Avid Learning Partner Newsletter — May 2018

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Welcome! The Avid Learning Partner Newsletter is designed to provide you with all the latest news and information on Avid training and certification to support you as a valued ALP. This edition of the ALP Newsletter will focus on regional ALP news, product rebranding, ALP Summit dates and venue plus other announcements following Avid Connect & NAB 2018.

We welcome all comments and feedback on the newsletter, in particular content and features you would like to see included in future editions. Please send your feedback to your Regional ALP Manager, or directly to myself via ashleigh.davies@avid.com. Happy reading!

Sibelius – 8.7 curriculum is Here! 

You may remember from our last ALP Newsletter in December, Avid Education announced the update of the Sibelius 101 and 110 courses. The update was to take the Sibelius 101 and 110 courses from v7.5 to the new version 8.7. To give you an overview the Sibelius 101 course will now be named Fundamentals I and will be 16 hours of content. The Sibelius 110 will be named Fundamentals II and will be 24 hours of content. Exciting new features include:

  • Annotations feature
  • A brief introduction to System Object Positions
  • Symbols (like the Coda) that now have playback properties
  • New ending line auto-formatting
  • Intelligent Rests in Multiple Voices
  • Updated Exporting & Sharing Options
  • Cloud Publishing

Here are the part numbers and ISBN numbers for each book or eBook:

Printed PNPrinted ISBNEbook PNEbook ISBN
SB101 V8.7 – English9320-65295-01978-1-943446-51-39511-65656-01978-1-943446-53-7
SB110 V8.7 – English9320-65296-01978-1-943446-52-09511-65657-01978-1-943446-54-4

So let’s get you Recertified!

Please contact your regional ALP team for recertification webinar links, more information and how to purchase the newly updated courseware.

Pro Tools 200 level curriculum update.

Heads up! The time has come to update the Pro Tools 201, 210M & 210P courses. We hope you are as excited as we are as since Avid’s release of Pro Tools 2018 at the beginning of this year, Avid Education have been working to update the Pro Tools 200 level courses to the latest version ready for you to start teaching! The Pro Tools 201, 210M & 210P courses will be based on Pro Tools 2018.4 and will feature new product features such as:

  • Track Presets
  • Playlist updates
  • MIDI Editor enhancements
  • Retrospective MIDI record

The newly updated Pro Tools 200 level courses will be available for pre-order starting June 1st, please keep your eye out for recertification & courseware announcements! For initial questions please contact your regional ALP Team.

Ordering and Release Dates – Pre-orders will be accepted after June 1st, 2018.

Pro Tools 201 and 210M Books will be shipping no later than July 15, 2018.

Pro Tools 210P Book will begin shipping no later than August 30, 2018.

Here are the part numbers and ISBN numbers for the books and eBooks.

BOOK – PT201 2018/19- ENG9320-70081-00978-1-943446-65-0
EBOOK – PT201 2018/19 – ENG9511-66139-00978-1-943446-66-7
BOOK – PT210M 2018/19 – ENG9320-70082-00978-1-943446-67-4
EBOOK – PT210M 2018/19 – ENG9511-66140-00978-1-943446-68-1
BOOK – PT210P 2018/19 – ENG9320-70083-00978-1-943446-69-8
EBOOK – PT210P 2018/19 – ENG9511-66141-00978-1-943446-70-4

Media Composer Curriculum Updates.

For 2018-19, Avid Education is updating the Media Composer Fundamentals courses (MC101 / MC110), and even the cover is getting a refresh.

Aside from the new look, this is a limited revision, focused on realigning the books with current functionality and new features in Media Composer up to version 2018.6. No major changes are being made to the structure of the courses, media nor exercises.  Updated project files, however, will be released with the updated courses. A more significant revision of the courses is being planned for 2019.  Avid Education will be actively soliciting feedback and input from our community at the regional ALP Summits and other events on any changes you would like to see for the next edition.

Ordering and Release Dates – Pre-orders will be accepted after June 1, 2018.

Books will begin shipping July 23, 2018.

