, you won’t want to miss it & we hope to see you all there!

Tim Mynett, Jason Plews & Ashleigh Davies

Get #AvidCertified in 2018!

Do you have any Instructors you would like to get certified as Avid Certified Instructors for the new year?

Avid Education will be running various Train-the-Trainer (T3) courses over 2018 at the European HQ, Pinewood Studios. Upcoming courses include:

  • Media Composer 100 level T3, 8th – 12th of January
  • Pro Tools 100 level T3, 22nd – 26th of January
  • Sibelius 100 level T3 (Blended) – 6th-9th & 12th March

Please contact your ALP team in EMEA (Tim Mynett or Ashleigh Davies) to find out more and for registration details.

A warm welcome to our new Avid Learning Partners and partners who expanded their offerings!

  • Saint Louis College, Italy – Pro Tools
  • Mumbai Music Institute, India – Pro Tools
  • Newcastle University, UK – Pro Tools
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, UK – Pro Tools 210P
  • University Saint Joseph, Lebanon – Pro Tools 210P
  • Seamless Education, India – Pro Tools 210P
  • Dbs Music Bristol , UK – Pro Tools 210M
  • University of Hertfordshire, UK – Pro Tools 210M
  • University of Kent, UK – Pro Tools 210M
  • Cifap, France – Pro Tools 210M
  • Accademia Del Suono, Italy – Pro Tools 210M
  • University of Chichester, UK – Media Composer 200
  • University of West of England, UK – Media Composer 200 & Pro Tools 100
  • University of Westminster, UK – Media Composer 200
  • Goldsmiths University, UK – Media Composer 200

APAC Announcements

Partner Spotlight – Hunter TAFE is now offering the Pro Tools 310|S6 course!

Hunter TAFE, nestled in Newcastle Australia (a few hours north of Sydney) is in the midst of a years-long evolution. A partner for many years, they recently re-invested in Avid Certified Instructor training for their new training staff at the Pro Tools 1xx level. They were so thrilled with the outcomes of this training that they quickly moved on to 201/210M ACI training, PT130 (Game Audio) ACI training, and even PT310M Music Expert ACI training.

Yes, they have been more than a little busy over the last few years, and their relationship with Avid training has deepened in that time. Their long-term training schedule recently reached a major milestone with the installation of an Avid S6 M40, complete with Fader, Process, Knob and Display modules, plus a Surround Panning module. Better yet, this S6 is controlling 3 Pro Tools HDX systems via a MTRX interface, plus a single Media Composer system. And if that wasn’t enough, they are putting this impressive setup in a teaching environment that is set up to teach Dolby Atomos workflows!

Hunter TAFE’s new S6, and matching hi-top sneaker

After an intensive 310S6 Expert ACI training event, ALP regional manager Andy Hagerman sat down with the team at Hunter TAFE:

[AH] Congratulations guys, you’ve gone through two of the three of the most advanced 310 level ACI courses (310M and 310S6). You guys are the first ones in Asia to achieve the S6 Expert ACI certification, so this is a pretty big deal. What are your impressions of the S6 as a product, after taking this course?

[Lee Rolfe, Hunter TAFE ACI] It’s much more user friendly than I thought. Now that we know what everything does, it’s going to speed things up massively.

[Thomas Mitchell, Hunter TAFE ACI] The automation is just excellent.

[Teresa Conicella, Hunter TAFE administrator] It think that it’s capacity has broadened our capacities and what we can deliver. It’s kind of taken our training sideways.

[Matt Gill, Hunter TAFE ACI] [with regard to the 310S6 course] The hands-on aspect of the course is just brilliant.

[AH] As the training of the 310S6 course progressed, what was your experience?

[LR] It happened very quickly, and it’s kind of a layer thing. First you go through the first layer, which is just mixing – volume, pan, and a bit of EQ and stuff like that. Then you get to the next layer, which is a bit deeper, but it’s easier than it would have normally been because we had gone over that first layer. And I wouldn’t have liked to have tackled that third layer before today!

[TM] I found that moving through the soft key pages, and getting to grips with that sort of navigation was really helpful to me.

[MG] I found that the 300-level series classes weren’t as daunting as I thought it might be on the outset. The 210P was the biggest hurdle for me to get over. With the 310S6, once we got through the master module and becoming familiar with all the different modules, the board just got easier to work with.

[AH] Just the last thing – you guys have been an ALP for a long time, and have done a reboot of sort just over the last two years. You’ve come though the 100 level, through the 200s, and now the 300 level classes. The trajectory has just been screaming, and you’ve become a truly outstanding facility. What does the ALP program and the membership in our family mean to you?

[LR] For me, it’s something that I wanted even before I started at the school. I always wanted those qualifications, and I leaned so much, even at the 101 level, and every time I teach it I learn even more. Even when I have students who say “I already know how to do this”, I can now show them different ways to do it to fit different workflows.

[TC] It kind of gives us a bit of an international feel – we can now offer certifications that are of an international standard, so we’re playing with the big boys globally now. It’s a big part of our professional school as well as our enrolled students.

[Ross Flynn, Hunter TAFE ACI] It’s given us a really great platform to teach from – it’s the industry standard, and you really don’t have to worry about things not matching up with professionals. As an ACI, you can teach with confidence and get through the whole class smoothly.

[AH] Fantastic, and congratulations again. You’ve done great with the course!

Everyone’s happy with the new S6!

Click HERE to learn more about the Pro Tools 310|S6 course.

To learn more about how your school can offer this course, contact APAC Training Manager Andy Hagerman.


Thank you for taking the time to read this special edition of the Avid Learning Partner Newsletter focusing on recent announcements and Avid Learning Partner Summits.

We hope you found the information helpful to you as one of our Learning Partners. We welcome all comments and feedback on the newsletter, in particular what you would like to see included in future editions. Please send any comments you have either to your Regional ALP Manager or directly to myself via ashleigh.davies@avid.com.

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As Learning Partner Account Assistant for EMEA I am thankful to work with some of the most knowledgeable and inspirational educators for the Music and Media industry. Follow me on Avid Blogs for Avid Learning Partner related updates!