BOOK – MC101 2018/19 – ENG    9320-70084-00978-1-943446-71-1
EBOOK – MC101 2018/19 – ENG    9511-66149-00978-1-943446-72-8
BOOK – MC110 2018/19 – ENG    9320-70085-00978-1-943446-73-5
EBOOK – MC110 2018/19 – ENG    9511-66150-00978-1-943446-74-2

New Venue S6L and S6 Courses Complete and Available!

You may have seen some announcements come through the DCI list for ACI Webinars for 3 new courses in the last few months. The first is our new PT301S6 Essential Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Techniques course. This new 1-day course is a companion to the already existing 3 day PT310S6 Advanced Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Workflows course, and covers the core concepts and skills students need to operate an Avid Pro Tools | S6 system in a professional production environment. This course now completes our S6 Expert track as shown in this graphic:

Learn more about the course and the Expert certification here. We’re also pleased to announce that we have just released two new VENUE S6L courses; VE110S6L Avid VENUE Fundamentals and VE210S6L Avid VENUE Production.  With the release of these new courses we have added a new Certification at the 110 User level. When taken with the 110, the 210 course results in Professional certification.  Please note that these two new courses are not updates to the existing VENUE 110 and 210 courses, but are new courses that cover S6L and are in addition to those courses.

Learn more about these courses and certifications here. These books are all now available for order! For your reference, click on the image to see the part numbers, prices, and ISBNs:

Make.TV Acquire app for MediaCentral | Cloud UX

Make.TV is the leading provider of cloud-based, live video acquisition and management solutions through its Live Video Cloud (“LVC”) platform. The company pioneered the use of mobile devices for contributor-based and crowd-sourced live video and provides unmatched solutions for top media, entertainment and technology companies worldwide, including ESL, MTV/Viacom, MLB/BAMTech, FOX Sports Brasil, and the Swiss Broadcasting Corp (SRF). Make.TV’s award-winning Live Video Cloud helps content programmers and service providers in the fields of news, sports, eSports and entertainment bring live and on-demand video to any screen, from any source, mobile video or traditional cameras – all at once.

With Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud (LVC) you can acquire live video from mobile devices, stream enabled cameras and encoders and use it in live production. LVC is also integrated into Avid production system allowing producers to work from contributors directly from MediaCentral | Cloud UX and will be available with 2018.6 release. Contribution can be done by nominated individuals or crowdsourced by publishing a request with a link to web page and users can stream live directly from their device’s browser without having to install an app. Producers can see all contributors on a map, see their live feeds and communicate with them. Live video signal can be routed directly to multiple social media platforms (Facebook live, Youtube live and more) and also to NewTek Connect Pro, allowing you to use live signals from LVC like any other live video in your NDI ecosystem. LVC records all incoming live video streams, so even if the stream isn’t used in live production, it is still available to download and used in the edit.

New – ALP Licence Benefit

For years, the Avid Learning Partner program has offered upgrade licenses to keep your Avid systems up to date at minimal costs.  The policy previously required ALPs to have purchased the software.  This made sense at a time when the only way to get software was to buy it, but less so in recent years.  Instead, it had become clear that this pre-purchase requirement was a barrier to growth for many of our Avid Learning Partners. Avid Education is excited to announce that effective June 1, 2018, Avid Learning Partners are no longer required to pre-purchase Avid software.  Instead, ALPs can increase the number of licenses they use simply by paying the associated program fees. Let’s look at three simple examples of how this can benefit a school:

  • Example #1.  An ALP currently has 18 licenses.  Under the new policy, they can immediately increase the number of licenses to 25 at no additional cost.
  • Example #2.  An ALP has 25 licenses and needs several more.  At their next renewal, they can add a 5-pack of additional licenses for $375, paying a total of $1875 for 30 licenses. No additional purchase required.
  • Example #3.  An ALP already has 25 seats of Pro Tools, and wants to add Sibelius.  By getting their instructors certified as Sibelius ACIs, they can receive 25 seats of Sibelius at no additional cost.

Avid Education’s licensing benefits are designed to help you, our partners, maximize your budget, saving you money on software and upgrades so you can reinvest that money in upgrading your labs with additional Avid hardware, peripherals and even shared storage.  By making it even easier for the ALP licenses to benefit multiple departments, the savings — and opportunities — are multiplied. Never has it been easier to expand your Avid Learning Partnership! Contact your regional ALP Manager to discuss how you can take greatest advantage of this new policy.

Newsroom Workflows – Avid Certification offerings

Does your institute have courses based around news and journalism? Avid iNews is a powerful newsroom management system that serves as the dynamic hub of news content creation and distribution for news leaders in every market, from major networks to local stations, enabling faster creation and delivery of breaking news that reaches audiences across TV, web, mobile, and social media channels. Media Composer | Newscutter option enables you to streamline your news editing to on-air workflow. With the Newscutter option you can integrate Media Composer with iNews and ENPS systems accelerating turnaround times, it’s the essential tool for editing breaking news. The Newscutter option is also now integrated into the new Media Composer | Ultimate! Avid Education launched the IN101 – iNews curriculum and NC120 – Newscutter Option curriculum in 2016 and have since developed newsroom workflows into the courses we have today listed here:

If you or your colleagues would like to give your students the advantage of Avid iNews and Avid Newscutter Certification come join us at our ALP/ACI Summit (details above) to attend our blended Broadcast News ACI Certification course. Alternatively contact Tim Mynett or Ashleigh Davies to find out how!

Open more doors.

#AvidCertified. Real Skills. Proven.

Other Avid Education Announcements

Ultimate is here! –Pro Tools, Media Composer and Sibelius rebrand

At NAB 2018, we announced a comprehensive line-up of video, audio and notation software that empowers creative professionals and aspiring artists alike.  Whether you’re scoring, recording, mixing or editing, you can create at the speed of inspiration using the tools embraced by the industry. Now, there are products for everyone—and they’re more affordable than ever. We’ve expanded and better aligned our creative software brands to make it easier to understand the product tiers and grow within the family as you develop your skills and career.

So what’s the big deal?

  • Sibelius welcomes a new FREE entry level version Sibelius| First
  • Introducing Media Composer | Ultimate, now offering advanced functionality and options previously only available as add’ons.
  • Pro Tools HD is now called Pro Tools | Ultimate and includes additional options such as the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle and Pro Tools | MachineControl.
  • Get a better view of your customised score with Sibelius| Ultimate.

What do the product families look like now?

Check out the comparison charts to learn more:   Pro Tools    |   Sibelius   |    Media Composer

Keep your eye out for future announcements around how this will be implemented into the ALP Program! 

Avid Learning Partner Resource Website – Coming soon.

Avid Education have been working hard throughout 2017 and 2018 to streamline our processes and better align ourselves with your needs as our valued partners. Avid Education are currently in the process of building an Avid Learning Partner Resource Website. This website will collate all resources you use on a daily basis to one easily accessible area, this will include ALP/ACI Licence requests, exam resources, useful guides, videos & links, courseware ordering and much more. The ALP Resource website will tie into www.avid.com and will therefore be easily located and accessible for a quick, useful and practical user experience. Please do look out for future announcements as we get closer to completing the website and rolling this out to the community. For any initial questions, please contact your regional ALP team.

AMER Announcements

Americas ALP Summits — Sign up now!

Don’t miss this year’s Avid Learning Partner Summits for the Americas.  Whether you are on the East or West Coast, there’s one for you!

  • June 9 – Brooklyn, NY
    • Classes: June 4-8, 11-15
    • Hosted by Feirstein Graduate School, City University of New York
    • Register today! 


  • August 4-5 – Hollywood, CA
    • Classes: July 30-Aug.4, Aug. 6-10
    • Hosted by Mount Saint Mary’s University at Sunset Gower Studios
    • Registration Opens May 21

We are putting together an exciting line-up of workshops, keynotes, master classes and feedback sessions to ensure that the weekend is both engaging and professionally enriching.  With instructor certification classes available in the weeks before and after, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a new certification to expand your training portfolio and deepen your Avid skillset.

Register today!  Follow the link and select the tab ACI Schedule:  http://tinyurl.com/ACI-Schedule


!Oye, LATAM!

Para los del mundo de hablahispana, no los olvidamos! Apunta la fecha.  El 10 de noviembre sera la primera conferencia ALP de latinoamerica.

  • 10 de noviembre — Bogota, Colombia
  • Clases: November 5-9
  •  Alojado por AVCOM / Centro de Capacitacion del Arte y Tecnologia


This year, Avid Connect drew together over 1300 industry professionals and media executives from around the globe who use and depend on Avid solutions.  It was the perfect audience to kick off Avid Education’s newest marketing campaign to promote the value of Avid certifications. With a series of videos playing on the big screens, in the breakout session rooms, and social media, plus T-shirts worn by certified individuals at the event, we delivered a simple message:

Hire Smart.  Hire Right.  Hire #AvidCertified.

Avid certifications are rigorous and meaningful, validating the operational skills required for a range for roles, from entry-level creatives to systems engineers and administrators.  By hiring Avid Certified, employers reduce the training required for new employees, and increase the return on the investment they have made in Avid solutions. The #AvidCertified campaign is designed to educate the industry on the range of certifications available and the great work of Avid Learning Partners in preparing the next generation workforce for the various segments of the media and entertainment industries.  This will be an ongoing campaign but we also need your help to spread the word! Share the videos to your social channels. Tweet, post and share the accomplishments of your students when they get #AvidCertified.   And, send us your students’ success stories so we can publish them here on the Avid Blogs.

Let’s give your #AvidCertified students the spotlight they deserve! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0eCQxQmDkA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc5p0k1wQ2Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwoQwvD7SOM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYAChBiSgdo

Welcome new Avid Learning Partners!

Avid Education extends a warm welcome to our newest Avid Learning Partners.  Welcome aboard!

  • Brigham Young University – Provo
  • CONGO Film School
  • Elon University
  • Georgia Film Academy

EMEA Announcements

Save the Date!

EMEA Avid Learning Partner Summit 2018 

  Mark your calendars and save the date for this year’s Avid Learning Partner Summit in EMEA, July 27th 2018 hosted by the Pulse College in Dublin, Ireland!

To find out the location, click here.

The Avid Learning Partner Summits are free, one-day events exclusively for all Avid Learning Partners and ACIs.  These one-day events will be filled with valuable info and training from Avid and select third-party partners, including program updates, guest speakers and live ACI recertification training. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the live event and network with ALPs and ACIs from across Europe, Middle East and Africa over a pint of Guinness! First one is on us…

Registration open now!

To register please click here.


Too far to travel just for 1 day?

Add additional value to your trip by joining us for one of our ACI courses and certifications being held around the ALP Summit. Below is a full list of ACI Courses being held and further information, all courses will be based on the most up to date version of the courseware.

Pro Tools 210P T3 (ACI) - 22nd - 26th July

Register now

Pro Tools 210M T3 (ACI) - 22nd - 26th July

Register now

New - Pro Tools 301 | S6 T3 (ACI) - 28th - 29th July

Register now

Media Composer 200 level T3 (ACI) - 22nd - 26th July

Register now

New - Sibelius 100 T3 (ACI) - 22nd - 26th July

Register now

VE110 S6L & VE210 S6L - 23rd - 25th July

Register now

Pro Tools 400 - ACSR - 28th - 29th July

Register now

Broadcast News ACI Enablement - Blended

Register now

Media Composer 400 - ACSR - 24th - 26th July

Register now

If you are in education and have not yet attended an Avid Learning Partner Summit, you owe it to yourself to come along! Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge to the next level with one of our ACI Certification courses.

Partner Spotlight – Abbey Road Institute

Abbey Road Institute, the music and audio education branch of the world-renowned recording studio has earned official Avid Learning Partner accreditation. Effective immediately, students can now qualify for the industry recognised Avid Certified User for Pro Tools credential. Abbey Road Institute’s one-year Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering places a strong emphasis on technical training, producing highly sought-after graduates. Avid Pro Tools is widely recognised as the preferred audio production platform for music producers and sound engineers around the world.

Left – Right: Mike Sinnott (Abbey Road Institute), Tim Mynett (Avid), Ashleigh Davies (Avid)

“Avid are excited to welcome Abbey Road Institute into the Avid Learning Partner Program, bringing two of the strongest industry brands together. Abbey Road Institute will be delivering the official Avid Pro Tools curriculum and certifications to their students,” say Tim Mynett, Avid Learning Partner Program Manager, EMEA. “The Avid Learning Partner program partnering with Abbey Road Institute will give students at the institute the real proven credentials to be recognised for their Pro Tools skills.” Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110) courses are now included as part of the core curriculum for students of the Advanced Diploma. Students will have the opportunity to further enhance their Pro Tools expertise through the advanced Pro Tools Operator (Music) courses later in 2018. “I am delighted that Abbey Road Institute London is now an official Avid Learning Partner. Pro Tools is the industry standard DAW for recording and producing professional audio and integrating Avid’s curriculum into our Advanced Diploma will not only improve the course it will enhance the profile of our graduates,” says Mike Sinnott, Campus Manager at Abbey Road Institute London. Click here to find out more!

Left – Right: Ashleigh Davies (Avid), Tim Mynett (Avid), Mike Sinnott (Abbey Road Institute)

Get #AvidCertified.  

  Here is a list of upcoming ACI Enablement (T3) courses being held at Avid, Pinewood Studios over the next few months:

  • Pro Tools 100 level ACI Enablement – 2nd – 6th July 2018
  • Media Composer 100 level ACI Enablement – 11th to 15th June 2018

For registration and more information please contact Tim Mynett or Ashleigh Davies.

Welcome new Avid Learning Partners!

Avid Education EMEA would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new Avid Learning Partners. Welcome onboard & thank you for the great work that you do!

  • Cavan Institute, Ireland – Pro Tools
  • Abbey Road Institute, UK – Pro Tools
  • Dawn studios, India – Pro Tools
  • SAE Cape Town, South Africa – Pro Tools
  • West Herts College, UK – Pro Tools

APAC Announcements

Welcome new Avid Learning Partners!

We’ve got new Avid learning Partners in the region.  Please join us in welcoming:

  • Beijing Film Academy (China) – Pro Tools and Media Composer
  • Newcastle University (Australia) – Pro Tools
  • Osaka Visual Arts (Japan) – Pro Tools

Special Offering – Pro Tools ACI Training in Manila

In the Asia-Pacific region, the majority of Avid Certified Instructor training is done “onsite” – in other words, Avid training goes to an ALP’s classroom and teaches their staff specifically.  However, Avid Education | APAC now have the capability to deliver 1xx level ACI training “publicly”, meaning that any ALP worldwide can send their teachers to an Avid office. Join us for a week of intensive Pro Tools training, led by APAC training manager Andy Hagerman.

The training features 5 full days of training, focusing on the Pro Tools 101 and 110 courses.  Additionally, training will be given regarding the teaching of Pro Tools, with a focus on Avid Certified Instructor (ACI) certification. This training will be delivered in seminar style, and will be an intensive, condensed course.  As such, this course is not suitable for beginners – a solid understanding of the basics of Pro Tools is required for joining this class.

Register your interest in this course by contacting Andy Hagerman and find out more!

Course Price:  US$1,375

Location Avid Technology – Manila 10F Uptown Tower 1 Taguig City 1634 , Philippines Map

Partner Spotlight – Osaka Visual Arts

Congratulations to Osaka Visual Arts College, based in Japan, as they joined the Avid Learning Partner family in March 2018. Three instructors from the college successfully completed 5 days of Pro Tools instructor training lead by Andy Hagerman, Avid training manager for APAC, with the assistance of Alex Brooke, APAC training support. As April is the start of the academic year in Japan, the staff were busy preparing for the new term. We talked with Pro Tools gurus Oda, Kitajima and Mahara, the three newly-qualified Avid Certified Instructors, about their college, their thoughts on the ALP program and how their partnership with Avid will assist them to deliver their curriculum.

Avid: Tell us a bit about Osaka Visual Arts College?

OVA: Our school has over 50 years of history which means we have acquired a deep and varied range of educational knowledge and experience. We have six college campuses who all want to help each individual student achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Avid: What kind of students choose to study at Osaka Visual Arts College?

OVA: Our students study various types of media, and want to start their own business. Our Broadcast department attracts students who want to study film, TV, commercials and video. We provide a means for students to study how to get their message across using video. Our Music department offers courses to those who want to major in live event audio engineering, audio recording and who want to study the music business in depth. Our Voice department offers courses in narration, MCing, voice acting and stage acting. Our Audiovisual department offers courses in post production and sound design.

Avid: How did your intensive week of Pro Tools training go?

OVA: It was an extremely unique learning experience taught in an easy-to-understand manner. Each topic in the course was taught very well. We were asked simple questions that clarified difficult points. This really motivated us to study in more depth.

Avid: Was there any specific aspect of the training that made an impression?

OVA: The thing that stood out the most was Andy’s teaching style. Thanks to his tutelage I was able to understand how to teach students more effectively.

Avid: How will you use what you’ve learning when teaching your own students?

OVA: Whatever questions and difficulties arise in the classroom, it’s really important to properly support and encourage one’s own students. Also, when teaching a technique in Pro Tools, teach the long way first before teaching the short cuts.

Avid: How do you think your school will benefit from the ALP program?

OVA: Moving ahead with the ALP program, we want to make use of the syllabus which teaches students optimal techniques and ways to use Pro Tools.

Avid: What are the most important lessons you would like to impart to your students with Pro Tools?

OVA: We really want students to properly learn the fundamentals and how they can apply their skills effectively in their future careers.

ビジュアルアーツ専門学校大阪の2018年3月のアビッドラーニングパートナーへの日本からのご参加、おめでとうございます。同カレッジ所属の3名のインストラクターの方が、アンディー・ハガマンによる5日間に及ぶPro Toolsインストラクター訓練を成功裏に完了されました。彼はAPACのAvidトレーニング・マネージャーで、APACのトレーニング支援を担当しているアレックス・ブルックのアシスタンスを得て、今回の訓練を行いました。   4月は日本での学業年度の開始月であるため、スタッフの皆さんは忙しくされていました。私たちは、Pro Toolsのエキスパートで、新たにAvid認証インストラクターとなられた 御三方の小田先生、北嶋先生、まはら先生と、勤務されている大学について、また、ALPプログラムへのご意見、さらには、Avidとのパートナーシップがカリキュラムを遂行する上でどのように役立ち得るかといったことを話し合わせていただきました。


OVA:51年の歴史がある学校なので、幅広い知識と教育に深みがあります。 6学科すべてが夢を叶えられる場所を提供しています。

Avid: どのような生徒が学ばれていますか。

OVA:写真学科では写真を専門的に写真家やビジネス写真を目指す学生 放送映画学科では映画・テレビ番組、CMの制作、技術職、映像編集など、映像を通して人に伝えることを学ぶ学生 音響芸術学科では、コンサートスタッフ(音響・照明)や音楽レコーディングエンジニア、音楽ビジネスを目指す学生 声優学科では、声優、俳優、舞台俳優、MC(司会)など、声や体を使う表現者 映像音響学科では、ポストプロダクションを主に、サウンドデザイナー、を目指す学生

Avid: 一週間のPro Toolsトレーニングの感想はどうですか。

OVA:非常にユニークな授業展開で、すごく解りやすかったです。 一つ一つ丁寧に教えていただいたので、質問もしやすく、自分から勉強したい気持ちが持てました。

Avid: Pro Toolsトレーニングの中で一番役に立ったと思うことはなんですか。


Avid: Pro Toolsトレーニングを受け、どのようなことを生徒に教えて行きたいですか。

OVA:質問があがってきたら、どんな質問でもしっかり褒める。 最初は難しい、手間のかかる方法から教える。

Avid: ALPプログラムをどのように生かして行きたいですか。


Avid: Pro Tools クラスの展望をお聞かせてください。


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the Avid Learning Partner Newsletter. We hope you found this edition useful and would love to hear from you with any thoughts or feedback on what you would like to see included in future ALP Newsletters. Please send your comments onto your regional ALP Manager or to myself directly Ashleigh Davies. Thank you for the great work that you do, to your continued success!

As Learning Partner Account Assistant for EMEA I am thankful to work with some of the most knowledgeable and inspirational educators for the Music and Media industry. Follow me on Avid Blogs for Avid Learning Partner related updates!